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Lindsay Jeweler May Have Screwed Prosecutor

3/6/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "victim" in the alleged Lindsay Lohan jewelry store heist just cashed in on the surveillance video and in the process may have really messed up the prosecutor's case.


The jewelry store -- Kamofie & Co. -- has been working with a broker for the last few days and the broker has been on the horn with numerous media outlets, salivating at the prospect of cashing in.

The video has been sold -- but it's causing fits for the lawyers in the case, particularly the prosecutor.

Lindsay's defense is that the necklace was a loan ... the jeweler begged to differ. So intent is critical, and if the jeweler is called to the stand and admits this was just a convenient way of scoring some quick cash from the media, Kamofie will have about as much credibility as (insert favorite celebrity who lied in "comment" section).

We know lawyers in the case have been in touch with the people at Kamofie, trying to dissuade them from selling the tape ... to no avail.

No word on how this will affect plea bargain negotiations. TMZ broke the story ... in the next few days, Shawn Holley, Lindsay's lawyer, and prosecutor Danette Meyers will meet in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz ... sources tell us Holley is trying to get the judge to commit to a short jail sentence if Lindsay cops a plea.

Stay tuned ...


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I think the Lohans bribed the store to sell the video.

1326 days ago


What embarrassing moments would that be? When they are committing grand theft? Julia Roberts shops there, Nicole Kidman has shopped there. Doubt they have anything to worry about.

Posted at 5:17 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by grandma cracker


I can see the paps taking pics of people coming in and out of stores, or even doing their laundry - but - I think it steps over the line to "sell" celebrity videos, no matter the case.

I am no defender of Liloho as you may know, I just dont like this version. Yes there is usually lots of robbery videos on youtube etc, where this will likely end up, but its an ongoing case and it wasnt violent.

Absurd, CrackWhack, and a trainwreck, yes, but let it work its way in court.

BTW from what I gather about her behavior from various available media sources, not having seen the tape, I personally would vote her off the island for a year tour at Gladiator School.

That being said, I also think she should have been in jail at the time so she didnt get into this mess to begin with.

1326 days ago


I think that not only did the Lohans bribe the store to sell the video, but that the Lohans threatened the store, that if the store did not sell the video, that the Lohans had a way to ruin the store's reputation worse and ruin them. The Lohans have been most likely working on this full time with sleazy reps.

1326 days ago


The store owner is NOT the star Witness. An Employee(s) of the store is, plus the tape and police report.

We also seen photos of her wearing the necklace days later which was sold to the media and likely to also be part of the evidence. Maybe even the photographer who took the photo and sold it to the media will be a witness to state what day/time and where it was taken.

It shows she wasn't lent the necklace to promote the Jeweler at some red carpet event but just walking down the street in her everyday street clothes trying to hide the necklace when being photographed.

Also as someone mentioned about Dad Lohan having a hand in this. I have NO DOUBT someone on the Lohan team was shopping the idea around to see what they could get $$$$ for the tape. Lawyers might have advised them they don't have the copyright to it and tried to get the Jeweler in on it, they said screw you..... and here we are...

1326 days ago


According to ET's website the video will be aired on their show Monday.

1326 days ago


IF this is true, RoL claims that NEITHER side wanted the tape released.

So, if that's so, WHY would the Lohans not want the tape released if it exonerates Lindsay?????????????

Haha, GOING DOWN, Lindsay Lohan!!! You're career will be TOAST when this video gets released, unless it's MILO who brought it.
You think anyone in Hollywood will hire you after this? Perfume companies? Magazines? Anyone? You won't be employable anywhere.

If you were as smart as you THINK you are, YOU should have bought the tape and then destroyed it. At least Winona Ryder didn't have to face the humiliation of the public seeing her in action.

CAN'T WAIT to see you STEALING THE NECKLACE in the tape, Lindsay Lohan!!!!!!

1326 days ago


Lindsay will be selling her soiled panties on Ebay soon, who cares. Doesnt mean the dont stink.

1326 days ago


According to ET's website the video will be aired on their show Monday.

Posted at 5:51 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by Carvey

Well, that sounds like it's definitely true about the tape being sold then.

Susan, you are a FOOL if you think this is a "good" thing. Going to jail for a few months vs. losing your entire significan professional reputation??? Are you serious? Well, hell, what am I saying? Lieho lost hers a long time ago. This will just be the final nail on its coffin.

BTW, Susan, once Lindsay is set free on this, she'll go wild. Hope you have a lot of money to defend the NEXT case.

1326 days ago


Also as someone mentioned about Dad Lohan having a hand in this. I have NO DOUBT someone on the Lohan team was shopping the idea around to see what they could get $$$$ for the tape. Lawyers might have advised them they don't have the copyright to it and tried to get the Jeweler in on it, they said screw you..... and here we are...

Posted at 5:47 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by miz


If Michael the Moron had anything to do with the sale and public release of this tape (although I don't see how he could), I would NEVER speak to him again, if I were Lindsay. In fact, I'd true to sue his crazy ass. Or worse.

If this tape is as bad as has been hinted, it'll kill her career instantly. But she is so stupid and delusional, she probably ONLY sees it as a "get out of jail free" card.

As much as I want to see the tape, in a way I feel sorry for the brat. That kind of thing is just not something that I'd ever want to have the entire world see me doing.

I'll bet that Nicole (and DUIna and Ali too) won't be so happy about its release though.

1326 days ago


The store selling the tape put's just enough "reasonalble doubt" in the mix to crash the whole case. That is IF she actually stole the necklace. We've all read right here that supposedly LiLo is seen standing by the door talking to the owner for severa minutes before walking out, all while WEARING the necklace. Sorry, but that doesn't play to the whole "she stole it" theory. But, selling the tape does give her defense room to come in with "this was done for exposure and all you have to do is look at the fact that they sold the tape to the highest bidder."

1326 days ago



Just to correct you on one point. According to the police report, it was the owner that was with Lindsay in the store after hours, and not any other employee.

1326 days ago


Chaps, I agree, don't think this should be public property. It's a piece of evidence in a court case and should stay there. As much as I WANT to see it and WILL watch it, I think it's wrong to be released. My feeling is that releasing it compromises the case for both sides, and that's just not right. In fact, I'm surprised that the store even CAN sell something that is a piece of evidence in a court of law, at least at the time that the case is being examined.

1326 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

With the sale of this tape Lindsay's bad behavior will be broadcast all over the world, along with juicy tidbits about other "missing" or "stolen" items.

Different sources will tip it one way then others will tip it another way. Some will insinuate innocence but others will insinuate guilt and LL will have no control over this. This sale is the absolute worst thing that could have ever happened to Lindsay.

She thinks she can't get into a party now...just wait. Snooki and JWow are getting into lots of parties. Shows you where LL is at on the food chain.

1326 days ago


Hey Lilo, if you get off be smart, leave Californicator and go to someplace that want's you. Like NYC maybe?

1326 days ago


I just don't understand why people say Lindsay talking to the owner before leaving the store is proof she didn't steal it? First of all, when you speak to someone, you look them in the don't look at their entire body (unless you're a horny male, that is). Second, she put her necklace back on over it. It may have disguised it in some way. And, it was said that she turned the necklace around so you couldn't see the front, so it may have looked like any other necklace.

I wish the enablers would say what happened to the paperwork if this was a loan, as they claim?

1326 days ago
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