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Warner Bros. to Charlie:

Here's Why You're Fired

3/7/2011 8:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Warner Bros. sent to Charlie Sheen's lawyer, stating Charlie was being terminated because he committed a felony involving "moral turpitude."

Charlie Sheen Termination Letter
In the 11-page letter, obtained from sources connected to Charlie, Warner Bros. states, "Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill."

The letter then goes on to describe Charlie's hijinks, including trashing the Plaza Hotel in NYC, coke binges, on-set failures because of drug fatigue, and diatribes against "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre.

The letter also notes that Charlie derailed production when he went into rehab, and then he fired his sobriety coach.  In fact, Warner Bros. claims it was so concerned about Charlie's well-being, "Warner Bros. had an airplane waiting" to take him to a treatment facility ... but Charlie would have none of it.

As for why Charlie got fired, the letter says there is a clause in his contract saying they can fire a performer who commits "a felony offense involving moral turpitude."

The letter says, "There is ample evidence supporting Warner Bros. reasonable good faith opinion that Mr. Sheen has committed felony offenses involving moral turpitude (including but not limited to furnishing of cocaine to others as part of the self-destructive lifestyle he has described publicly) that have 'interfere[d] with his ability to fully and completely render all material services required' under the agreement."

In short, that's why Charlie was fired.

Charlie's lawyer, Marty Singer, has demanded Warner Bros. pay Charlie for the eight canceled episodes -- or else.

Warner Bros. seems undaunted by the threat, even reserving its right to take legal action against Charlie.


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Thomas G.    

One does not necessarily need to be convicted in a court of law to be dismissed from an occupation or contract if reasonable evidence of a crime exists. Felony moral terpitude can cover a range of offenses, including drug abuse, destruction of property and theft, etc. Charlie Sheen has been arrested numerous times for a multitude of offenses and WB is rightly acting in its best interest, the public and its advertisers. Charlie Sheen may not necessarily see a felony conviction due to his vast financial resources to defend himself, but clearly WB is well within their rights to fire Sheen and in addition pursue financial damages against him. The actor's drug abuse has rendered him unstable to fulfill the contract. WB made extraordinary efforts to reach out to assist him in rehabilitation, but the actor refused. WB has a stack of defenses they can civilly assert in their favor.

1290 days ago

Trevis Miho    

I would like to say I'm on Charlie's side - and, in a way, I am, ESPECIALLY from the entertainment factor in this situation...but come on, man, work is work. I feel they were VERY easy on him initially, it just didn't end. What were they supposed to do eventually? But Charlie's my hero right now, so I wish him the best.

1290 days ago


If everyone would just calm down now.

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1290 days ago


Is #40's comment, perhaps, written by the "Sheen Machine", himself?? Sounds like him. He's like the Eveready Battery Bunny! He doesn't shake at anything. Keeps on going . . .Interesting. Gotta love that spunk!

1290 days ago


LOL Yo.....I had a mental pic of Charlie doing another Charlies Korner with a head band a a samuri sword which he plunges into his chest at the end of the show as an honourable way for a warlock to die and envelop the whole world in his tiger blood.

1290 days ago


One would think that with "Tiger Blood and "Adonis DNA" that Mr. Carlos Estevez would know the difference between the good thing he had - and the pathetic nothing that he has now.

Carlos, if you really had those things you would be smart and good-looking instead of stupid and butt-ugly. You can't even party alongside most college freshmen you idiot. And I have way more money.

1290 days ago

Chelle B.    

Meh. Who cares anyway.

Come and read my blog instead:

I've got tacos!

1290 days ago


Was he convicted of the felony at the time he was terminated>??

1290 days ago


Duh... winning. CBS, Charlie hasn't been convicted on any felonies. Interesting that you're using that as your basis. This is a complete FAIL on your part. Team Charlie is still winning. That show will suck without him. It was only funny because it was loosely based on his life... hell you even used his name for the character.

1290 days ago


I am going to laugh when it turns out he was playing warner bros.The only character witness you have see him doing coke are hookers charlie paid really well .I really think he was never on drugs just ACTING like he was do force warner bros hand .Think about the evidence against him the word of a 30000 dollar hooker.You know if i gave a hooker 30K she gonna be quiet unless I want her to open her mouth

1290 days ago


As we watch this train wreck called Charlie Sheen spin out of control,This is what is fighting. Reading these comments made me wonder. What crazy is going to feel that this is there calling to help Charlie and harm anyone that they feel crossed him. His actions may put his family in harms way. I hope and pray that this doesn't happen.

1290 days ago


The show extended his contract knowing very well that he wasn't well but didn't care because he was still showing up to work and making them money. Now that he has lost it they are regretting their greedy decision. So because of that I hope Charlie wins.

1290 days ago


Charlie is pathetic. Saturday Night Live sketch was right on.
DUH! WIENER! Your arrogance will bury you with your own words and actions. Good Luck Charlie! You are quickly becoming the next Anna Nicole Smith.

1290 days ago


Charlie, the show will never last without you!!!! We are on your side and bet you will be back IF YOU WANT TO

1290 days ago


I read the letter. The studio has more to hang their hat on than just the felony issue.

1290 days ago
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