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Cops: Wrestler Was 'Belligerent,' Arrest Was Warranted

3/7/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A rep for the Columbus PD tells TMZ they feel they had every right to arrest former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard this weekend ... saying the video TMZ posted earlier doesn't tell the whole story.

As TMZ previously reported, Gaspard was popped by Columbus PD for allegedly jaywalking and the video of his arrest shows three officers pinning him down while he, and several onlookers, tried to tell them he did nothing wrong.

Sgt. Rich Weiner, a rep for the Columbus PD, tells TMZ the police report says Gaspard was observed by an officer walking in the roadway and obstructing traffic. He says Gaspard ignored an officer's request to get out of the street and refused to provide the officer with ID when asked several times.

Sgt. Weiner says, according to the report, the officer then tried to arrest Gaspard, but he "broke free from the officers as they attempted to take him into custody."

The video we posted begins sometime after that, which Weiner says "does not show the events which led to Mr. Gaspard being put on the ground and being placed in handcuffs."

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sick to my stomach    

so @ mike ..#15 how long have you been working for the columbus PD? and how many people did you arrest for "jaywalking" and even got away with it, because they were not famous?
YOUR POST ARE AS STUPID AS YOUR department! The police should be looking for real criminals oh I forgot ..columbus doesn't have any ... arn't you people in Columbus lucky.. you are now safe from the evil jaywalkers.. the drug dealers and murderers~not so much

1290 days ago


I have jaywalked countless times.

I didn't know they took it so seriously.

1290 days ago


These people get a little money, and think they can do whatever they want. If they are not put in their place early, as in this case, they will go on to terrorize decent society with their wanton and violent ways.

1290 days ago


And so continues our general trend towards living in a right wing propaganda fueled police state. I don't care if he was ignoring the orders of the chief of police himself, not listening does not give the government the authority to gang beat you. Moments like this provide citizens the opportunity to examine the role police play in our society and the direction in which we are headed. For all those wasting energy arguing about planned parenthood and collective bargaining, the real issues needing attention are happening right under your nose. If political movements want to champion causes, maybe choose one that's worth the fight - unchecked police and military powers would be at the top of my list.

1290 days ago


"He says Gaspard ignored an officer's request to get out of the street and refused to provide the officer with ID when asked several times.

I was pretty sure that we did not have to show our papers in the USA.

1290 days ago


Would they have tackled Charlie Sheen for J Walking?

1290 days ago


and i say B.S and shad i know you are on the phone with your lawyer.


1290 days ago



It's a shame you had to make that first sentence, because it completely destroyed the rest of your point.

1290 days ago


To all you cop bashing idiots. Were any of you there. The guy was arrested for being an idiot. Walking in the street and obstructing traffic is an arrestable offense. Of course there were people saying he did nothing wrong. Because they, like everyone on here posting comments, believe of course the cops did something wrong. You watch a video that is well after the encounter and you make opinions blaming the cops. Ask yourselves this, whey didn't he just produce his ID. If he had, he may have been on his marry way. But no, just another person that thinks the law gives citizens the right to do what they want. Sorry, but your all wrong when you say the police were in the wrong.

1290 days ago

BIG D O     

Jaywalking? Really? Would cops throw a white cat in a business suit on the ground like that and put they knee on his neck the way they did this black man? Yeah, I doubt it...Some of you that are making excuses are just plain silly...Black people in this country are still treated like colonial property and this was another example of such treatment...things desperately need to start changing...

1290 days ago


Normally, I would have the cops' back with something like this. However, I lived in Columbus for a few years and saw firsthand what jerks many of them are.

Columbus has a bad situation. When I left, the mayor and the police chief weren't even on speaking terms. The police dept has been cut back time and again while the violent crime rate in Columbus has skyrocketed.

For instance, the city's annual "Red, White and Boom" 4th of July celebration downtown has become so dangerous that people have to keep their kids at home indoors.

So, there are no winners in this story. Everyone is a loser. But one thing is for certain--if a cop tells you to do something, you do it--whether he/she said it nicely or not.

1290 days ago


how can the story be legit when you have several witnesses saying he didnt do a dam thing, the cops had no right to arrest him and the mma fighter who was walking with him has said shad was on his knees preparing for arrest, the cops in this country are the biggest crooks around and have the need to make thier quota each month, and nobody say they dont have a quota to meet because i have family that are cops.

these cops need to be fired. simple as that, its either racial profiling or just because hes a former wrestler. obama needs to step down and put someone in his place that will overhaul the entire justice system

1290 days ago


I believe that there is a world of difference between uniformed police trying to serve and protect citizens from real crime and the growing population of thug dirty cops who are just school yard bullies who never grew up,....but these thug cops now have guns, mace, batons, clubs, knives, cuffs and lethal tasers to menace and ruin our lives. Got Any Lunch Money My Homie?

1290 days ago


He was trying to get away because he did nothing wrong! I don't blame him. And for them to keep him on the ground like that... unacceptable! FOR JAY WALKING????? c'mon po po.... don't u have anything better to do?

1290 days ago


I live in ohio and cops out here are all power abusing, arrest you for no reason pieces of sh*t.Cops need to have cameras and mics on them at all time so it can be reviewed.

1290 days ago
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