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"Celebrity Rehab" -- The Return of Steven Adler

3/7/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If at first you don't succeed ... try, try again -- and with that idea in mind, Steven Adler is going back for another season of "Celebrity Rehab" ... TMZ has learned.

Adler appeared on season two of "Rehab" and the first season of the spin-off show "Sober House" back in late 2008, early 2009. Adler then went on to stints in real rehab centers after being ordered to by a judge as part of a DUI bust.

We're told Adler will join the likes of Michael Lohan, Jeremy Jackson, Dwight Gooden, Michaele Salahi and Bai Ling on the latest season of Dr. Drew's show.


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I watch celeb rehab... But won't for this season. Michael Lohan is an attention whore out for what ever fame in any manner of getting it and that ho s*** bag M.Salahi is just the same. Dr. Drew has lowered himself to the bottom of the pond and is now a bottom feeder too. How sad.

1266 days ago


Shame on you guys for judging Steven. At least he's trying to get clean. Most people Steven's age would just say **** it I'm gone. At the very least Steven is trying to get his life together.

1227 days ago

Dr. Bai    

Hey everyone check this out! Bai Ling will be tweeting live June 26th at 9pm during this weeks episode of Celebrity Rehab. Tweet with her @RealBaiLing and ask her all the questions you have been dieing to know the answers to, like why the heck was she up on that roof? You're crazy if you don't tweet with her. I know I will be :)

1224 days ago


RE: "and what a hell of a ride that could speed into out of and out of around out out out" statement posted 120 days ago.

WTF does that mean? Your 'do***ented_as_puzzling' name couldn't be more accurate because that particular line had me puzzled as hell. lol ;-))

1209 days ago


Steven Adler is a total piece of ****!! He is definitely not worth Dr. Drew's time or anyone else for that matter. It's the same old Bull**** with this ******* turd! The first day he arrives he's all polite, happy and really nice to everyone....Then he comes down off his drugs and turns into the real Adler, a total *******! As soon as he can't take the withdrawals he starts looking for a victim to get into an argument with, and it's always a woman, that's because hes too much of a ***** to start anything with a man, then use that person for an excuse to leave the facility so he can start using all over again. He doesn't fool anyone! This woman abuser is a totally worthless excuse of a human being should be thrown into a dumpster like the trash he is and be done with once and for all! I'm hoping Steven Adler will overdose and die!

1196 days ago

Grace Lily    

My most area of concern is the rehabilitaion of Amy Fisher. Yes, as a young person she did a terrible thing, but she should not be tormented for the rest of her life for it. Mary Buttafuco has moved on and is not in torment, and neither should Amy. She has the justice on her side to start over again and create a respectable life for herself. I hole heartedly support her gettinig out of the porn industry and punishing herself. She did her time and now all is forgiven and behind her. She deserves a second chance at happiness,not just tolerating her life. She is obviously remorseful for what she has done and that goes along way in gaining credibility with the peers that judge her. She is willing to work on her weaknessness and accentuaate her streangths and put aside her uber fragile demeanon and get down to business to be a productive member in society. I wish her all the best and say prayers for her that she can find employment in a field that gives her the respect any human being deserves that has paid their dues and shows remorse for what they have done. Amy your need to punish yourself is not bizarre, it is just a need to make sure that you have paid your debt to society, and you more than have paid your debt. Respect yourself and your marriage and learn to live withing fewer means to give yourself the opportunity to truly understand that keeping up with the jones's is another illness you need to overcome. There is nothing wrong with living a humble lifestle and taking a job that you feel may be beneath you. You will love yourself for having peace and intergrity knowing you are doing the right things to provide for your family. Hamburger instead of steak is an honorable way to nourish your family and will help you keep you keep your head held high. Love ya girl. Keep up the good work. Get some financial advice on how to live well on less money. you will be proud of yourself for taming down your expensive tastes and provide your children with good values. Cheers. Your supporter, Grace

1175 days ago


Breaks my heart to see rockers like Steven,so wrapped up in drugs trying to quit drugs.Do you notice how it seems like he is sucking his face?...wanna know the solution....It's easy,doesn't take 12 steps,re hab or even god.Wait for it....the solution is simple for anyone....Do not buy it,chances are you won't use it....don't hang out with people that have it....same result.Glorifying drug use by putting these people life on tv is just plain silly,altho it is interesting to see stars fckg up,proves that they are all really just like the rest of us.

1172 days ago

Bernard Koenig    

Steven, I am pulling for you as a fellow addict in remission and d.o.d.tour/club rock guitarist. I will not preach to you. I feel from a spiritual standpoint you will make it. With Love, Bernie Koenig 6801 Crossfield Rd. Columbia, sc 29206

1162 days ago
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