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TMZ Live -- Charlie Sheen FIRED from TV Show!

3/7/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Why was Charlie Sheen REALLY fired from "Two and a Half Men?" And what does Charlie have to say about it? We answered these questions and 19 more on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Charlie Sheen was just FIRED by Warner Bros! Harvey has the latest ... then bails to work on the story.
(3:00) Gary fills in for Harvey.
(3:50) Our video of an ex-WWE wrestler being manhandled by cops for jaywalking -- we go to Ryan for all the details.
(9:30) Who could pimp Twitter the best right now?
(10:00) Twitter time! Questions about Charlie & Brooke's custody battle ... "Two and Half Men" ... TMZ staffers' Twitter accounts ... and Charlie's Ustream mania.
(15:15) David Arquette's nasty car crash.
(16:15) Charlie fires back at Warner Bros. for firing him -- and Mike reads Charlie's blistering statement ... and explains the "silly shirts" part.
(21:45) Does Charlie Sheen have AstroTurf in his backyard? Mike knows.
(24:00) Is the ex-WWE wrestler incident on a Rodney King level? Not quite.
(25:00) Mark Zuckerberg's new dog -- and it's ADORABLE!
(29:10) Ryan talked his way out of a ticket this morning.


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I would like to know more about Pete and Carol Rose. This is very sad news . What is she going to do and where is Carol going to go now ?
A out of touch friend from long ago, concern

1292 days ago


nice to see someone on the staff is watching Maury in the background

1292 days ago


How does the sale of the jewerly store tape effect the case against Lilo?

1292 days ago

steve getty    

i know whut the warlock does for work!! he is the carhop guy, " car hop cars an warlocks togo!!"

1292 days ago


I know ya shouldn't bad mouth your boss but if he has discontinued your employment when does your freedom of speech stop.
He shows up for work and has completed his end of the contract. Charlie will be paid. It may take awhile but he will be paid through the end of his contract.

1292 days ago


Speaking of Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane. I read the book and what a joke the Warren Commission was. I asked one of my American cousins (I'm Canadian) and she said that everyone pretty much knew it wasn't worth anything.

Was there ever a followup of some sort done? Is it too late to review everything now?

1292 days ago


Glad to hear from Mike again. He knows the most after Harvey!
He's fun!

1292 days ago


All I know is there is plenty to loose with the cancellation of 'Two and Half Men' Devinci, Bahama, Nate Nast are going to decline especially after Charlie's comment. We use to love those shirts LOL

1292 days ago

Chuck Lorre

1292 days ago


You guys ought to stop covering Charlie Sheen now. Obviously the guy's becoming really self-destructive. The fact that mainstream pop-culture is obsessed with his unraveling is rather sickening.

1292 days ago


Just watched Charlie's second ustream ?production?. Does anyone else that has seen it think that Charlie looks a little like a troll near the end when he leans back in his chair with the cap on his head???

1291 days ago


TMZ Cares........ about revenue.

1291 days ago


A Jew and a Black walk into an office........

because, TMZ Cares.......about revenue.

1291 days ago



Are you reading these replies? Are you enjoying the repulsive and hateful posts that YOUR website is allowing/promoting? This is what you do for a living, promoting hate? There are laws against promoting hate speech Harvey. There are also laws against allowing MINORS from accessing a website with adult content without a warning. You do realize this don't you Mr. Levin?

TMZ Cares.......about revenue.

1291 days ago


It is 11:15 Pacific time and you are on now, I thought you were going to be on at 1:30 Pacific time. Which is it?
Please and thank you in advance.

1291 days ago
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