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Charlie Sheen -- This Is Who I Hate

3/9/2011 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is a man without a job, but he does still have an Internet connection -- so he took to Ustream again, for the first time since he got fired from "Two and a Half Men," to go through all the people he's mad at ... and no one got it worse than Chuck Lorre.



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jOhNNy bOttLeS    

For retards who think he "just took a shower" its called lighting. Get a friggen clue, would ya? You people still eat this sh*t up. You're boring and thats whats wrong with you.

1303 days ago


TMZ, you are reportedly owned by warner bros. have they ordered you to hound sheen to death?

1303 days ago


The sad part is I think this was his attempt to look sane and together after last night's video. He even used cue cards to try to stay on track.

1303 days ago


Sheen can hate and bad mouth whoever he wants. They got tired of his crap and Sheen's threats and temper no long cut it. #1 TV show or not. They had enough. Sheen backfired on himself.

Sheen's pissed off because they don't care.

Without me there is no show....

Farrah Fawcett
Suzanne Sommers
Shelly Long
Valerie Harper
Roseanne Barr
Brett Butler
David Caruso to name a few.

They all pulled the same crap and went no where.

1303 days ago


Charlie's clearly psychotic with his continual public ramblings.Since he's expressing thoughts of violence & now a list of those he hates,why hasn't a 5150 hold been carried out.Attention, will ANY police dept. PLEASE pick up Mr. Sheen.

1303 days ago


Hey Carlos, do us all a favor and stfu!

1303 days ago


Absolutely Brilliant! Charlie Sheen Winning!

1303 days ago


He's so delusional, warlock that talks in the 80's lingo. SNL nailed a parody of him

1303 days ago


Sorry Charlie, you are the troll.

1303 days ago

Larry Byrnes    

Posted by NWOwatchdog 8 March 2011 10:00 PM
“Charlie Sheen has challenged the Gods of the New World Order and now gained an international stage.
Good for him!
IF he uses this to help unravel the existing police state he will be a total hero and will be owed gratitude by all mankind.
If he suc***bs to the pressure from the psycho pharmaceutical cartel, the banking cartel and their controlled media to further indulge in drugs he will have blown the hero opportunity.
I am betting he wins!
Go Charlie - use your "bully pulpit" to champion Human Rights - particularly the US Constitution Bill of Rights!
"Red Dawn" takes early losses in the USA!!!!!”

1303 days ago


His last webcast because he wants to end it one a "high note" (no pun intended) after having really made a fool of himself in his previous one? The teleprompter and the eyeglasses were a nice touch,albeit a very amateurish and transparent one, but had he really wanted to save himself some embarrassment he would have had someone other than his sycophants proofread his speech.

1303 days ago


He looks better like he finally slept and took a shower. His voice sounds better too, like he's not tired as before he voice was really raspy.

1303 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

Obviously they want him dead. Thats why he's saying everything he can, every time he has the paltform. I just wish he wasnt speaking so "Kirk Cobainy" because the normal d-bag cant understand that stuff. Even though we do. The Poetic always see eye to eye. He should speak more like "Rocksire" straight to the MoFuggin point.

1303 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

This is who I hate ?'re a 45 y/o father of 5 kids...not an 8 y/o at grade school. Grow up you idiot, and take responsibility for your f*ck ups,and quit being one. Also cut the crap with the tigers blood,rock star,warlock garbage. All you are is Leif Garrett with a little money.Go watch a Matt Damon movie and see how it's done.

1303 days ago


This video has something very interesting.... watch it again. Look at his eyes. Without a doubt, he is reading a teleprompter. Pre-written, by who?

1303 days ago
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