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Charlie Sheen -- This Is Who I Hate

3/9/2011 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is a man without a job, but he does still have an Internet connection -- so he took to Ustream again, for the first time since he got fired from "Two and a Half Men," to go through all the people he's mad at ... and no one got it worse than Chuck Lorre.



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Charlie Sheen tells magazine "I'm really starting to lose my mind"

"In what appears to be a 180 degree turn around from his daily proclamations of having “tiger’s blood” and “Adonis DNA,” Charlie Sheen admitted “I’m really starting to lose my mind” in the new issue of “Life & Style.”

The recently fired “Two and a Half Men” star also reveals his desperation to regain custody of his two young twin sons, Bob and Max.

Sheen, who has made four disturbing live web broadcasts from his compound in Sherman Oaks, CA, admits that even his lawyer, Marty Singer, has expressed concern about him.

“My lawyer wants to come over to my house and take the bullets out of my gun," he said.

A party pal of Charlie’s tells the magazine, "It's crazy over here at the house—Charlie's losing it. He's really mad about the show, and dealing with the kids and Brooke is getting to be too much. Charlie is a ticking time bomb, and we all fear he could do something drastic like committing suicide or falling back on hard drugs."

Sheen, who appeared on a Beverly Hills rooftop Monday, brandishing a machete, realizes that his bizarre behavior has many concerned.

"I'm really trying to contain myself right now," he said."

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1291 days ago


All that cash Charlie made and his wardrobe is MLB shirts and hats. It's "FANTASTIC"

1291 days ago


"I'm really starting to lose my mind," says Sheen. "I'm ready to call anyone to help."


Hopefully he will.

1291 days ago


Goodbye charlie you no-talent primadonna. You showed your true self to the world and you lost all but the dumbest of your fans.

The world would be a better place if you would just STFU and stick to what you do best- banging your porn chicks and doing drugs.

1291 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

Sheen sits on a couch in a bowling shirt and cargo shorts with a beer in his hand for 8 seasons and he thinks he's Robert 'Freakin' DeNiro.-Wake up Sheen(hello,hello,anybody home(?)...Didn't think so!)'re the Justin Bieber of actors...a lightweight.-You better watch a Matt Damon movie and see what real acting looks like ,and then take that machete you were wielding on top of that building,down a bottle of vodka,snort a 7 gram rock(you rock star you)...and shave that stubble on your neck.- Buh-bye Troll loser. Winning ? Don't think so...NOT !

1291 days ago


Be about the only thing to save his career is to do a rehab/psychiatric stint. then he could claim most of it was when he wasn't in his right mind. which may be partly true. but it doesn't take a crazy person to say and do some of the stuff he did.

1291 days ago


uh ba ah bu be be be be be thats all folk!

1291 days ago


It occured to me today that I have never really considered Charlie's character on 2.5 Men to be the integral part of the show. I always found the comedy in Jon Cryer's character. I think Charlie owes his fortune to good negotiating skills, whether on his part or his agents, not a good part or his abilities as a comedian.

1291 days ago


I can't even watch this for more than a minute it's so painful....Sheen's falling appart and all everyone can do is watch with anticipation...very sad...

1291 days ago


Great use of a thesaurus, Chuck. Now let's try and make the words form coherent sentences. What a waste.

1291 days ago


EpIC, what's that? EPIC. Dude, what's that? It's EPIC. Dude? What? Your journey. It's Epic Dude. Duh? So, now what? Complete the journey. Do it, epically!!! Dude!! A cliff, would be epic. Into the ocean. EPIC. I wonder if he survived?

1291 days ago


i'm not buying it anymore..... i think he's trying to sell a reality show. you've got the godesses you've got the crazy living situation, you have the business people all laughing around the kitchen table. he got burnt out doing 3 1/2 men and he's on to somthing new. ya he drugging and ya he's drinking but he's also got business up his sleeve... it's just gotten way way out there to be 100% real. daddy sheen would have him locked up somewhere if all you are seeing was real.

1291 days ago


What a ****ing idiot. So that's your manifesto? You clearly read from something that made no sense whatsoever. You are a LOSER and all the people around are more so. I would like you to get better and you looked better than this morning. Get rid of your people and quit being so narcisitic. I don't really want to read that you put a bullet through your head, jumped off a cliff or bridge (hey, but those would be
'epic' events, especially if you survived) or swallowed pills. Here's an idea. Since you like being wreckless and you like machetes, go take your big yacht and sail off of the coast of Somalia and see how epic that is. Maybe you can reason with them.

1291 days ago


Charlie is totally insane. No onw should ever hire him again. He is on his way to suicide.

1291 days ago


I really feel compassion for him and everyone around him
He is obviously on drugs and miserable and angry at the world
I hope he dosnt die
C'mon can get through all this
get rid of the "godessess" and go on a reeeeeally long vacation.

1291 days ago
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