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Wrestler Claims Racial Profiling After Jaywalking Arrest

3/6/2011 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former WWE star Shad Gaspard was arrested yesterday in Columbus, OH after what his wife claims was a jaywalking incident that turned into a case of racial profiling.

Shad's wife Siliana tells TMZ her husband did not resist when a cop tried to bust him for jaywalking as he made his way to the Arnold Fitness EXPO. She says Shad got into a kneeling position to show he was not resisting ... but the cops shoved his face into the dirt anyway.

Siliana tells us Shad told her he felt like he was "being profiled" and "treated like a n****r."

Former UFC champ Josh Barnett, who was with Gaspard at the time, seemed to back up Shad's version of events on his Twitter page, posting last night, "Shad Gaspard arrested because a Columbus officer abuses his authority. False jaywalking charge + attitude turns to handcuffs and tackling."

According to law enforcement, Gaspard was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Calls to the Columbus PD were not returned.

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Ultimately, people become cops so they can feel like a "big man". They can even carry a gun and assert their authority. A dude like Shad intimidates them....even WITH the gun! He might as well have a target on his back. Cops are idiots!!

1236 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

what has america come to... in Canada, if you're hit by a car while jaywalking, YOU can be charged for damages to the vehicle. Jaywalking shows that you are not only stupid and ignorant, but do not care about your own personal safety.

if you were arrested for jaywalking there must have been more to it. claiming racial profiling is just idiotic...

1236 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

To a lot of the white posters on here who yell out "race card", your skin tone pretty much shields you from a lot of many other have to go through. So being profiled would be a foreign concept to a lot of whites. Hell, you (or those of other races who kiss your ass)are the ones doing it to others who are not as privileged; and then you have the gall to tell other people to shut up and suck it up.

Posted at 9:39 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by Danny

Escuse you....

we "whites" get it just as bad as any other race. we get harrassed (and yes, i'm speaking from personal experience) by other races for simply being white. YOUR previous paragraph just proved my point!

i used to live in a neihgbourhood where not only were there 4 white kids in my class, i was the only one who spoke english... on my way home on several occasions there were kids of another race who would sit on the wall in front of my building and call me "white trash" and "cracker" and "whitee", simply because I am. I did not know these people, i did not go to school with these people and i certainly did not provoke them.

so before you go waving the "white people NEVER suffer, and get any grief from anyone" flag, take a moment and think about what you're saying. There are poor white people, there are white criminals... just as there are rich and successful people from ALL walks of life.

1236 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

Oh BullS*it! Stop pulling the race card all the time Black folk! WE ARE SICK OF IT! GROW UP! Get some self-respect! Damn. Pathetic.

Posted at 5:21 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by Pete

that comment in itself is racist...

"black folk" as you so ignorantly put it - are not the only people who pull the "race" card... lots of people do, it's nothing more than a lame excuse to get you out of anything you've done wrong.

i've seen a lot of comments on here that seem like they are posted from white people claiming all black people play the race card - ignorant and untrue.

i've also seen alot of comments on here from people who obviously aren't white claiming that all white people are racists - also ignorant and untrue.

it's stupid ignorant s.h.i.t like this, that will never abolish any form of racism especially in our time... it's playground bull and it needs to end

1236 days ago


Yeah it's never about race right. Always the angry negroes fault, glad we got video's now of the bull**** that goes on. Little penis people always abusing there authority, but never want to get called on it. This race cards term new white folk, something else to justify their insecurities with racist actions. Let them tell it racism never happens. Fact is if you white people didn't create it, it wouldn't be here. So you can only blame yourself, take responsiblility for your racist actions and move on.

1236 days ago


Dumb racists u don't arrest people in 2011 for jaywalking.Sound like racial profiling & i bet u all they will have to drop the charges.

1236 days ago


now if it was triple h this wouldn't have happened. I bet a million on it!

1236 days ago


This is ur typical barely "B" list celebrity trying to act like he's somebody and not listen to what the police officer was telling him to do. He wanted to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it...well, sorry, that's not how the law works! U aren't above the law! And quit crying and throwing the race card. The officer was doing his job, get over it!

1236 days ago


i hope that they really have something better then j walking,really, seriously !!! get the frick out of here

1236 days ago

Big E    

all you punks hiding on the internet stating "race card". this stems from this countries immoral practice of mistreating black people for years. It is just no as often right in your face . So it is done in profiling. You stupid people cannot really think that racism is not alive and well in this country? Talking directly to wtf and N.O. Lady. Wake up! you are proof racism is alive. Maybe if whites have the next 100 yrs of being treated this way they would truly understand.

1236 days ago


o yeah, pull The Race Card!

guess what?

you don't get to break the Law and disobey the police just cuz you're black.

the cops aren't racist, the blacks just think they can strut around holding their penises and drinking 40's and they don't have to listen cuz they can play The Race Card every time they get arrested

1236 days ago



"blacks just think they can strut around holding their penises and drinking 40's"

Look at the FBI crime statistics...white people are arrested at far greater rates for sex crimes and crimes involving alcohol and drugs.

Think about what you're saying before you speak in the future, please


1236 days ago


"Racial profiling"? Yeah, the PD used profiling to crack down on jaywalkers, who stoopidly (sic) jay-walk right in front of an officer, LOL!

1235 days ago

Big Black    

I am just wondering how and why a black man in the company of other white males on his way to participate in an event that somehow pays tribute to a white man's legacy of outstandng fitness achievment could ever be accused of or feel the need to playing the race card? What exactly does this card allow for? Do i get the cops to take back the way I was treated? Will the ticket be forfeited? Does the race card get me a job that I might have been otherwise overlooked for? The race card gets me nothin and yet I must still play it over and over and over again. Moreover, now people that never intended to be racist lash out with a kind of racist anger over the overplaying of the card? FTW? 'I am not racist but I am sick of ni99ers whinig about racism!' FTW? Since their is no real benefit, it should be noted that playing the race card has much to do with emotions and context that DOES have some truth in it.You can also blame a dismal failure of society to confront these types of issues and with how things can be often misinterpreted or distorted in the re-tellig. I would agree that not all situations in american life are race card playable but I would not be the first person to abandon the very real assesment of the intersection of black(American) life and (white)american life. Like when a nightstick or a boot intersects with a black man's ass or headpiece or worse having a broomstick stuck up hs keester...or 38 bullet holes in your body when you did not have a gun on you, one could understandably wonder 'What just happened here?' ¨I never thought Jaywalking was all that???¨.... If we be assured of sincere due process in siuations like this...we could certainly keep the card in the deck....but alas... Stacked decks do not make for fairplay.

1235 days ago

Brian B.    

WOW!! That's MESSED UP. Who the hell gets arrested for jaywalking?? And then to have the cop slam your face into dirt?? Geezus...That sounds cruel to me.

1235 days ago
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