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Machete-Wielding Charlie Sheen -- 'I'm Free At Last'

3/7/2011 10:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just climbed to the top of a building in Beverly Hills, pulled out a MASSIVE machete' ... and waved it around in post-termination triumph ... all while drinking a bottle of Tiger Blood.

It all went down at the Live Nation office building in Beverly Hills ... where Charlie said he had a top-secret meeting with some old friends.

After sheathing his blade, Charlie was asked how he felt about being fired from "Two and a Half Men" -- to which he replied, "Free at last ... free at last."


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Room Service    

Wat een stuk stront en een egomaniak.

1326 days ago


You know when some member of his family finally does a 5150 or whatever the hell the numbers are, I hope they also charge these 'ENABLERS' leeches, hanger ons with Depraved Indifference or Reckless Endangerment for not only watching this train wreck but rooting it on. I hope they throw the book at the effers, the man is sick, he is more to be pitied than scorned, please someone help him.

1326 days ago


the book should be thrown at members of his family too then, bbjoan.

they're enablers as well.

1326 days ago


Remember when he "accidentally" shot Kelly Preston in the arm then she immediately broke off their engagement?


She is still alive and married to John Travolta, a gay man.

1326 days ago


The ustream tonight was NOT live, it was cut and edited. THIS "show" tonight was all fake, in the event that they see the judge tomorrow in the custody hearing. Charlie's already been saying this all was an act, so if he does fake this ONE time, it will appear that all of them were fake. This show tonight will be his alibi for all of his other episodes, most notably, the one last night. Add the machete in BH, and he's going to try and convince a judge he's not crazy, they were all acts. Anyone with eyes knows that the others were NOT an act. Charlie's a clusterfluck of issues, but he is smart.

1326 days ago


#71- Sadly, you are quite correct about that. She needs security paid for by some of his drug allowance money. He has become really unstable.

1326 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

isn't that what everyone does after an o#*$gasm?!?!

1326 days ago


@Joao, #6: "That'll teach you not to call a Jew by their Hebrew name. See you blew his cover... so off with your head.

Posted at 6:50 PM on Mar 7, 2011 by Joao"

Charlie Sheen is a Jew, you idiot. And it's Charlie Sheen, allegedly, waving the machete, you idiot, not Chuck Lorre, and it's Charlie Sheen in a prior webcam video saying he will slit the throats of people and children from behind, so it's "off" with whose head? You're defending Charlie Sheen's violent words and behavior? Wow! What does that say about you?

1326 days ago


Yes, of course, every normal 48 year old man, father of 5, runs around with a bunch of users, showing off his machete! Isn't that a weapon? I guess if he wasn't arrested for a suitcase full of COCAINE, the police will ignore this too.

1326 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Love it. Keep winning Charlie.

1326 days ago


Somehow I see the custody negotiations coming to a halt.

Lord please step in and make sure his babies stay safe.

How does he think his behavior is going to let him have his children monitor free?

Brooke, I hope you mean well when you are being a Momma Bear now, take heed on Denise's heels and DO NOT LET him around your boys.

1326 days ago


GREAT JOB TMZ...cheering him on from the ground while he's on a roof top.

Like I said, thanks Hollywood for reporting the lives of these spoiled addicts (disguised as actors).

GREAT REPORTING (cheering from the ground, can you believe it?)

1326 days ago


The guys cheering him on are the same guys who think Jackass is funny.

1326 days ago


Charlie thinks he's General Manuel Noriega with that machete waving.

1326 days ago

Mel from Malibu    

Charlie Sheen.. WTF !! ?? A Legend in his own mind... too much Cocain ate his brain up...He will never be normal again ever ...

" This is your Brain , This is your Brain on Drugs.." It should be Charlie Sheen the " Poster Child " He has young children... they will find out what a a-hole and **** he is... He forgets he is a is obvious by his self serving actions...... sad....CS you are CS !!

1326 days ago
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