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Upset With 'SNL' Over Miley's Insults

3/7/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has fired off a letter to "Saturday Night Live" honcho Lorne Michaels -- explaining she was disappointed with him for allowing Miley Cyrus to take digs at her on the show ... TMZ has learned.

Miley Cyrus SNL Skit

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... she had considered Lorne a mentor and a father figure -- and felt betrayed that he would let Miley mock her on TV -- so LiLo sent an email to let him know she was upset.

In case you missed the show -- Miley finished her opening monologue with a musical number which included the lyric, "I never stole a necklace or got a DUI .. never cheated on wife like that golfer guy ... so what if you can see a little boob from the side ... I'm sorry if I'm not perfect."

We're told Lindsay hasn't received an email back yet.


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Aren't they constantly taking digs on Miley as well? Like isn't there even a show on SNL dedicated entirely on mocking Miley? Yet Miley who is younger went on SNL and laughed with the best of them and took it like a soldier and Lindsay, who lets not forget HAS been regularly in court lately, decides to be a whiny 'B' about it? Boohoo, no sympathy on my side with this one! Kinda makes me wanna go pat Miley on the back!

1289 days ago


All you haters out there! Whats matter with you guys? Why are you so hell bent on Lindsay's case? What harm did Lindsay personally ever do to anyone of you ? Don't you have better things to do than to spew venom and hatred.

Lindsay never denied her failings and shortcomings.She admitted in the open court that she had been an alcoholic and a drug addict. So was President George Bush. What was so unusual in this day and age.She was a young,impressionable girl working in Hollywood,lonely,got into some bad company which is a norm in Hollywood and got lost for a while in the maze and she has suffered heavily in her profession and financially.

She recognized the problem, made amends and a steady progress. She voluntarily checked into Rehab. before her hearing on DUI probation violation and has been sober and clean for the past good eight (8) months which is remarkable.

People in life do fall down from time to time,but it takes a lot of courage,will power and character to stand up and move on. These are the true survivalists and deserve salutation and respect.

All of you must understand that Lindsay is under tremendous stress for her upcoming hearing and it is quite understandable,that she is not in a such a funny mood like the rest of you.

I don't know how this poor girl is managing to pay her bills. She wants to go to trial,to clear her name yet her attorney is talking about a plea deal. Wouldn't that be nerve racking?

Forgive me for my ignorance.I did not know who Miley was or what actually she does or is good at till today when I saw her picture here. I have not watched the SNL in a long time. However, any utterances by Miley were scripted by SNL.Lindsay never faulted Miley for acting out.

With all the due respect to Miley,pound for pound,Lindsay is far prettier by miles than Miley. Peace to all of you.

1289 days ago


Lilo does not get it - she is a joke to the world.

1288 days ago


It's too bad you can't buy a sense of humor...or in Lindsay's case steal one! What's the matter? Are you just now realizing that you're a national disgrace? Or is this the first time you were sober enough to notice?

1288 days ago


Spoiled brat, aspiring has been, washed up wanna be.

1288 days ago


The only thing she moaring about is she didnt took part too
or is desaretly trying to get one more tho. But the truth is
she cant act, all these movies Parent Trap,Mean Girls,Freaky Friday were not good caouse of her but cause of good screenplay and good director. She´s talentless, the only thing that could
keep her in press are her troubles. When was the last movie she plays main role that didnt went straight DVD? like a more than a decade ago.

1288 days ago


#234 therock

Good post!

1288 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Mare, I have to agree with you there. Looks like rock had a lucent moment! I will agree that LL does not get it, and her alliance with her mother is toxic. I feel sorry for Michael Sr. sometimes. IMO yeah, he's got an anger problem. He's also kind of funny and rather industrious. He's got "hustler" charm. LL hangs with him when she wants something, then turns on him and throws his under the dreaded bus. Everybody is always going on and on about LL and her movies. I'd never seen one until recently I caught the first part of Mean Girls. What the hell happened? What a beautiful girl she was. She is not that person anymore.......sad

1288 days ago


"Now I can clearly SEE why so many people hate and despise this girl. She's like every other 24 year old girl in rehab who thinks she's all that and that her way is better. I've seen plenty of them and they all self destruct. If we think this CS mess is bad, this will be worse unless somebody inside her camp does something different starting right now."

Posted at 5:22 PM on Mar 7, 2011 by therock

There are plenty of spoiled, bratty teenaged and 20-something girls out there who do all kinds of inappropriate things that cause trouble for them and their families. Lilo's situation is made worse because there ISN'T someone inside her camp who has an influence on her to do things differently. Her mother and father both caused this situation.

Either way you cut it, Michael Lohan has been scamming on rehab - either he's been lying about being in recovery or else he's lying about going back into rehab. How does he think his actions will affect his family? How does he think being in prison for years for fraud affected them? How does he think being an addict and being physically abusive affected them?

If he thinks he's okay with God at this point, he's got another thing coming. He has NO sincere remorse of any kind, he just chugs along after having torn apart his entire family, thinking he's the Godly man whom all should follow and obey. Gag.

As for Dina, we all know what an enabler she is. She probably hands Lindsay a line when the girl is fast asleep. I guess that Dina is also an addict, judging by this behavior, and doesn't care if her daughter goes down or not, as long as the good ship Dina Snort Em Up continues to sail. And let's not get into Dina's lies or her entitlement issue. And both parents are complete fame whores who sell out anyone in the family for a dollar.

It always amazes me that Dina and Mike found one another and procreated. What are the chances of two such amazingly dysfunctional people finding each other? And it's laughable that they hate one another, given that they are both broken beyond repair and have put their children into that position as well.

1288 days ago


Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel

Playing to an empty house at a theatre near you

Posted at 8:05 PM on Mar 7, 2011 by lou


Looks like Lindsay's at it again, stealing identities (what, did you get tired of stealing jewelery, or since you're being watched, is this all that's left for you to steal?)

For the record, I didn't write the above post or ANY post that is pro-Lieho.

1288 days ago


Grandma cracker says: "I feel sorry for Michael Sr. sometimes."

I don't. I grew up in a violent environment. Try being a helpless, small child who has violence thrown at them day after day and no one ever intervenes. The people I feel sorry for in this case are LILO and her siblings. They were helpless kids and didn't deserve to see MiLo beating the crap out of Dina. They learned a tolerance of violence that they shouldn't have. What they saw was a violently unstable world and I'll bet they wondered many a time if they'd live to see another day, or if Dina would.

I have never once heard Michael admit that he beats up women (several girlfriends have also been beaten by him.) I have never once heard him say, "I'm sorry, I was wrong. I was an abuser and that's just wrong." I'm sure that no one else has either. So screw Milo. I have less sympathy for him than any of the others. He's just a good hustler and has learned to sound more sympathetic so he can get what he wants from people while still hustling them. Repulsive man, IMHO.

1288 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

335. @lou

I know that wasn't you. It was quite obvious who it was. When I mentioned I wished that court was (now today) she lost it and went after me. Hehehe. I kinda hope that little fit last night made her feel better.

1288 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

we know each others stuff well enough to know when the phonies are stealing our names....

1288 days ago


It was great last night because therock and John Smith (as Lou) were just having a conversation with each other. Everyone else just ignored them, as we should!

1288 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

yeah, I stayed off that one too. So obvious. Somebody needs to tell Dr. Drew to cut off the internet access!
I heart lou
I heart BR Witch
I heart ilovegossip
I heart Mare

1288 days ago
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