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Warner Bros. to Charlie:

Here's Why You're Fired

3/7/2011 8:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Warner Bros. sent to Charlie Sheen's lawyer, stating Charlie was being terminated because he committed a felony involving "moral turpitude."

Charlie Sheen Termination Letter
In the 11-page letter, obtained from sources connected to Charlie, Warner Bros. states, "Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill."

The letter then goes on to describe Charlie's hijinks, including trashing the Plaza Hotel in NYC, coke binges, on-set failures because of drug fatigue, and diatribes against "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre.

The letter also notes that Charlie derailed production when he went into rehab, and then he fired his sobriety coach.  In fact, Warner Bros. claims it was so concerned about Charlie's well-being, "Warner Bros. had an airplane waiting" to take him to a treatment facility ... but Charlie would have none of it.

As for why Charlie got fired, the letter says there is a clause in his contract saying they can fire a performer who commits "a felony offense involving moral turpitude."

The letter says, "There is ample evidence supporting Warner Bros. reasonable good faith opinion that Mr. Sheen has committed felony offenses involving moral turpitude (including but not limited to furnishing of cocaine to others as part of the self-destructive lifestyle he has described publicly) that have 'interfere[d] with his ability to fully and completely render all material services required' under the agreement."

In short, that's why Charlie was fired.

Charlie's lawyer, Marty Singer, has demanded Warner Bros. pay Charlie for the eight canceled episodes -- or else.

Warner Bros. seems undaunted by the threat, even reserving its right to take legal action against Charlie.


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Charlie Shene BUILT Wiener Brothers. Charlie Sheen OWNS Wiener Brothers. The only thing keeping WB out of the poor house was Charlie Sheen for 8 consecutive straight wins. In his under wear. Before his first cup of coffee. Gold was sh((ting out of Charlie Sheen icehold and Warner Brothers packaged it up in tiny little boxes and America took that tiny little, wonderful, powerful, beautiful little golden turd that feel from Charlie Sheens soft as a baby's bottom and gargaled down her ranciv viel throat.

America is the chode that Charlie Sheen has been slapping in the back of the head for 22 years. Do you think Charlie Sheen needs to wake up everyday put his pants on and wait for some talentless hack of a writer to tell him what to say? WRONG.

Now feel the wrath of Charlie Sheen as his paid assasin lawyers tear WEINER BROTHERS a new acehole.

1292 days ago

buntcakes molarettii    

I will produce CHARLE MANSON II AKE charle sheen`s next movie and it will be the biggest grossing movie of all time.SCREW CBS TIME WARNER VIACOMMIE~SS martin hid charle manson`s SON ake charle sheen so what he`s still part of thier family by martin`s girl friend and charle manson like it or not that movie will be GOLD.It`s not like he`s hilters 22 blondo babys manson never killed anyone just ask MARTIN SHEEN

1292 days ago


Heh. CBS fired Sheen because the J's said to fire Sheen. Simple as that.

This thing went to another level when Sheen said Chuck Lorre's given name. Didn't even insult it just said the name. He has insulted Lorre of course, and the J's won't have that.

1292 days ago



"Moral Turpitude" Look it up.


1292 days ago


What a load of crap! The show itself was loosely based on Charlie Sheen himself so they already knew going in what he was like and how he lived his life! They make this claim now but for years did nothing because he was making them boat loads of money. Good luck if they decide to try to continue the show without him. I won't be watching.

1292 days ago


Our national nightmare is over...

Posted at 2:13 PM on Mar 7, 2011 by Sherri375

Go got that right! No judge in his right mind will side with Charlie. The man's a super frootloop raving lunatic, needs a farging frontal lobotomy.

1292 days ago


Good show Warner Bros. If you let CS pull this crap and let him get away with it who would be next? I applaud Warner Bros and their decision.

Sorry, Charlie but you clearly asked for this one.

1292 days ago


Charlie Sheen here it is in a nutshell:

You messed with people more powerful than YOU!

1292 days ago

steven katona    

and that's all folks! eh charlie you should open up a franchise fast food joint. start up some small businesses and start diversifying your portfolio. create some jobs and who knows what you've acquired but this troll says you better start consolidating. warner bro's aint paying you anymore. go into business for yourself charlie!

1292 days ago


The think I hate (he can destroy his own life, unfort. if he wants as he has kids and fam.) but that show was number one for reasons. Now there all that goes. If they replace him...I doubt it will still be number one and if they do it, they'll see.

1292 days ago


I love reading legal docs... they're so well-written.

I guess I hadn't been following things that closely, though -- Sheen seriously appears to have a screw loose. I still like the guy, but man...

1292 days ago


he needs to get paid his 4m$ for the last four shows, and then he needs to have his attorney sue the pants off of cbs and warner brothers for aborting his last year contract; he should sue and get each pay check for next season and mental abuse.

1292 days ago


Warner Bros. have such a weak case.

Charlie will end up winning.

1292 days ago


What a loser once again! Salvation lies within Charlie not hookers, booze or drugs. Man up for once !

1292 days ago


Too much - you don't go around saying you'll slit kids' throats on an online stream.

He had made his point and Lorre had backed down - Charlie should have just kept quiet and tried smoothing things out quietly with Les Moonves and WB.

Anyway, let's see if anything happens with Sheen and Mark Cuban.

I think Charlie is pretty much finished as far as network TV is concerned.

His supporters (like me) will still be there, but has to pipe down.

1292 days ago
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