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Sheen's Korner -- The Disturbing New Rant

3/8/2011 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His hair was a mess ... he couldn't sit still ... his rantings were more maniacal than ever ... but still, Charlie Sheen got in front of his webcam for a very disturbing edition of Sheen's Korner last night.

When he wasn't burying his head in his arms ... or chain-smoking away ... Charlie once again lashed out against the "trolls" ... this time, blaming them for bad telephone service.

Bottom line -- this isn't fun to watch. It's disturbing.


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not funny. wow.

1288 days ago


IF he ever gets clean and sober again and comes to out of the drug fueled haze, he will look back at these videos in shame. He using and its a matter of time before he has a big blow out at home or some hotel.

1288 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sheen family, PLEASE use the machete video to get a 5150 on him.

1288 days ago



Even if he stays clean, I don' think he will ever be 'normal'.

My concern is with his children and extended family- and those who truly love him.

Has anyone seen the "Goddess" who left then reportedly returned?

I have a feeling that something is going to happen on Friday.

1288 days ago


This is a classic example of how cocaine addicts behave after long term use. It is a form of mental illness but it is drug induced. My first husband had all of these symptoms, the grandiosity and violence that looked like insanity. He has been clean for 15 years and the "mental illness" cleared up after about 1 year of sobriety. DRUG INDUCED PSYCHOSIS.

1288 days ago

A. Conda    

Poor little Charlie! He is finally having to face reality.

He's had, what 3 marriages and how many children? Those expenses, together with the cost of living in that house of his, he knows he's in big financial trouble. Not the big man on compus anymore. If he had other big career opportunities, he wouldn't need to act up so much. We get it, you are hurting. Does anyone in tv or movieland really want to be seen with him right now? What a mess!

1288 days ago


If that guy were a farm dog, he'd have been shot and buried in the back yard already.

1288 days ago


Okay after taking all of this in...We ALL owe Tom Cruise an apology.

1288 days ago

Cheryl A.    

WOW-- He seems manic to the max. I don't know when the "depressive" is gonna kick in but it's gonna be bad. PLEASE take the lithium Charlie, it will stablize you because even if YOU don't know it, you're nuts.

1288 days ago


I couldn't even watch all of that mess...he appears to be aging before our eyes, he looked like crap..and I see hes still in his manic stage..wouldn't want to be around him when he comes down to earth...

1288 days ago


Looking and sounding more and more like Charles Manson every day.

1288 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

Charlie ~ look in the mirror, see what the drugs have done to your face (and your brain). I hope you get your body back in shape, I have always loved you... great luck.

Staceyann C. Dolenti

1288 days ago


This is so sad that every one around him is out for themselves, they don't care about Charlie, slimey low life leaches hanging on to what ever they can get. That old man that hangs on Charile is so disgusting. So sad, feel for his kids.

1288 days ago


"Bottom line -- this isn't fun to watch. It's disturbing."

Ya Think?

And #1 NOT A FAKE! The dude is insane, you can't get more crazy than CHUCKLES even if you went out to skid row. The guy is rambling just like the Schitzo's who won't go for help and would rather live on the street then go into a shelter...YEA, he's that nuts.

1288 days ago


It's soo sad..
He needs help ASAP.
How people can laugh at this?!
How can you post this?
Why would you do this?
Enough is enough !!

1288 days ago
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