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Charlie Sheen -- Read the Letter That Fired Him

3/7/2011 6:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the letter Warner Bros. TV sent to producers of "Two and a Half Men," informing them Charlie Sheen was fired.



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It's about time he was fired. How many times did his off duty persuits have to interfere with the show before they let his go. He forgot that one monkey don't stop no show, in this case he's the monkey and the show will go on.

1292 days ago

bobbie shubeck    

I feel that all concern in this matter are behaving like children. If they were adults, they would pull together and come to a solution on everyone's behalf. It's so sad that it came to all of this. It was a great show, I watched it all the time. Charlie Sheen is great in what he does, and that is intertain. I also feel with all of charlie Sheen's shena****ns, he really is reaching out and everyone on this show should have reached out over and over if needed to simply help him get well.

1292 days ago


Someone tap Beer Belly and let him know the reason he works at Del Taco: Roll has 2 l's. I just can't equait Beer Belly with Charlie. Wait.... I take that back, yes I can.

1292 days ago


Most ALL jobs out here on the west coast not only demand drug screening, they often carry out random drug tests on their employees. Not even marijuana is legal WITH a prescription because of federal mandates. It's not just a matter of "immorality", it's a SAFETY and INSURANCE risk. Even Charlie admitted he had them place chairs and tables where he could lean w/o falling over. Not many employees are given the chances Warner Bros. have given him. That and the nepotism that GAVE him his Hollywood career and he just threw it ALL out the window. Maybe this is what he needs to sober up and find his true self again.

Still praying for you Charlie, and all involved with you. Please bring the magic that is TRULY Charlie Sheen back again. Many of us STILL love and miss you, when you were the REAL DEAL.

1292 days ago


What Charlie does in his private life should not be any concern of CBS & Warner Brothers as long his rating are the best and sponsers don't cancel their support. Because you have got to be making a ton of money. The public wants Two & Half Men with Charlie and all of the other performers that bring a lot of joy
in a world where everthing is going to HELL.

1292 days ago


just hire Johnny Drama as the new charlie! finally drama will get some you know what!

1292 days ago

Hot Wayne    

Okay, kill off Charlie. That's easy. Then have him leave his fortune to Jake - including the house with Berta the Executor of the estate. Next, Judith kicks out Herb, who moves in with Alan and Jake. Jake takes on the "Charlie" cool role - absence all the drugs and booze. Instant continuing hit!

1292 days ago


bout time they got rid of him, such a disgrace to his dad.

1292 days ago


They are phony, because Charlie was doing this life style for a while, and they continue to let him do whatever he wanted to do as long as they were making money. They now want to say he broke a clause in the contract, because he spoke nasty words about the writer and producer of 2 and a half men. they are lieing making this an excuse to fire him. Charlie Sheen been broke this contract months ago and none of them let him go than now its because of his life style, behavior, and felony charges. I hope he sues them and win. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Give the man his money because he did his acting job well.

1292 days ago


WB and Lorre should've went with a singing telegram in a clown suit to tell him You're Fired. T

1292 days ago


One thing is strange to me. 2 and a halv men is not just a show watched by adults. Kids love to watch it and one of the shows stars is a young boy. Noone seems to have cared of this child actor and what all this disgusting behaviour does to him. It says a lot when the grown upps around him needed so much time until they finally fired Charly Sheen, I wonder what view show business people have when it comes to children near famous celebs that behave like pigs. Kids in Hollywood have realy "nice" role models"!

1292 days ago

Cadillac Joe    

Congradulations Charlie, I am told that your the first one in over 20 years to start up the old time Hollywood Black List, that made sure actors never acted again. Did you ever stop to think what you did to dear old dad Martin ? Remember the words of the late John Lennon Charlie, he said : " You Don't Know What You Got, Until You Lose It " Charlie, you earned it....

1292 days ago


I think #54 nailed it! Charlie IS what made this show...and they were well aware of his personal life...but once someone yells JEW...once he tells them how much he hated warner's guy SHOWED UP TO WORK...and STILL said he will...CBS IS WRONG...CHARLIE IS NUTS NOW...BUT I THINK HE IS ENTITLED TO BE PAID...BUT...we are talking about such crazy money...that BOTH SIDES SHOULD JUST SHUT THE F#@$ UP...I MEAN REALLY...

1292 days ago


I am so sad about Charlie Sheen. I have loved him since he made a teenage movie with Chad Lowe. He clearly can't trust anyone.I wish he would speak with the other castmates and work stuff out.He just doesn't seem to be able to quit and he will die.He is getting so much time on tv because we all love him. There is a saddness to him that is literally making me so sad. Charlie if you read this we don't want you to die please I want to watch 2/12 men because of jon Cryer but if the network doesn't do more or Jon doesn't call him I can't I love you Charlie and I love you Jon Please do something............

1292 days ago


Actually charlie was the best in the show **** tmz ;D

1292 days ago
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