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Mel's Dilemma: Fight Charge or Protect Family

3/9/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected to Mel Gibson tell TMZ ... he's aware he's going to be charged with a crime, and is "agonizing" over the prospect of putting his family through a public, knock-down, drag-out trial.

We're told Mel is confident he will only be charged with a low-level misdemeanor.  Nonetheless, he is uncertain if he has the stomach to endure a 1-year legal fight and is worried about the impact it will have on his children.

As TMZ has already reported, Mel will be criminally charged with a misdemeanor over the January 6, 2010 blowout between him and Oksana Grigorieva.

We're told the D.A. will file charges against Mel this week -- very possibly today.


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Maybe he did wear a condom - how would we know?

Posted at 6:13 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by Tellthetruth59

Take a wild guess /./././ umm maybe Lucia ? .,.

or maybe Racist Mel was using Magnums he bought down in the da hood ( extra large ones) and it just slipped off because it was so oversized .,

yeh that's it !

Posted at 6:24 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by get a life ho

Yeah because nobody ever got pregnant using a condom... LOL!

1292 days ago


This is justice. You can't simply slap someone and get away with it. Not in California and not anywhere else in the USA.

This is justice.

Posted at 1:08 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by JLS

Are that gullible or just plain stupid? My husband grabbed me by my hair, dragged me across the room, then wrapped his hands around my neck and threatened to choke. He used to be in karate. I was wearing a turtleneck sweater. He didn't leave any marks. If I were like your precious bitch Oxana, I would ****ing bang my head against the door and claimed concussion. But I believed in the U.S. law. I thought it was the best. I tell ya what. It's WORSE than it used to be in the USSR. I managed to run outside barefoot, I made a 911 call from the neighbor's house who were willing to testify for me. He got scared to get arrested and ran away. When the cops came he was on the loose. I called his cell and let the cops talk to him. They did NOT arrest him. They were NOT interested. I went to the DV office and the DA. I was told I did not have enough evidence. This is your ****ing justice? I spent A few weeks at the shelter. My divorce attorney robbed me. The last one open his own office after my case. My ex was ordered to pay him over $ 7,000.00 for NOTHING. Actually, I had three of them. and I was making ZERO, and even this support had been denied later. I had three divorce attorneys they were ALL corrupted. My second attorney was a victim of DV herself, the one who secretly recorded out sessions for her boss, a friend and a client of my ex's brother, a private banker at Well Fargo. She had hard time coping with this betrayal of her client's interest so she would show up for our sessions under influence of drugs. It was her who said that something was fundamentally wrong with this country. She turned out to be a bitch herself though. She was paid to spy on me.
Fife years later I remarried. Everything was fine until I denied him sex for a good reason. He got drunk, harassed me three days in a row. The cops said he was in his own home and could do whatever he wanted. 10 days prior to this he sexually assaulted me which I forgave him for. OK. He then ran to the judge and requested a restraining order because he wanted me out of his house and eviction through restraining order is the only way to make it quick. The judge never questioned his request. He didn't even care to call the police and verify if there were any 911 calls about physical altercation to justify his "injuries" that he lied about. When the sheriff boys came to evict me this valuable member of American legion, my husband, started talking to them: "You know, she is Russian, you know what I am saying???" Ha-h-ha and they were laughing like something was funny about somebody being Russian. It was early March. Cold. Snowing. I had no place to go. I spent a night in my car, sleepless, because the engine was running and I was afraid to fall asleep and die. When I needed a bathroom I got out of my car and peed on the ground. I filed for divorce and was denied because the judge wanted me to pay the filing fees which I could not afford. He talked to me very disrespectfully and my damn court-appointed attorney I got for the restraining order hearing said the judge would throw me in jail if I go to trail about this frivolous ex parte restraining order. Is this your ****ing justice? No, man you must be kiddin me. Something is indeed very wrong with this country.

You have to be a bitch and a liar and a manipulator like Oxa, and get a stupid horny idiot man like Gibson who is hated by Jews like you, to win.

1292 days ago


Protect his family? Was he thinking of protecting his family when he whored around?

1292 days ago


Any one who defends him is as horrible and as crazy as he is.

There is never a justification for domestic violence and he has already admitted he did it. He is disgusting.

1292 days ago


"Maybe he did wear a condom." EFFING PA-LEASE! How many men will wear a condom unless the woman effing insists?!?!?! Uh, no, there was no condom that fateful day.

1292 days ago


you all have never heard of getting pregnant when using a rubber? Have you ever heard of getting pregnant when using birth control? and even, have you never heard of being pregnant after tubes are tied? If you haven't you are living with your head in the sand!!

Fact is, we don't know if he did or not and we shouldn't ponder it, we just know a baby is here. (rolls eyes)

1292 days ago


Racist Mel admitted slapping her .,.,the only question is was that justified ?.,.,Racist Mel will have an uphill and VERY costly fight to come out aquitted . Highly unlikey .

FACT .,.The DA's rate of conviction is about 98%

Oxo said on the tapes " What kind of man hits a woman with a child in her arms " ?

Racist Mels response " YOU DESERVED IT "(while snickering)

I think the DA's case won't be a tough sell to a even a stupid jury with this set of facts .,.,,

As Al Pachino said in Scarface .,.,"Solong Mel"

"Enjoy your first class trip to the resurrection"

Posted at 6:18 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by get a life ho

"What kind of woman is it that has a script prepared for a phone call? What kind of woman is that"?

1292 days ago


Any one who defends him is as horrible and as crazy as he is.

There is never a justification for domestic violence and he has already admitted he did it. He is disgusting.

Posted at 6:27 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by Kassie

Nice way to attack the person rather than the case. If you aren't with us then you are against us type mentality. There are women out there who lie about DV. Should it automatically be assumed truth and anyone who goes against what they say horrible people?

1292 days ago


Any one who defends him is as horrible and as crazy as he is.

There is never a justification for domestic violence and he has already admitted he did it. He is disgusting.

Posted at 6:27 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by Kassie

It's not justified when some out of control, psycho hag drags a baby into the middle of a fight and jerks the baby around recklessly?

1292 days ago


What kind of woman drags her children into the middle of an argument?

Tee hee

1292 days ago


Gotta a converance call coming in at 10 , so I have to get my papers in order......hate those can't see the eyes of the persons you are talking to so you have to listen really close to what they are saying and the tone they are using to gage their sincereity......but thats the price I have to pay for my priviacy and comfort........check in later.....

1292 days ago


absolutely spider.

I doubt very much those recordings will be admissible in court. There were two different specialist that came out and said they were edited. The one on ROL the other day was verifying it was Mel, well hell we knew that. Only a few wondered if she took clips from films and used them, but it still would have been Mel.

1292 days ago


Love Mel, but...he said he slapped her to get her under control?! LOL I dare say that his slapping admission was ill-advised! Just might be the one thing that's sunk his boat.

1292 days ago

get a life ho    

There is never a justification for domestic violence and he has already admitted he did it. He is disgusting.

Posted at 6:27 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by Kassie

Good luck in getting that message thru the thick headed "Team Mel" Bandwagon lunatics .,.,.,lol

1292 days ago


get a life ho: for quite a while now it has been clear to the entire internet that you have issues that need addressing by an entire team of proctologists, i mean psychiatrists however...

you talking about mel's penis size and saying winning like losersheen is just the last in your coffin lid.

i sincerely hope that you hire the best proctologist you can afford and have them try to remove your brain from your anus.

1292 days ago
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