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Brooke Mueller -- Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At Me!

3/6/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller CLEARLY wants to get on TMZ to send a message  ... because for the second day in a row, she trotted out the twins in the middle of the day and took them to paparazzi hotbed The Grove.

Not everyone gets to host their own Internet talk show.


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Brooke is a sorry excuse for a parent. How can she possibly be considered competent to take care of these children? SHe is a drug addict & even admits to using drugs as recently as last week.She should definitely have the kids. And parading them around in public just to throw it in Charlie's face that he doesn't have them- how low can a mother go? Sorry excuse for a mother!! When the photog asked her what she & Paris Hilton could possibly have in common, she didn't have a valid answer so she just made a stupid comment that made no sense from her drug-addled brain "we both love my children"- how pathetic an answer is that? Charlie needs to cut her off the money supply then we'll see how long she can make it.Brooke: LOSERRR!!!

1325 days ago



She gives me bad dreams.

1325 days ago


Wow she wanted nothing to do with the kids being shown during an interview of her ex-husband, despite it being a legitimate journalistic news program... yet the drunken drug addict has no problem parading them around to the paparazzi while she soaks up the attention.

1325 days ago


Allowing a 2 year old to have a lollipop is dangerous, just ask peramedics. That's Brookes great mothering skills.

1325 days ago


Ok, I'm back to Team Charlie. That's a dam shame carting those kids around for a photo op! She's a poor excuse for a mother!

1325 days ago


Sorry to say, this woman needs MORE HELP than Charlie. Poor kids... too young now to be affected by all this, but this craziness is NOT GOING TO STOP. Can you imagine when they're, say... 12 or 14 and this was going on??? In clean house, out of clean house, off to galavant with Charlie, filing protection orders... She's screwier than he is.

1325 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Denise Richards was famous
BEFORE she married Charlie,
Brooke Mueller became famous
AFTER the marriage.

Now she has a new addiction - FAME...
She is a fame whore!

1325 days ago

steven katona    

bravo brooke! your international fans adore you! its so good to see you smiling and i'm gonna tune into paris's show for sure! its nice to see you making your mark in hollywood and you're friends show you the respect you deserve. you're the all american girl! the girl next door that americans adore! its good to know your jumpstarting your career with paris so who knows where this path will lead! its good to see you being a working mom cause independence is important. show the american public charlies wrong. you got what it takes to make it big all on your own! xox

1325 days ago


get a hold of yourself T'meza. Brook goes out to dinner so itd gotta be a message to YOU? WOW

1325 days ago


Gee TMZ, this article really shows your support of Charlie. I get that Mike is his friend but come on. You need to be objective!!! Why is it ok for Charlie to give an interview to everyone on the planet, but Brooke takes the kids out, oh my, look at me. Keep this garbage reporting up and I'm outta here. Radar seems to have the latest breaking news anyway.

1325 days ago

Made it Past 27    

Brooke is "Look at me"? So is Charlie, he has a new interview every night. TMZ is so biased.

1325 days ago


The story is not biased - TMZ recognizes the fame whore that she is.

She goes on vacation with her ex husband's 2 girlfriends and proceeds to smoke crack in her bathroom. She can't deny the photos so admits she was using just last week, but all is well now. Mommy of the year - please. Someone needs to rescue those kids.

Hopefully she will be back in rehab soon for her "temptations" as she likes to call them.

1325 days ago


Wait, didn't this jackass take the kids away because she felt it wasn't a healthy environment? Now she is parading the kids around since shes had them? I don't recall ever seeing the kids this much during charlies rants and crack binges.

TMZ I blame you for this.

1325 days ago


Well, we now know where the market is to sell crack..........

Posted at 11:34 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by therock

You’d think law enforcement would bust Charlie for his mass quantities of drugs but no, that would be too much effort to pursue... better to bust the crack-heads that can't afford good lawyers.

And if this is star-struck Sheriff Lee Baca’s jurisdiction, then we know why nothing is being done- look at some of the favors he’s done Mel Gibson, destroyed the tape of his drunken racist rant and even had his dept working O/T to make up an extortion case against

the young woman that Mel knocked up then beat up and threatened.

1325 days ago


Brooke is no better than Charlie, so I don't understand why she gets the kids. And looks how she's parading them around just to get her picture taken. Isn't that what Charlie has been criticized for, so how is she different? She comes across in this video as low class, abrasive and nasty.

Paris Hilton must have really been desperate to do a reality show with this nobody.

1325 days ago
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