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Charlie Sheen -- This Is Who I Hate

3/9/2011 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is a man without a job, but he does still have an Internet connection -- so he took to Ustream again, for the first time since he got fired from "Two and a Half Men," to go through all the people he's mad at ... and no one got it worse than Chuck Lorre.



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Class A Idiot.

1288 days ago


He is like Keith Olbermann

1288 days ago



1288 days ago


Wow.....if he wrote this prose, i think he's a Genius bent on avenge. He seems to intelligent to be deceived by revenge. Atta boy Charlie. i see no reason why you shouldn't have a number one again, in whatever you chose to accomplish...

Talley ho and Godspeed

1288 days ago

Kenneth Ross    

OK---So you hate ABC and John Cryer and your dad---You did these totally bizzare interviews and now you (the FORMERLY highest paid actor in a series) got fired. Well, congradulations to the Brass at ABC. John, you are just as talented and have been around just about as long. Charlie, maybe its time you drained that 'wild' blood running through your veins and replaced it with some Ramon Esteves (a/k/a Martin Sheen---a talented, politically active, respectable man) blood. Maybe then your FORMER fans will begin (slowly) to respect you again. Enough already---now---GET A JOB (If you can, that is).

1288 days ago


It's good to see he combed his hair and changed his shirt. follow chucklorrefans on twitter.

1288 days ago

Jill Rudusill    

This guy is the troll and the more he runs his mouth the more embarrasing he becomes. He says things about Chuck's family and repeatly mentions cutting childrens throats and you want this sorry little man on your web site? This will hurt you sorely indeed.This guy is not all that intellect he is an actor so he is acting his mentality is apparently average or below average. His family must definately not know what to do w/ this little piss ant and what could they do if they chose to do so? I feel nothing for this little mental challenged piece of **** not even pitty. Charlie has let his ass overload his mouth. I would like to see him challenge to a public request for a random drug test at anytime w/out notice and then let's see if he can pass it. So far he has been in control of this situatiom so lets turn the table on the little troll. I'm sure the only reason we will no longer be hearing his off the wall B.S. is because his advisors have more than likely put a lid on it.I hope he never has un-supervised visitations with any of his small children. He thinks he is the one to be worshiped and in reality he should be denied in any entertainment venue he might try to involve himself.

1288 days ago

Barbara Parker    

I am so happy for the rest of the cast not to even bother with Charlie, they are all so talented, they don't need him.

1288 days ago


If I went on TV and confessed to doing bags of coke and paying prostitutes the police would be raiding my house and I would be in jail ! Shame on our society that lets these hollywood idiots get away with anything they want to do. I or my kids will never watch anything Charlie sheen is in ever again. He is the biggest jerk on the planet. not to mention worst father ever !Enjoy prison life bone head charlie if the authorities ever get a backbone !

1288 days ago


Talk about self-indulgent!

1287 days ago


People like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan and octamom are all over the news because of places like TMZ, have you no shame? in a world so infested with problems maybe you should spend some time on positive people who you can be proud of, people our children can look up to as role models, instead of constantly showing drug addicts and drunks and abusers and rewarding them for their stupidity....Shame... get your priorities straight and stop the smut

1287 days ago

m hagopian    

hey charlie i have been on 3 camera sitcoms for many years none of my family are in the biz sounds like you had a weak crew snivaling you cost them their job what show did they work on before 2 &half men one of your crew worked on the drew carey show i know i worked with him your crew could care less about you and your health all you are is a pay check for them as far as producers they are bottom feeders upms line producers writers directors i hope you win as far as directors michael bay aaron spelling i told him to his face on set on melrose place at santa clarita studios in front of the whole crew what i thought about him needless to say i didnt have a call time the next day the day after i was back to work no problem winning still winning i have been in the biz over 25 years enough to many young bean counters ruined it good luck wished i worked on your crew i live in so cal my mailman delevers my mail on a snowmobile i know you get it gots to go pablo calling

1286 days ago
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