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Wrestler Claims Racial Profiling After Jaywalking Arrest

3/6/2011 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former WWE star Shad Gaspard was arrested yesterday in Columbus, OH after what his wife claims was a jaywalking incident that turned into a case of racial profiling.

Shad's wife Siliana tells TMZ her husband did not resist when a cop tried to bust him for jaywalking as he made his way to the Arnold Fitness EXPO. She says Shad got into a kneeling position to show he was not resisting ... but the cops shoved his face into the dirt anyway.

Siliana tells us Shad told her he felt like he was "being profiled" and "treated like a n****r."

Former UFC champ Josh Barnett, who was with Gaspard at the time, seemed to back up Shad's version of events on his Twitter page, posting last night, "Shad Gaspard arrested because a Columbus officer abuses his authority. False jaywalking charge + attitude turns to handcuffs and tackling."

According to law enforcement, Gaspard was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Calls to the Columbus PD were not returned.

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Brian B.    


"o yeah, pull The Race Card!

guess what?

you don't get to break the Law and disobey the police just cuz you're black.

the cops aren't racist, the blacks just think they can strut around holding their penises and drinking 40's and they don't have to listen cuz they can play The Race Card every time they get arrested"

Posted at 4:26 PM on Mar 7, 2011 by wtf

Let me ask you something....Do you honestly think that if it were a white guy that was jaywalking...Would he have been treated the same?? I HIGHLY doubt it.

1326 days ago


for letting people exercise their "1st AMENDMENT" without jailing them.

1325 days ago


i hate it when white people automatically assume that this incident had no racial intentions behind it. It's like they refuse to believe people are like that anymore. Pure ignorance Ufc champ josh barnnet was with him at the time. He saw wat happened and backs up his claims.

1325 days ago

Uncle B    

It never fails. Whenever something happens to people of color, White people show their true feelings on race relations. Thank the tea party for allowing racist to express how ignorant they are.

1325 days ago


How come when black people get caught doing something wrong it's always racial profiling? You know how black people can stop racial profiling?, they can stop doing things that are wrong.

1325 days ago


I just want to know one thing from all you all so conservative pin heads.. IS THERE A SUCH THING AS RACISM?
All I know is that most of you write very racist as long as you are hiding behind a PC!!!! So it stands to reason a lot of you think you can get away with it on your job and teaching your kids as your parents taught you..

1325 days ago


Not sure why so many people on here think they are experts on Columbus. I travel there frequently and find it to be a very open minded, eclectic, international city with a very active and safe night life and no interference from the police. There are major gay and lesbian festivals throughout the area and OSU seems to create a very tolerant, bohemian environment to the city. I'd say the negative comments are from people who have never been there. There is much more to this story than this "wrestler" claims. I have never heard of him but I have never had any problems in Columbus and I doubt the police are looking for jaywalking violators. The entire downtown is a very open atmosphere and people seem to just walk in any direction.

1325 days ago


I guess this is the "real America" Sarah Palin is always referring to?

1325 days ago


He should be imprisoned for his filthy,yellow-pitted t-shirt. What a pig.

1325 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

As big and bad as Shad is I can't imagine anyone crossing him. These cops must be nuts...

Staceyann C. Dolenti

1325 days ago



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1325 days ago


Oh no! let him walk were ever he wants. Dude is fine....

1325 days ago


Know matter how you look at it RACISM STILL EXISTS. Never in history has a President of these States been called out of his name and ridiculed in so many OBVIOUS RACIST statements and pictures. For the uppity Ofay's who don't think it exists I challenge you. Go black for a week and you can SEE and EXPERIENCE racism as it is today. Until then shut the F#%* UP...because you wouldn't know it,if you don't EXPERIENCE it first hand. You Ofay's kill me thinking this is such a PERFECT America...well it's a long way from it.

1325 days ago


"... You Ofay's kill me thinking this is such a PERFECT America...well it's a long way from it..."

For some reason I suspect the deportation of persons who use a word like 'ofay' would bring America a bit closer to perfection.

1325 days ago



Yes, anything blacks dislike.

1325 days ago
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