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PHOTO -- Rep. Giffords

Moments Before Shooting

3/5/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords released a photo yesterday of the congresswoman ... taken just moments before she was shot in the head back on January 8.

Giffords is still recovering at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. The alleged shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was charged yesterday with 49 federal counts of murder and attempted murder .


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Very haunting stuff. Like seeing JFK or Tupac just moments before they were shot. I really hope that she makes a 100% recovery from the shooting.

1327 days ago


thats why law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry conceled weapons..someone in that crowd could have dispatched that crazy guy post haste..I know I sure could have..sooner or later the videos are going to be realeased...should be interesting

1327 days ago



I agree that would have cut down on the number of people shot, but it wouldn't have prevented the tragedy. He would have gotten off several shots before anyone could react. Since the first shots were at Gifford the outcome for her would have been the same. Plus, the only people that could reasonably respond would be someone in a position to shoot him without hitting a bunch of other people in the crowd as well.

I am pro-right to carry arms, but I'm realistic about what would have actually happened here as well.

1327 days ago


POP' POP' POP' Just Saying...!!!!

1327 days ago


And then everyone came out saying oh its them tea party members and their hate filled talk that had something to do with this. Then we find out the man had NO political affiliations and lets flash ahead to how Gov walker has been treated. Why wasnt the video shown of the one senator being chased in to a corner of the state building by these loons? Or the footage of them shoving the owner of a restaurant where the senators went to have lunch and a flash mob showed up. TMZ your one sided "reporting" is disgusting

1327 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

comparing her to jfk and tupac is over doing it. No one even knew about her or what ever message she may have had before this. its sad people got hurt, but she didnt die. I have to hear about this everyday on the news in phx. people get killed everyday and they dont put as much effort into those murders.

1327 days ago


@midnight, @Carl- Regardless if someone had been concealed carrying in the area, unless they felt there life was in immediate threat of sexual assault or death, or if they felt others being shot at were also in an immediate threat of death and they were unable to retreat... ( you always are obligated to retreat prior to using deadly force) then they could not have done anything. They technically would have to have been right in the heat of things... if they had been a store or two down they couldn't have run over and started shooting...

1327 days ago


Why is it that the other citizens that were killed and or injured are never mentioned by name?? Are they not as important as the judge, Giffords or the little girl?... Just saying....

1327 days ago

ashley macisaac    

what!no picture of the bullet going inthe head- im shocked tmz you posted a picture of a man lying onthe ground after a car accident yesterday headlining- that he is bleeding onthe ground-minutes after he gets hit- and a picture of before a shooting isd suppsoe to surprise people- TMZ_ you have lost all sense of relatiy when you post pictures of people whilest still at the accident scene- you should be ashamed of yourself harvey levin-typical coroporate american- which i really hoped you weren't

1327 days ago

Hugh Jass    

to 3, 5, 6 and 8

actually one of the persons who responded WAS carrying a gun (and has a concealed weapon carry permit). he was involved in wrestling the suspect down to the ground. so there. speculate all you want about what he coulda/shoulda done with the gun...

1327 days ago


I agree with #3 Midnight Toker, you would have thought that someone in her inner circle would have had a permit and weapon.

1327 days ago

Joe Canada    

Sad. My heart and thoughts go out to Jared Loughner and his family during this difficult time.

1327 days ago

Clint Bradford    

You do not need to call him "the alleged shooter." There is no doubt who shot the Congresswoman. You do not need a conviction to accurately call him "the shooter." That fact is not in doubt.

1326 days ago


what about the other people? why are they so less important? they are not!

1326 days ago


She is soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!

1326 days ago
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