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Sheen's Korner -- The Disturbing New Rant

3/8/2011 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His hair was a mess ... he couldn't sit still ... his rantings were more maniacal than ever ... but still, Charlie Sheen got in front of his webcam for a very disturbing edition of Sheen's Korner last night.

When he wasn't burying his head in his arms ... or chain-smoking away ... Charlie once again lashed out against the "trolls" ... this time, blaming them for bad telephone service.

Bottom line -- this isn't fun to watch. It's disturbing.


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So sad. Not winning. Doesn't California have a Baker Act? There has to be something someone can do to get him the help he so clearly needs. Mental health issues are not funny, he clearly needs help and doesn't even realize it. Someone please help him.

1289 days ago


WOW.....Charlie you just need to shut up for a while! Look at all you lost in the last 2 weeks, I dont see any WINNING just a whole lot of uncontroled Losing!

1289 days ago


Charlie's an immature jack***!! Psycho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Completely psycho!!!

1289 days ago


Then why post it? The media is part of the reason he's like this and when he finally dies, part of the blame for it can be places on you guys. He should be left alone, then maybe he could actually get the help he needs. Everyone knows he's an addict and it's obvious that he's mentally ill. People like that do not need to be rewarded with constant attention, in their sick heads, it makes them think what they're doing is right, that people like them, & that they need to keep it up. The constant reporting on what he's doing is sickening. Take the high road people, let him be.

1289 days ago


He's faking it now, you gullible people

1289 days ago


All of you people saying he should "die" should be ashamed of yourselves!! If someone you loved where having a breakdown, as Chalie is, would you tell them to die? Have some compassion! This is not funny at's not's watching someone who badly needs help. What pisses me off is all of the "enablers" around him...His lawyer, knowing he won't win against CBS, but taking Charlie's money anyway. The two whores living with him, will end up writing a book for money, the guy on the phone "Bob" who is appeasing Charlie by laughing with him...All money hungry leeches...Dear God..can't SOMEONE step in and help this man?

Posted at 7:12 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by lexxi

Thank you lexxi for having empathy for a lost human being. If Charlie is true and not just fooling around and laughing at all who is "analyzing" him now, he does need help and compassion.

You can not win from a huge corporation, no way, even with his money. Corporation are immune by default. It's a matter of national security.

1289 days ago




I already explained my "fake" comment. I believe this video is a fake to back up his ROL statements:

“It’s a character in a piece of fiction”

What he plans to tell the judge about his videos in his custody hearing.

Posted at 7:17 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by the artist formerly known as hand turkey

AHHHH...didn't read the later post...fact is? I don't think that will be his defense, can't be...even a child could look at these "shows" and ask "Who's the crazy guy?".

1289 days ago


Charlie, we know we're trolls. But please don't make us look up your nose on your web casts. We don't want to know.

1289 days ago


He needs help. There is no judge that would give the man in this video unsupervised visitation with his kids. Let's hope he gets help before an RIP.

1289 days ago


Chuckles the clown fell down and broke his crown.

All the kings whores, and all the Queens trannies, couldnt put poor Chuckles back together, he lost his fanny.

1289 days ago


Having kids is a crap shoot. Some turn out good and some will put you in your grave. It's unfortunate that Charlie's mother didn't opt for an abortion.

1289 days ago


Um. Wow.

1289 days ago

Davey Boy    

Dude doesn't need rehab, he needs an exorcist.

1289 days ago


He is partly acting, but he is also under a lot of strain right now.
He's a human being, he is fighting a lot of angles, he's just out there showing it.

Who knows, he might get out of it and turn it around if that is what he wants.......

1289 days ago


This is a sad man unravelling infront of our eyes. People are saying, "why doesn't his family step in", I'm not familiar with California law but where I live you can not make a grown Independent Adult check into ANYTHING unless you have a conservatorship over them/power of attorney. It sounds cliche but it's true: You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves, and Charlie has proven and said time and time again he doesn't NEED help, so until he realizes that he does we will all continue to watch him spiral downward. I hope he realizes he needs help before it's too late.

1289 days ago
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