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Sheen's Korner -- The Disturbing New Rant

3/8/2011 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His hair was a mess ... he couldn't sit still ... his rantings were more maniacal than ever ... but still, Charlie Sheen got in front of his webcam for a very disturbing edition of Sheen's Korner last night.

When he wasn't burying his head in his arms ... or chain-smoking away ... Charlie once again lashed out against the "trolls" ... this time, blaming them for bad telephone service.

Bottom line -- this isn't fun to watch. It's disturbing.


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I see a 51/50 in his future.

1293 days ago


Charlie will be dead in a couple of months if he keeps this up.

1293 days ago


Chuckles "The Shining" Sheen

1293 days ago


@104 you nailed it. Parodying himself so he can cover all his past behavior. "If I act crazy, and then say I was playing a part, no one will be able to prove that I'm really crazy."

1293 days ago


Perhaps it has been said before, but could all this just be Performance Art?

Surely no one this meshugener is running around loose, or could they?

1293 days ago



We agree, still not making good case for himself.
I thought Dr.Drew on VH1 last night was talking directly to me (not in a Charlie way), just that I agreed 100%

1293 days ago


Has any one ever seen a troll? I mean I had a little troll when I was a kid and it looked like Charlie. He looks and acts like an old troll!

1293 days ago


And the moneysucking enabling fake on the telephone? Unbelievable.

1293 days ago




I already explained my "fake" comment. I believe this video is a fake to back up his ROL statements:

“It’s a character in a piece of fiction”

What he plans to tell the judge about his videos in his custody hearing.

Posted at 7:17 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by the artist formerly known as hand turkey

AHHHH...didn't read the later post...fact is? I don't think that will be his defense, can't be...even a child could look at these "shows" and ask "Who's the crazy guy?".

Posted at 7:23 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by Lori

i think he's faking too.

1293 days ago


Can someone explain something to me...

What happened to his face? His skin is that of an old man. Is that what cocaine does to a person? Or is it because he lost 20 pounds over Christmas break?

1293 days ago


Charlie's right. He's winning. The rest of us are struggling to feed our families and keep the lights on. We'll never have a silver spoon and are grateful if we're given a spork. The thing is however, that pointing out that 99% of us are poor is only an epiphany to YOU, Charlie. But thanks though for noticing. Sorry I'm losing because I can't afford the same things for my kids that you can.

Posted at 7:20 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by FosterBoys

You are right, too. I form my opinion based on if he is indeed a lost sole, or just playing his solo show. If it's the latter, Charlie, you should do some charity for poor kids or even adults, there are so much more and noble things you could do better with your money.

1293 days ago


So sad to see such a once-vibrant good looking young man spiral into a gaunt rambling egotistical maniac. He had such a great future ahead he is sabotaging everything, his family, his future career, and more importantly his very life. We are seeing a slow death, and it is hard to watch. I think his enablers are on the money wagon and don't want to get off, so they are 'yes people' so he won't get rid of them.

His poor little children won't have a dad who can be in a healthy relationship with them after all this, if ever. He has fried his brain with years of too many drugs, and we are seeing the effects of that in front of our eyes.

I only hope he doesn't do harm to someone else along with himself. His family and so called friends need to come together in masse and do an intervention of a monumental proportion and get him into a facility, like YESTERDAY! He does have some intelligence, but he has a distorted view of the world right now, and the grandiosity is only one of the symptoms of his manic down spiral.

He says he is a winner, and likes that he has been axed from the show because that means he will own Warner Bros..becoming Charlie's Bros....he is his own worst enemy right now. All this video stuff and appearances are just fodder/fuel for proof that he is mentally ill with a drug damaged brain.

BTY, I really did used to like Charlie Sheen in his movies and show...but not THIS Charlie Sheen we see now.

1293 days ago


Wow. This isn't funny anymore. It's sad to see what's happening to him. He looks like he's dying. This guy needs help.

I hope his family is getting doing something to have him put in the hospital. And when I say family I DON'T mean the almost ex-wife. To be with Charlie, she has to be as sick as he is.

1293 days ago


#33 (Kim), I say YES - call the cops. He's made threats via the internet, and as seen on 'Intervention', you CAN be arrested for that. I wouldn't trust him NOT to do something violent - he's only threatened to do so a million times already - to his bosses, CBS, Chuck Lorre, and the list goes on. If backed into a corner, who knows how far he would go.

artist formerly known as hand turkey- I dunno. If it IS fake, he's not indicating any evidence as to what parts are or aren't. He's never been THIS great or believable an actor. I've never heard of actors being able to profusely sweat by willing themselves to do so. I don't think a judge would trust that he's merely 'acting', and if he was sincere about getting custody of his kids, he'd cool it. Notice how he's stopped asking the media over to do daily drug tests on him? At this point, he needs a hair follicle test (& keep 'em coming), and if I were his baby-mommas, that's what I'd ask for.

1293 days ago


And the moneysucking enabling fake on the telephone? Unbelievable.

Posted at 7:26 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by Shaz

there's no difference between the moneysucking enabling fake on the telephone and marty sheen who said charlie is just fine on february 23. he makes excuses for this pos instead of beating his ass.

1293 days ago
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