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Charlie Sheen -- This Is Who I Hate

3/9/2011 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is a man without a job, but he does still have an Internet connection -- so he took to Ustream again, for the first time since he got fired from "Two and a Half Men," to go through all the people he's mad at ... and no one got it worse than Chuck Lorre.



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@JD It doesn't matter, i know today people have a hard time discerning whats an inside joke or parody of something or someone else. especially on the internet. This is just what it is though.

He cementing an image in the public's eye. he committed the worst mistake a celebrity could. an audio video montage of hatred spewing venom towards other actor/directors and an industry giant (CBS)

He should have never went public with this. he did it. not chuck lorres 'vanity cards' if they could have spoke publicly things may have been different.

1288 days ago


Charlie is not acting. There's no advantage to him to put on an act like this. He's fighting for custody of his kids. This kind of so-called acting sabotages that. Not only that it helps to justify and substantiate the reasons CBS fired him.

People who think he's acting are either in denial themselves or they think they're smarter than everyone else.

1288 days ago

Booger McGee    

The last people I recall hearing about making a list of "People Who Have Wronged Me" ended up stuffing a duffel bag full of guns and ammo and headed off to their high school to go down in a blaze of self-delusional "glory" because they'd live forever.

Seriously... hog-tie him, bulldog him on the ground, whatever... just 5150 him before he hurts himself or anyone else. This is when help is really needed.

1288 days ago


It seems the more artistic the mind, the more prone to chemical addictions and certain mental disorders. Consider all the great actors, musicians and even the tech-brilliant, like Howard Hughes -

The wheels comeoffeth the wagon!

That's why I never get pure-bred dogs - Guaranteed to develop tumors, bad hip, diabetes or some other chronic K9 condition!

1288 days ago


If you look at his eyes, you can tell he is reading from cue cards. And the sad part, he thinks he sounds intelligent, and he sounds like a blithering idiot.

1288 days ago


There's a fine line between genius and insanity. This guy is either as crazy as a ****house rat or one brilliant effing actor. However, the PERCEPTION by whomever, may keep him away from his children and I would hope that he choose wisely.

1288 days ago


I refuse to give another of his incoherent, boring rants a hit.

I'm just not that into this whole cluster*uck anymore.

1288 days ago


He's just a postage stamp away from being the unabomber.

1288 days ago


he is winning in that cincinnati reds shirt!!!

1288 days ago


You can say whatever you want about Charlie, but when he was on 2 1/2 Men that show was funny as hell. He's the reason people watch that show AND it's based on his lifestyle which Chuck E. Cheese got the idea from

The fact of the matter is that this show is going to tank without Charlie.

These guys (Charlie, Chuck, Les) should come up with an excuse about how they can't fire Charlie because of a clause in his contract...and simply finish Season 9 with Charlie and end the series.

1288 days ago


I wonder if he'll live long enough to look back at some of these clips and be honestly able to say "Wow, I can't believe I was that messed up."

He's a raving lunatic and, as always, doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. If this is WINNING, I guess I'll have to cast my ballot for the trolls.

Q. Is Charlie smarter than a 5th grader? A. You're ****tin' me, right?

1287 days ago

Shela Thompson    

Hey Charlie,
THE EVIL EMPIRE! Viacom et al., CBS, and anything involving Moonves, Fred Reynolds, Anton etc... are everything you say about them and more. They caught me in a "pump and dump" scheme and ruined my career in New Orleans. I sued them. At the same time, they were being sued by Belo Broadcasting in New Orleans. Viacom et al. entered into a deal in which Belo would purchase the WB affiliate in New Orleans. We all know what happened to the WB. Just prior to due diligence, Viacom et al. whacked me and my salary from the bottom line (I was the Director of Sales), ending my 20+ year career in New Orleans, along with cutting the station to below bare bones regarding staff and expenses, Katrina delayed the sale, and Viacom had to launch the new CW before the sale was complete. Viacom had already made a deal with Tribune be the new CW affiliate, which left Belo with no affiliation, and a shell of a station. They are egomaniacal, ruthless and soulless to say the very least. I believe every dog has their day, and no dog deserves it more than them.

1287 days ago


He sure looks better ... maybe it is all an act.

1287 days ago


Where is Charlie's family and why haven't they done an involuntary commitment away from the cameras and craziness. This guy is slowly dying and people are laughing....His butt kissing losers are aiding his death!By the way winners finish Charlie isn't even out of the gate.

1287 days ago


The fall out from this for charlie is not going to be good. I would not want to be those girls in that house right now just sayin.

1287 days ago
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