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John Stamos

'There's No Replacing Charlie Sheen'

3/5/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Stamos skillfully deflected our questions yesterday in NY when we asked about rumors he might be replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men" -- but there's just something about his answers that makes us wonder ... is Stamos hiding something?

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen was fired by Warner Bros.


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Check this video of Jon noting that Charlie had his cars stolen and ran off cliffs - TWICE!

Anyone else thinking insurance fraud?

1337 days ago


I'm confused. Charlie plays a drunken sex-alcoholic with no morals on the show. How does his personal life conflict with that?

1337 days ago


Stamos replacing Charlie??? HEY FONZIE, JUMP THAT SHARK!!! I would rather see the show come to an end than see anyone attempt to fill the star role. Just let it die, its had a good run.

1337 days ago


Lilo gets thrills WINNING at stealing baubles... Charlie get thrills WINNING at beating insurance companies?

1337 days ago


I'd stop watching it if John Stamos replaced Charlie Sheen.
He is to much into himself and not a good actor.
I remember him on Full House.
No not a good idea.

1337 days ago


I think Jason Bateman would be a good choice he could be Evelyn's illegitmate son and he has the ability to pull off the snarkiness needed for the role.

1337 days ago


the producers should cut their loses. cancel the show. pay off what they owe Charlie and everyone and be done with it.

Warner Bros never should have agreed to a 1.8 million per episode. that was insane. now they have to eat it. the guy who made that deal should be fired.

As for replacing Charlie. Don't replace him, write him out. It's so easy. 1 episodes first one, alan looks for charlie, we see guests like sean penn, elvis costello, brooke shields, all the old girlfriends. etc. at the end of the show, Rose pops up and says. I drugged Charlie. I just sent him Fedex to Bora Bora. Charlie loves me and we are getting married. End of episode. in future episodes, Rose could come back and say, that Charlie got away from her, and that he got mixed up with some native women and believes he is being held captive as their sex slave...

that is so easy.. the replacement actor can be anyone. a cousin of allen and charlie's....there are lots of actors available who could be comedy to this show....or they could just end it there.

as for more comedies, i have lots of funny ideas for shows, just ask me. i could write 2, 3 new shows that would be funny.
but you know what they say. its not what you know, its WHO you know in this business....

good luck to WB, Lorre and Aronsohn and the rest of the cast. Sheen has gone off the deep end and at this point is just a matter of time when he crashes...and unfortunately, burns up..

1337 days ago


some eye candy would be nice

1337 days ago


RadarOnline is reporting Bree Olsen has left the Two & a half whore house.

1337 days ago


Lawyers would call that a "non-denial, denial"!

1337 days ago


Ok, building on the idea of having a new charlie every episode...the last episode should look like this: all cast are in the kitchen with the new Charlie hidden in the living room playing the piano. A bad note gets played and all cast go into the living room to see what is going on. The new charlie is actually Ellen. She ends by looking into the camera saying, "winning."

1337 days ago


I THINK JOHN STAMOS WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THE ROLE!! And we wouldn't have to all listen to all this Sheen psycho-babble anymore.

1337 days ago


First I had to deal with Chrissy being replaced on Three's Company,and now this? Please for the love of God and all things decent keep Charlie.

1336 days ago


It's done all the time Stamos could pull it off depending how Sheen is written off and Stamos in. Ratings won't be the same but prduction would resume.

1336 days ago


On Kindle: MY LIFE AS CHARLIE SHEEN the Real story of being a rock star!

1336 days ago
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