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Charlie Sheen -- This Is Who I Hate

3/9/2011 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is a man without a job, but he does still have an Internet connection -- so he took to Ustream again, for the first time since he got fired from "Two and a Half Men," to go through all the people he's mad at ... and no one got it worse than Chuck Lorre.



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OMGoodness!!! What's wrong with that dude!!! He needs to be somewhere with padded walls, and I hope his family members are keeping a eye on him, he is standing right at the edge....GET HIM SOME HELP!!!! I Don't think he even understands that nonsense that he is babbling!

1322 days ago


He's just like a mad dog now, who should be put out of his misery before he kills someone.

You are no longer funny, Charlie, no longer entertaining; You are no longer lovable or newsworthy, no longer deserving of sympathy. You are just one UGLY, DANGEROUS, PSYCHO, beyond anyone's understanding and beyond help.

If I had a dog like that I wouldn't need a torpedo, just one single, little well-placed bullet.

1322 days ago


Are you kidding me. He is a lost soul..He has lost all reality.....Any respect many had for him it's gone!!! He has the life many could only dream about having. He only cares about himself and only himself!!! Sorry Charlie lay off the drugs and the whores....Sweetie!!

1322 days ago


At one point I expected him to raise a pistol into view and blow his head off,I tuned in live and there was a whole intro of movie clips from 'apocalypse Now' the I love the smell of napalm scene mixed with the Tom Cruise "you can't handle the truth" and a few others but,it was gone (I think)when I went back to ustream did I imagine that??

1322 days ago

ana lomba    

i guess i lost my earlier email. but anyway, charlie, all needs to be said is that you are winning. winning. warming...up...or shall we say '' trolling worming...."

1322 days ago

ana lomba    

passion! passover! past over? today is fat-tuesday. the future awaits. charlie: what's the difference between a plantation master and a corporate master? i tell u: in a plantation, the slaves find their master hiding amid corn s-talks but in the corporation the master is simply "hiding"...
stay strong and true to you!

1322 days ago



1322 days ago


Charlie is a bright guy but I am fairly certain this isn't some strategic game.

Anyone else?

1322 days ago


well at least today he appears to have showered, shaved (applied some make up), and put on some clean clothes and brushed his hair. IT IS A START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1322 days ago


Charlie needs help!

Team Lorre!

1322 days ago


I am sure Charlie profits from the reruns too so I am not about his little game.

I am not sure if Nike sponsored this or not, if so I wont buy another pair.

Why are people still enabling him? Selling their souls can't be worth it.

1322 days ago


Charlie, the show made me laugh on days when I didn't think I had a laugh in me. Now let me return a favor. See a doctor. It's totally confidential, and no one will judge you. If they want you to stay in the hospital a few days, what's the problem with that, while they run some tests and see if you are OK. Trust someone who knows a healing trade.

1322 days ago


Enough is enough and THIS...THIS is enough. I am now to the point I was with Britney Spears with all of her news. When the media was hounding her and her life was clearly going off the tracks I watching thinking it was a mistake and she would get back in the groove, but she didn't at least not right away. She continued and the media was along for the ride every step. She couldn't even cry alone. I remember watching a video of her sobbing outside her gate and the media still wouldn't lay down the camera and just help her. I have finally realized my role I play in these self destructive cases. I want to know more, so the media pushes harder until we no longer care then they will quit. Well...I have stopped caring about Charlie Sheen! He has lost it. You can follow him and claim to understand his madness or you can just stop allowing these stars to slowly die in front you! I mean we are all to blame for allowing this obsession to continue! I can't watch anymore, or read anymore about it. Mike Starr died today...but we are hearing about Charlie WINNING. TMZ if you had any decency you would let Charlie get his attention elsewhere. Don't be Perez and report all this senseless BS, be TMZ the one I used to turn to in order to get the reliable news. LISTEN to your fans TMZ before you end up another GOSSIP SITE!

1322 days ago


@Christy: "Good to see he at least washed his nasty hair, changed his blue shirt and put in his good teeth. Looking up!!

Posted at 8:17 PM on Mar 8, 2011 by Christy"

He didn't wash his hair. He wears a toupee, a wig. Duh! Winning!

1322 days ago


Charlie isn't acting...I think he really believes all those twitter followers are on his side rather than people just getting a better look at the crash site. If there are real fans left, I'd watch my back around them. This guy really reminds me of Charlie Manson and his live-in "goddesses" are playing the role of the "family". (Where are their families?) Charlie makes Manson look almost sane.

I have to wonder if CS was ever involved in the occult--he seems to be loaded with demons. His speech is laced with violent metaphors and thinly veiled threats and he seems to be obsessing about cutting off heads, faces, etc., and including doing it in front of witnesses.

Charlie seems to get off on humiliating and overpowering people, especially women and he's condescending to the public in general. I would like to know how any rational person could be a fan of CS....surely I can't think of one thing about him that would make someone aspire to follow in his footsteps. He's not entertaining--he's just pathetic.

I hope the judge keeps Charlie away from his kids until he is evaluated and treated.

1322 days ago
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