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Machete-Wielding Charlie Sheen -- 'I'm Free At Last'

3/7/2011 10:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just climbed to the top of a building in Beverly Hills, pulled out a MASSIVE machete' ... and waved it around in post-termination triumph ... all while drinking a bottle of Tiger Blood.

It all went down at the Live Nation office building in Beverly Hills ... where Charlie said he had a top-secret meeting with some old friends.

After sheathing his blade, Charlie was asked how he felt about being fired from "Two and a Half Men" -- to which he replied, "Free at last ... free at last."


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I take it this is another case of we have to wait until he actually kills someone before he can be arrested and or institutionalized? Thanks, Reagan, for shutting down the institutions - there were there for a reason and this nutcase is a prime example of that reason.

Now, can the 2 million losers who follow him on twitter please get a life so the rest of us can watch the news for REAL news and not a nation that glorifies the rich and insane?

1295 days ago


Wow really, you're ALLOWED to have a machete in public in America? WOW! Aside from his drug abuse and his other shocking behavior of recent weeks....this would DEFINITELY get the police and a psych evaluation ordered.

Why the hell is no one doing anything about this clearly crazy man????

1295 days ago


oh....this screams of sanity SO MUCH =D

epic fail Charlie....epic fail...

1295 days ago


so disturbing..but, then again, that's why people watch auto racing and hockey....."winning" ??!!

1295 days ago


I bet his other slut is actually dead and buried in his backyard.

1295 days ago


Sadly, his ex's can get all the restraining orders they want but really they do nothing. The laws protect the crazy and deadly and leave the innocent to fend for themselves. The laws need to be changed. It's a sad day when someone can threaten and stalk but no one can do anything until he/she actually physically hurts or kills their victim.

1295 days ago


what did his dog, betty, die from?

1295 days ago


Hello! this is Serious .do people realize in the movie 'Apocalypse Now' that his father Captain Willard (Martin Sheen)beheaded with a machete Colonel Kurtz(Marlin Brando)in the movies climactic scene ???....also in his rants he is quoting 'Scarface' and 'The Godfather' 2 of the most violent gangster movies about brutal graphic drug crazed brutality HELP HIM.He will end up like his dog BETTY....R.I.P

1295 days ago


#59. Really?? I'd like to take all those dipsh*ts smiling and yuckin it up with Charli and have them evaluated themselves. They are the worst of the worst enablers....Get the man some help and stop indulging him!! standing on the top floor of a building with a machete is insane, ok?? As in... Not normal...for anyone. Cry for help? hopefully/

Posted at 7:16 PM on Mar 7, 2011 by dirvish


All the people hanging around Charlie(including the bimbo hookers)laughing at everything he says and going along with everything he does do not care about him.

They are there to see how much money they can make off of him. That's it. They know this man is sick but they don't care.

And, no one can make Charlie go anywhere because he thinks there is nothing wrong with him. He's in denial. We have to wait until he self destruct to the point where he does harm to himself or someone around him. Sad but true.

1295 days ago


I bet his other slut is actually dead and buried in his backyard.

Posted at 7:21 PM on Mar 7, 2011 by sugarbee

That might be worth looking into..... they should check out the size of the grave dug for "Betty".

1295 days ago


Charlie, get off the tiger blood, it's making you ugly and stupid.

1295 days ago


Isn't he going to be arrested for having a concealed weapon?

1295 days ago


I'd like to know why he was allowed to wave around a machete! If he were anyone else he'd have his ass arrested, it's a weapon!!! If he'd have been swinging a gun around he'd have been arrested.

It's a matter of time before he self destructs. I really feel for his family having to watch him behaving this way...not that he'd give a damn. I don't see how with all this talk about "cutting of throats, cutting heads off, violently this or that etc" that he cannot be involuntarily committed. From what I understand you have to show you are a danger to yourself or others...the way he's been talking he's a threat to himself and anyone who just so happens to piss him off at any given moment.

1295 days ago


the judge is just going to love this tape from tonight.

1295 days ago

john johnson    

wow, what a nutcase!

1295 days ago
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