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Warlock Performs 'Magical Intervention' for Sheen

3/7/2011 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen ... YOU'VE BEEN WARLOCK'D!!!!!!!

Self-proclaimed real-life warlock Christian Day and his coven of both male and female witches in Salem, Mass. performed a "magical intervention" for Charlie Sheen a few days ago ... and it's awesome.

Our friends at MyFox Boston were invited in to the ceremony -- and captured all the witchy goodness on tape ... complete with spooky ceremonial items and a summoning chant ... that RHYMED!!

After the intervention, Day declared, "Charlie Sheen is no warlock ... for a warlock is a wise person who understands the ways of the spirit world ... so no truly wise person would betray their own soul the way he has done."


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I am sure there were plenty of drugs to go around - make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom:

1293 days ago


Why is this on TMZ? Seriously stop giving this guy news time.....its not news of any kind.

1293 days ago


'Strong' Warlock's Goddesses Brah! =P

1293 days ago



1293 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

This guy is an Embarassment to ALL true witches and pagans. He needs to STFU!!!!!!!!

1293 days ago


What a embarrassment to all the Wiccans out there. This man is nothing but a person looking for fame and to fit in. He is no means a true Wiccan. Please stop Mr. Day you are doing way more harm then good. We have fought for years apon years for people to take our religion seriously and right now you are causing it to back petal and make us look like a bunch of cookes.

1293 days ago


charlie has the chinese sidekick with the special herbs and the big black dufus for Voodoo spells so charlie is safe.

1293 days ago


This guy is an Embarassment to ALL true witches and pagans. He needs to STFU!!!!!!!!

Posted at 11:30 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by Blood Red Witch

What a embarrassment to all the Wiccans out there. This man is nothing but a person looking for fame and to fit in. He is no means a true Wiccan. Please stop Mr. Day you are doing way more harm then good. We have fought for years apon years for people to take our religion seriously and right now you are causing it to back petal and make us look like a bunch of cookes.

Posted at 11:40 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by Danielle

Thank you, I completely and utterly agree. No true wiccan would would do this for their damn fifteen minutes of fame.

1293 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Lord have mercy on MY soul! AMEN!!!

1293 days ago


Ceremonial items that were made in China and purchased at Hot Topic at the Salem mall.

1293 days ago

angella larsen    

this is the stupedist thing i have ever seen just to let u know the deff. of warlock is a male witch who has BETRAYED his coven idiots i swear it GRRRRRR

1293 days ago

Pagan Woman    

Mr Day is an embarrassment to Wiccans everywhere. No one who honors the Craft would allow it to be exploited in this way, nor would they film a ritual / spellcasting for the sake of personal gain ( which is exactly what this is, Mr Day ). Placing a binding on another person, no matter your intentions, is a dangerous thing and should not be undertaken lightly, nevermind being done on camera in order to cash in on your perceived 15 minutes of fame. If they truly wanted to educate people about Wicca and how offensive throwing around terms such as “Warlock” are, they could have done so in a much better way. Unfortunately, Mr Day and his friends seem unaware that they are being made fun of and that by associating with this sideshow they risk never being taken seriously, no matter what they try to do publicly in the future. They are also furthering the stereotypes that the Pagan Community is trying so hard to educate people about and separate ourselves from. As a sidenote, none of the male counterparts that I personally know use the term “Warlock” to label themselves or their beliefs.

1293 days ago


From Christian's FB page, to all you "it means oath breaker" people:

$1,000 Reward - Read on!
by Christian Day on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 6:59pm

To the various irate commenters on my use of the word Warlock, I did the research on the word and have been for years. My dear friend Raven Grimassi, in particular can speak to the many conversations he and I have had about the word. He knows that I do my homework. Those who suggest I haven't done my homework on the subject either haven't been paying attention or have an ulterior agenda.

If you read the Oxford English Dictionary [OED] etymology of Warlock, there is simply nothing to suggest a betrayer of the coven. Any association with the breaking of oaths would have to be taken into historical context. Going only so far back as 1023 CE, and also being associated with being a devil or being in league with the devil, the oaths broken would have been broken to the church. In this regard, I am an oathbreaker, breaking the oaths of the first commandment. Reading the Malleus Malificarum--The witch hunter's guide, you see a mindset by which women are referred to as prone to Witchcraft, more susceptible. That was indicative of the terrible sexism of the time. So, for a man to practice Witchcraft would have been considered a far more grievous sin.

That said, while OED will not yet accept Vardlokkur as a possible source, it is older than 1023, with the story of the "Warlock Song" contained within the Saga of Erik the Red (Circa 950 - 1003 CE). With so much of the credible historical research on magic emerging after 1963, in fact, in the last two decades really, we have a lot of knowledge that we didn't have then. Icelandic/English dictionaries dating as early as the 1800's define Warlock as the English equivalent of the Nordic Vardlokkur (or spirit summoning song). Historian Stephen A. Mitchell in his 2011 book, "Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages," continues this trend. Oxford English Dictionary is an aggregate of scholarship, but is not necessarily the last word. If it were, it would never change. Either way, whatever the etymology, the OED defines Warlock now as "a man who practices witchcraft; a sorcerer."

As Isaac Bonewits long pointed out, the word Witch was an insult thrown by the Church in the same way that the word "pagan" essentially began as the Roman version of the term "White trash." We have reclaimed these words in spite of their negative associations. Starhawk noted in The Spiral Dance that even with all its negative connotations, women should see the word Witch as a way of reclaiming women's power and that men should see it as a way of finding the divine feminine within. Nobody seems to question that, so I have to wonder what kind of agenda is driving this resentment. Perhaps the same one that kept transgendered females out of a circle at Pantheacon. Frankly, in 1963, Gardnerian Wicca was quite homophobic.

I don't mind people disagreeing with my use of the words. What I resent is those accusing me of not doing my homework when, essentially, they haven't done their homework. The bibliography of my forthcoming book reads like an anthology of the ancient world. There are painfully few books on the modern Witchcraft revival among the bunch. Anyone who says that the word represents a traitor to the coven is taking it from modern Wicca books and, frankly, this isn't homework. Not any that any serious academic would accept as a source, anyway. The very Gardnerian Book of Shadows that most who know it are oathbound not to reveal, I have read, without oath taken, and it says nothing negative about the word Warlock at all. In fact, some versions of the text actually use the word as a form of binding of the initiate to gain the sight. So there is no evidence anywhere that this word represents a traitor to the Craft only traitor to the Church, which I am gladly, and I agree with the Nordic scholars (and most Witchcraft is likely descended from both the Nordic and Celtic people anyway) that Vardlokkur is the original root anyway.

With this in mind, I prefer to put my money where my mouth is. I am offering $1,000 to the first person who can find me source material prior to 1950 that designates the word Warlock as someone who betrays a coven to the Witch hunters, or betrays a coven at all. I'm that interested in the source material for this prior to the Wiccan revival that I'm willing to pay for it.

So everyone has gleefully tittered over their own words excited at what they believe to be their overwhelming knowledge on the subject, but does anyone actually want the cash? Trust me, we can talk business now. I've got the cash if you've got the stash.


1) Source must be prior to 1950.

2) Source must refer to Warlock as a person who betrays a coven to the Witch hunters (or betrays a coven at all). In other words, that must be why they were called a Warlock. A poor Christian who is accused of being a Warlock and then, under torture, "betrays" other Witches (essentially calling out other poor Christians) wouldn't count because that person was called a Warlock before he caved under torture. That, and when women (such as Tituba of Salem) named the names of other "witches," they weren't suddenly called warlocks.

3) You must provide the Source, page number and, if it is not available on Google books, you must provide an actual typed actual citation so I can see if I need to obtain the book somewhere.

4) "oral tradition" and "my grandmother told me" are both disallowed.

Blessings from Salem,

Christian Day
Salem Warlock

1293 days ago

Current 93    

Some warlock Mr. Day is. He should know that you don't heal someone unless they want the healing. That person might have other important lessons (karmic) to learn first.

Sheesh. I hate these commercial frauds. Don't drink the kool-aid

1293 days ago


Here's a Team Sheen shirt that reveals the warlock secret of winning and proves Charlie has tigerblood flowing through his veins.

1293 days ago
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