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Lindsay Jeweler May Have Screwed Prosecutor

3/6/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "victim" in the alleged Lindsay Lohan jewelry store heist just cashed in on the surveillance video and in the process may have really messed up the prosecutor's case.


The jewelry store -- Kamofie & Co. -- has been working with a broker for the last few days and the broker has been on the horn with numerous media outlets, salivating at the prospect of cashing in.

The video has been sold -- but it's causing fits for the lawyers in the case, particularly the prosecutor.

Lindsay's defense is that the necklace was a loan ... the jeweler begged to differ. So intent is critical, and if the jeweler is called to the stand and admits this was just a convenient way of scoring some quick cash from the media, Kamofie will have about as much credibility as (insert favorite celebrity who lied in "comment" section).

We know lawyers in the case have been in touch with the people at Kamofie, trying to dissuade them from selling the tape ... to no avail.

No word on how this will affect plea bargain negotiations. TMZ broke the story ... in the next few days, Shawn Holley, Lindsay's lawyer, and prosecutor Danette Meyers will meet in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz ... sources tell us Holley is trying to get the judge to commit to a short jail sentence if Lindsay cops a plea.

Stay tuned ...


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Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, Emmanual Lewis, Leif Garret, Dustin Diamond, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Lindsay Lohan, etc. etc. etc. All Has-Beens.

1265 days ago


The list of the board of director for Associated Press and the newspapers they run is located here:

Email them and tell them you don't appreciate their tampering with the potential jury pool.

1265 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

LMAO I guess we now see how much THAT wish is to them - although to their credit, the horse is out of the barn - but dont they realize that other celebs may feel gunshy about shopping in a store that sells them at perhaps embarrassing moments? hmmmm one to ponder

Posted at 4:42 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by Chaps

What embarrassing moments would that be? When they are committing grand theft? Julia Roberts shops there, Nicole Kidman has shopped there. Doubt they have anything to worry about.

1265 days ago


I also don't think it will hurt this case. Banks release surveillance videos of robberies all the time before trial. Kamofi probably just wanted to sell it before the Lowhans sold their copy. And you know darn well the Lowhans would have sold theirs.

Posted at 5:06 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by themare

I agree with you, but I wish the store hadn't sold it.

I can certainly understand though. The Lohans and Trollhans have been trashing the store since Day One of this mess.

I'm sure they wish that Lindsay Lyin' Thieving Lohan had never walked into their store.

1265 days ago


Yes, Susan, and prior to saying she borrowed the necklace she said she'd never been been in that jewelry store. Lindsay's duckbill was flapping so obviously she was lying.

1265 days ago


I also think the "slant" on this story... that it will hurt the prosecution.... is just TMZ stirring the pot.....

1265 days ago


If this is true then Kamofie & Co still sucks and is disgraceful but if it gets Lindsay off the hook. Awesome


1265 days ago


So Entertainment Tonight has licensed the video (according to that other gossip site).

1265 days ago


The jewelry store loses some credibility in my mind for releasing this before the case is over. They could of least waited until after the hearing and easily have gotten good money for it.

1265 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Good Morning Rose, Mare, Carvey and All,

What do you want to bet we see footage of Little Miss Princess Poop and all of her entitlement falling down drunk outside of a nightclub within a week or so? She's not sober now, but with her ego if she worms her way out of this one, all hell is going to break loose!

1265 days ago


She'll be in trouble again soon enough, Nicole. Your wannabe girlfriend has as much chance of staying out of prison as you do sharing her bed.

1265 days ago


Selling the tape doesn't compromise the case at all. The facts are the facts and it serves the LOHAN'S right after they trashed, defamed and tried to intimidate the store owner's.

It's not 'frame up', Dina or Ali did you make that one up???

Go store. I will support them and buy something since they have the backbone not to let the lohan's bully and slander them.

They could have sold it right away, no they called LL to get the necklace back then went to the police. They are allowed to defend themselves against this trash job by the Lohan's.

1265 days ago


I think that's a safe bet, grandma cracker.

1265 days ago


No Carvey, unconfirmed 'sources' said that and it was a story that was quickly taken down. When this story first came out they posted a photo of Lindsay wearing a rabbits foot necklace, implying that was the necklace in question. At the beginning there was so much BS being posted. The necklace was returned so I very much doubt Lindsay said that at all.

1265 days ago

Dw. Dunphy    

I said many, many weeks ago that Lindsay was going to walk somehow, even though everyone said "airtight case." Now she's totally off the hook and walking.

The real question is: did Michael Lohan in any way influence that video sale transaction, knowing that would foul the jeweler's case?

1265 days ago
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