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Snooki Puncher -- In the Army Now

3/6/2011 9:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who infamously punched Snooki in the face back in the early days of "Jersey Shore" has had such a tough time finding work since the incident ... he's had to hit up Uncle Sam for a job.


Brad Ferro pled guilty to one charge of simple assault, paid a $500 fine and served six months probation back in 2009 for the Punch Heard 'Round the Shore.

His dad tells the NY Post Brad hasn't been able to find work, so he's now in training to be a Cavalry Scout -- which, according to, means he's "the commander's eyes and ears on the battlefield."

If we ever invade Seaside Heights, he's our guy.


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He should be given a medal for it too... (sarcasm implied)

1326 days ago


@Snooky In My Tooky:
Hey don't knock the American Soldier for going over there and doing their job. Maybe Iraq didn't do anything us, etc. But we are there now and its a hel!! of a mess to clean up. It's part of the reason its a VOLUNTEER ARMY now. So people DO Have the choice to go fight for their country or not. For the record, FROM THE BEGINNING, in 2003, I was against being in Iraq. But I would never call a man or woman who volunteered to go and fight for our country brainwashed. Obviously, you never joined the military and yes that is your choice, but don't you DARE knock or belittle a military member because of a choice you are too chicken to do.

1326 days ago



What are you talking about? He kept stealing their drinks. The second time he did it she let him know the drinks were theirs and he just cold ****ed her. He is 100% in the wrong. It is never okay to cold **** someone who hasn't laid a finger on you. Don't make excuses for deplorable behavior.

1326 days ago


Repeated because I agree with Linda.

He'll fit right in with those being brainwashed to kill innocent people.

1326 days ago


"This guy needs to get the Congressional Medal of Honor for punching that THING in the face.

Brad Ferro has done exactly what all men want to do with these out-control-b!tches."

Posted at 8:25 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by Fred Farkel

I don't condone hitting chicks but every rule has exceptions... You sir are correct he should have received an award!

1326 days ago


Mr Ferro has to earn that right to be called a scout he has to earn in osut as well as the battlefield Ive been blown up and shot at many times and have seen even worse things happen to my battle's outside the wire the drill sgts for osut most of them have at least a min of 3 or 4 combat tour's and if he wants to learn anything he better keep is mouth shut cause he ain't seen krazy yet.....scouts out..and linda shut ur pie..@#$%...unless u wanna pick up a rifle and head out to the middle east.....

1326 days ago


This guy is my hero. Any bitch who wants to act like a man should not be pissed when she gets knocked out like one.

1325 days ago


I find some of these comments disturbing. Am I under the impression that just because a woman is mouthing off or is a bit on the obnoxious side she deserves to get punched by a guy? Those who seem to be favouring this opinion should be ashamed of themselves. YOU are the ones who disgust me...along with the girl-punching douchebag.

1325 days ago


I would gladly pay someone to go back in time and move snooky out of the way and replace her with Linda and Snooky in my tooky in the path of that guys fist.

To our Vets and current Military, Do not get upset by dumb useless dirty smelly hippies like these two, this country loves you and are thankful everyday for what you have given us and what you do.

Linda and Tooky are probably very fat and ugly pathetic individuals who were probably teased in High School, had no friends and possibly scorned by a soldier one night when they were on the corner trying to find a man.

Married to an Army Vet and I love the military, lived on a base and it was the best!!, Go Army, Marines, Airforce, Navy...HOOAH!!!

1325 days ago


I'm not for hitting a woman but damn MTV you made millions showing fights now you bleep it out and say violence against women is a crime. No it's not. VIOLENCE AGAINST ANYONE IS A CRIME

1325 days ago


I'm soooooooooo glad that he knocked her a** out she is so igly and annoying. I don't know how Vinnie gets it in with her. Ughhhhhhhhh.

1325 days ago


If you have never served, then the negative comments about what the military is all about and who joins are unwarranted and unfounded. You know nothing about really goes on unless you have been there. Like they say, if you don't stand behind the troops, feel free to stand in front of them.


A US Army vet.

1325 days ago


She deserved it, she wasn't innocent. If you listen to it closely, you can hear her say "ugly ass." she needs to look at herself before she calls someone else that. these stupid reality shows are so worthless.

1325 days ago

Mary UK    

The guy just didnt hit her hard enough!!!! I am sick of silly bitches like this, good lads get killed because loud mouth drunk women START brawls, just like Snooki did in this situation, i didnt raise a wonderful son for him to be killed defending trash like Snooki!!!!

1324 days ago


I have kept quiet for a very long time about this because some people would rather talk trash then actually know the truth. The fact is that MTV did initiate this terrible incident. Did it escape your attention that the cameraman was positioned perfectly across the bar waiting for something juicy to film. Isn't there always some kind of fight on that disgusting show? Do you think that happens by accident? The "Situation" WAS buying this guy A LOT of drinks prior to the incident. That horrible girl was relentlessly attacking that guy from on top of a bar stool, cursing him out, insulting him, and pointing her finger in his face. His "knee-jerk reaction" was a result of a hand flying at his face. He was defending himself by swinging at a perceived threat, albeit through impaired judgment. He is a trained athlete, if he was trying to hurt her or anyone else they would have actually been hurt, not just knocked off a stool. Those are the facts. He did not intend to hit her, nor does he remember doing it because he was so intoxicated from all the drinks that they were buying for him. The bar should have cut him off long before anything could have happened, so as far as I'm concerned they are equally at fault. I wonder how much of a cut they got for their part in this. People who know him say he is a sweet, non-violent guy, with no previous record of any type of violence, who would never hit a woman under normal cir***stances, and that he was sickened when he realized what he had done. He apologized, plead guilty, paid his fine, served his probation, and is trying to move on. These horrible people ruined his life, his reputation, and the career that he worked so hard for, with no regard for the truth or the consequences of their actions. Now he is in the army at a time when so much of the world is in complete chaos. Will it satisfy you people if something terrible happens to him while he's fighting for our country? I hope to God that none of you ever find yourself or anyone you love in this position.

1324 days ago
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