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"Sheen's Korner" -- Torpedoes of Truth

3/7/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen decided 50 minutes was too long for his rambling, non-sensical, anti-troll Internet talk show -- so last night he unveiled a 13-minute version ... that was just as bizarre.

Caution: This edition of "Sheen's Korner" is definitely R-rated.


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steven katona    

hahahahahaha 420 sheen! the sheen shines when its 420~~~!! smokin the bunobic chronic!!!!! big k gives all his love!!! cya on craigslist charlie!!!! you're one of us now! keep your head up! no sniffin and no smokin rock. soft or hard this canadian tells it like it is. you better keep your nose kleen kause i kan tell when someones been using. so keep it clean charles. 420 is ok anything else is a no no. this troll is unleashed when i see that. you've been warned. no spells work on this troll charlie. i'm too big and ugly and this one-eye'd monster is the biggest of the bunch! xox

1328 days ago



1328 days ago

artie help    

comment number 1 stfu you tool box.

1328 days ago


What did you expect he is a crackhead. Hes lucky hes a actor or hed have been locked up by now, smh how typical

1328 days ago

My two cents ;)    

This was amusing for the first few days but now it's actually really sad and I don't want to watch anymore. He needs help. It's like watching someone commit suicide and no one can stop him :( bummer for his fans, family and especially his kids...

1328 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Idiot!!! #Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwzzzzer

1328 days ago


I thought this was funnier. He's just annoyed with the whole thing. The apparatus of fame. It was obvious it was as much mocking the person on the end of the phone. He's wrong about TMZ. Given it's put a lot of traffic his way, not all people reading are idiots and people at TMZ are well aware of how insane it all is. I don't think he's mad. He may well be wrong/unrepentant though.

It's remarkably similar, in some ways, to I'm Alan Partridge Series 2. Although Sheen may well bounce back:

1328 days ago


Theres no coming back from this his brain is ****ed you dont smoke 7 rocks a day aND have no side effects hes probably got holes in his brain hes a true crackhead.

1328 days ago


Sheenpocalypse || by Christopher Rosen || 03 07 2011 9:30 AM

‘Violent Torpedoes of Truth’: Sheen Threatens to Cut Children's Throats

“People die, dogs die. What are you going to do? Bring them back? You’re not me.” And so the sad case of diminishing returns known as Charlie Sheen finally reached a nadir during the second episode of Sheen’s-Korner (anyone want to explain the dash?), when the former Two and a Half Men star revealed his outrageous God complex following the death of his dog Betty. Even Malice-era Aaron Sorkin would have a hard time writing the ‘torpedoes of truth’ that Sheen fired off like a manic Col. Kurtz during his latest web-based shot at infamy.

Using an iPhone — Apple must love this free publicity — Sheen filmed a conversation with his “Tweet Master” Bob Maron, where the two men discussed — among other things — the disastrous first episode of Sheen’s-Korner, and whether or not the “host” should appear more two-sided to his fans.

“There’s one side to me and it’s me,” Sheen said in the rant-y fashion that has become his trademark. “Two sides to me is a f*cking lie, cause all I’m gonna give them is the f*cking truth, and I’m gonna deliver it in a way that’s violent and focused and not like they’re used to. Ever. ‘Cause they’re high on vaccines and McDonald’s and Us Weekly and TMZ and every other ****ty brand of food that they consume.”

Bashing TMZ wasn’t the only time Sheen threw a previous ally under the bus. In the beginning of the video, he also had harsh words for Howard Stern and the format of radio show.

“Howard Stern [hosts a show with multiple people contributing on air]. It’s lame, it’s retarded, it’s transparent, it’s the f*cking work of trolls. Why not just leave that to a man who only wants to talk about anal and stupidity?”

Judging from this latest video, the only thing Sheen wants to talk about is his contempt for the audience. “I’m gonna write my sermons, I’m gonna deliver them like truth torpedoes and people are gonna f*cking take it or leave it — we know they’re gonna take it, ‘cause they can’t process it so they must condemn it,” Sheen said, Gabbo-style. “And if they can’t condemn it, they’ll f*cking like, turn me into a god, and worship it, and then realize that I’m behind them cutting their throats, and their children’s…” The video cuts there, in a choppy edit. Stay classy disgusting, Charlie.

Somewhere, Sean Penn must be really excited he invited a humanitarian like Sheen to Haiti.

Watch the full, NSFW second episode of Sheen’s-Korner below.

1328 days ago


Here's the address for CBS feedback form -

you can choose 2-1/2 Men from the drop down box of shows - let them know what you think of this guy. We sure did. That 'cutting off heads' business is WAY over the top.

1328 days ago


I can't even watch any more of this drug addict!
Someone needs to intervene!
Can you say danger to himself or society?
Put a mental hold on him!
Really rather sad, and totally unwatchable!

1328 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What a retard. You do realize that the throats he was talking about being behind cutting are his fans right? He just said that while your watching he's going to be behind you cutting your throats. The jack wagon part may be an act, but the asswhole part is totally real.

1328 days ago


He sure acts like he is suffering from drug and booze brain damage.
This train wreck is STILL on the tracks, eh?
Like seeing all the other lowlife hanger on's in the background waiting to pick the carcass clean after time of death.
This is just so pathetic to watch.......Another Hollyweird sideshow in action......

1328 days ago


Wow, what is his fascination with cutting off heads and faces, that's creepy. This man needs help!!

1328 days ago


MAKE your kids watch this. If that doesn't scare them away from drugs nothing will.

1328 days ago
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