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Wrestler Claims Racial Profiling After Jaywalking Arrest

3/6/2011 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former WWE star Shad Gaspard was arrested yesterday in Columbus, OH after what his wife claims was a jaywalking incident that turned into a case of racial profiling.

Shad's wife Siliana tells TMZ her husband did not resist when a cop tried to bust him for jaywalking as he made his way to the Arnold Fitness EXPO. She says Shad got into a kneeling position to show he was not resisting ... but the cops shoved his face into the dirt anyway.

Siliana tells us Shad told her he felt like he was "being profiled" and "treated like a n****r."

Former UFC champ Josh Barnett, who was with Gaspard at the time, seemed to back up Shad's version of events on his Twitter page, posting last night, "Shad Gaspard arrested because a Columbus officer abuses his authority. False jaywalking charge + attitude turns to handcuffs and tackling."

According to law enforcement, Gaspard was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Calls to the Columbus PD were not returned.

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Not surprised to hear about racial profiling in Ohio. It is a backward state with backward ideas on race and justice. Hope Shad is cleared and gets an apology from Columbus PD.

1324 days ago


Cryme Tyme never held the WWE Tag Team Titles, they stole them once.

1324 days ago


i have never seen any police brutality due to race in Columbus...Everyone, whatever race, is well accepted and the previous police chief was African-American!
Columbus is a university city with variety of people...and i mean variety!
Half of the police is African-American!

Not sure i totally believe this claim!

1324 days ago


why didn't they just shoot him?

then at least we wouldn't have to hear the pathetic "race card" whining for the millionth time.

1324 days ago


Next time knock the po-po out and then claim self-defense.

1324 days ago

Jim Albert    

I don't know why they don't move the expo to somewhere less backwater.. OMG.. I live here and The cops are terrible.. They hate on minorities.. and I' ll say it.. It has waaay too many White Redneck good old boy cops, who love to assert their authority on who they decide to pick on.. Its usually someone of a minority persuasion.. Gays get Hassled too.. Clean cut White boy college kids.. drunk on their asses seem to get a lot more free passes.. I swear if I wasn't stuck is Racistland for now I would put Columbus in my rear view mirror and never come back.. I hate this Town with a passion.

1324 days ago


Riiiight...You know, whenever I get treated like dirt by someone (especially after doing something wrong) I think "this person's an a&&h0le on a power trip. But then again, ...I'm white.

I sure wish I was black so when the same thing happens to me I could yell "RACIST!" It would make things less boring...and I hear they serve S'mores on the "I'm a poor, entitled, minority" sympathy wagon.

1324 days ago


i doubt this is about Jay walking ...
the cops usually leave patrons alone to have a good time in all of the festivities downtown including the Arnold's Expo!
you are telling me among all of the participants including many African-American patrons and participants, this guy is somehow targeted!
there is something big missing here! and it isn't b/c of the cops!

1324 days ago

d kiesel    

How could they do this to such a nice guy? Take a look at his past record.

1324 days ago


I was in the area when this happened. Because of heavy traffic, a cop was directing traffic. Shad clearly did not have the right of way, and the cop repeatedly told him as he was crossing to return where he came from.
In my opinion, the cop took it too far, but it had 0 to do with race, and 100% about disrespect for authority.
Also, he was noticably intoxicated.

1324 days ago


He was never a tag team champ in wwe

1324 days ago


Dear Tmz, i been reading a lot of your visitors post and i got to say please check on what people post because their ignorance and hatred is making you look bad, asking for this guy to be shot!? really ?

1324 days ago


And cops wonder why they're getting shot.

1324 days ago


You might not of been being profiled or being treated like one, but your definatly behaving as one.

1324 days ago


Shad, despite his past record, is probably one of the nicest and most down to earth guys I've ever met.

As someone who knows Columbus pretty well, they ARE pretty well known for crossing lines, particularly when it comes to minorities. I tend to believe Shad's version, particularly because it is backed up by Barnett.

1324 days ago
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