TMZ Live -- Charlie Sheen FIRED from TV Show!

3/7/2011 5:00 PM PST
Why was Charlie Sheen REALLY fired from "Two and a Half Men?" And what does Charlie have to say about it? We answered these questions and 19 more on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Charlie Sheen was just FIRED by Warner Bros! Harvey has the latest ... then bails to work on the story.
(3:00) Gary fills in for Harvey.
(3:50) Our video of an ex-WWE wrestler being manhandled by cops for jaywalking -- we go to Ryan for all the details.
(9:30) Who could pimp Twitter the best right now?
(10:00) Twitter time! Questions about Charlie & Brooke's custody battle ... "Two and Half Men" ... TMZ staffers' Twitter accounts ... and Charlie's Ustream mania.
(15:15) David Arquette's nasty car crash.
(16:15) Charlie fires back at Warner Bros. for firing him -- and Mike reads Charlie's blistering statement ... and explains the "silly shirts" part.
(21:45) Does Charlie Sheen have AstroTurf in his backyard? Mike knows.
(24:00) Is the ex-WWE wrestler incident on a Rodney King level? Not quite.
(25:00) Mark Zuckerberg's new dog -- and it's ADORABLE!
(29:10) Ryan talked his way out of a ticket this morning.