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Warner Bros. to Charlie Sheen:

You're Fired!

3/7/2011 6:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. has just fired Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men."

Charlie Sheen Fired
Warner Bros. issued the following statement: "After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men,' effective immediately."

The statement does not say if the show will go back into production.

UPDATE: A source at Warner Bros. says no decision has been made on whether the show will come back.

Charlie Sheen Fired From Two and a Half Men


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Well that was very stupid of Warner Brothers. Only reason most watch Three and a Half is for Charlie. They really screwed them selves letting this one slip through their fingers.

Good luck Charlie hope you get a new gig soon, you're the best thing on TV.

1273 days ago


I am sorry for ... me !

Not only do I have tiger blood but I also have the eyes of a tiger.

I also have a lionheart and I am winning.

1273 days ago


Charlie is a cool dude because he isn't fake. Keep winning, Charlie. There are people who liked him just the way he was. That's why he had and will have in re-runs, the #1 comedy show. Royalties keeps him winning. Screw Warner Bros.

1273 days ago


Shame on all of you who are kicking a man when he's down. Who complained about the constant media coverage of his drug & alcohol use, his alleged abuse of callgirls, wives & ex-wives, or his alleged overdoses? Now that he's trying to make some changes in his life, everybody Boos and calls him a nut job, a crazy maniac, a ranting raving lunatic? He's been a quick wit, caustic & smart-assed in all his movies: That's his personality. That's Charlie. Period.
WB is hurting Charlie's cast-members more than him--plus they're cutting off their nose to spite their face: They'll pay in the end. If Charlie was so out-of-control, how were they able to do the show with a live audience 2X out of the last 3 shows? Riddle me that. Charlie isn't the only STAR to misbehave: If he were, you wouldn't have a show--with millions of viewers (including me)!
Wm ****ner hit the nail on the head when he said Charlie isn't crazy. He knows exactly what he's doing. And right now, he's using his Star-Power to his advantage with the media's full cooperation, their countless daily "Charlie Says" reporting. I hope he comes out on top, straightening out all the problems in his life, including the drugs & alcohol. And does it HIS WAY. I'm not the only one rooting for him.

1273 days ago

Margaret Nune    

plse enough of that cocaine sniffing booze swilling excuse for a
human being. enough, enough, enough

1273 days ago


You realize he has a MULTI-MILLION $$$$ contract that they have to buy out, right? Charlie FTW!

1273 days ago


Life's a bitch!!!!!!!!. I do however feel sorry for the rest of the cast who have lost out because of him and his behaviour, they didn't deserve to lose their jobs.

1273 days ago

Wendy Canfield    

Although I'm a little too old to be mesmerized by Sheen's cement pool swan dive - I can't help but be drawn to and appreciative of his undeniable charisma and talent. I genuinely feel badly for his family, friends & co-workers who' hearts, lives and livelihoods will suffer (perhaps irreparably) from Sheen's unchecked egoism run amok.

If Sheen's unable to put a lid on it - It will be a very sad situation with no winners.
I'm so glad I still have the memory of a very young and excruciatingly handsome Charlie during his all too brief cameo in 1985’s "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." During the few minutes Charlie appeared on screen with Jennifer Grey he radiated talent and chemistry AND really gave box office star, Mathew Broderick, a run for his money.

1273 days ago

A fan     

I'm sorry he got fired but hey, someone forgot to tell him his life isn't funny in real life. Anyway I think Matthew McConaughey would be a good replacement actor. They can say Charley had to leave town because a girl he slept with turned out to be married to a mob guy. So he faked his death and had to change his face/identity hence Matthew, he has a similar sleaziness to Charley that would kinda fit in with the character.

1273 days ago


I will not watch a 2 1/2 men show with no Charlie Sheen in it...he is the show...and if you ever watch the show you can see that he
"brings it" every time.

1273 days ago


TMZ Cares......about revenue.

1273 days ago

Helen Of Troy (goddess)    

omg.. I was like WTF Chuck...that was just disgusting to watch i think im gonna jump off the Chuck wagon.freedom off speach and expression is one thing but to put yourself live on Sheen's Korner looking like you just rolled out of the dumpster.Just aweful!I think it's time to get rid of giggles the goddess and Bree also your doing a bad job of representing yourself,and its just getting worse so sry to see good talent go to waste.Thats all

1273 days ago


Hollywood is such a cold place to work! They let him carry on for years, what did they think was going to happen? Most work places that made that much $ off of your drug addled back would do all they could to help-not FIRE THE CASH COW!

1273 days ago

bob mike    

Sheenism of the Day: "Phones are Built by Trolls"
this is hilarious - Play the Charlie Sheen Soundboard game here: http://bit­.ly/ifnYuX

1273 days ago

bob mike    

Sheenism of the Day: "Phones are Built by Trolls"
this is hilarious - Play the Charlie Sheen Soundboard game here: http://bit­.ly/ifnYuX

1273 days ago
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