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Evelyn Lozada

I'm QUITTING 'Basketball Wives'

3/8/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada claims she was stabbed in the back by producers and wants to leave the show for good ... TMZ has learned.   

Evelyn Lozada Quits Basketball Wives
Sources close to the reality star tell us ... Evelyn feels producers violated her trust by allegedly divulging sensitive information about an illicit relationship she had in the past.

We're told Evelyn believes producers leaked the information to a female cast member in an effort to incite a violent confrontation between the two women on the show. 

We're told Evelyn feels completely betrayed and even fired off an email to producers last night ... saying she wants to leave the show for good.

So far, no official comment from Evelyn.


No Avatar


Omg I'm evelin lozado I am like so popular now!! omg like omg i dont even need this show anymore like Omg...

1221 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What. I could have sworn I sat there and saw her tell Tami she has slept with her husband with my own two ears. How is that leaking it?

1221 days ago


You f--ked the show up anyway.

1221 days ago


LOL soooo Evelyn wants to finally cut those puppet strings Shaunie has been holding SNIP SNIP! These women are all being fooled and controlled by her and they are all nasty vicious women that deserve their own bad karma!

1221 days ago


See ya, no talent, coat-tail-riding, beotch!

1221 days ago


Evelyn, moron. You get paid for this. It's produced and staged, just like all the other so called Reality shows.

1221 days ago


Are you people insane?

She is a 'star'? Since when are reality tv morons stars? She has 'no talent' is what one of you said, her 'role' in the show?

Excuse me? Isn't this kind of talk reserved for actual actors and actresses? Did I not get the memo?

Reality tv sausages are not talented, THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE! Kim K.? Hello, their job is to be as big of a attention grabbing moron as the next guy. So, folks like yourselves will talk smack and thus generate ratings. is working, clearly. Reality tv do the people whom choose to put their lives out there for the likes of us to endure, puke. JUST the commericals are enough to make me sick.

You people take these shows WAY too seriously. TV is truly in the toilet now.

1221 days ago


Evelyn is just a fake ass trick who needed her butt whiped. How can 6you look at someone and smile in thief face and then tell them that you F%$#& their husband and then call you a non MuthaF%$#&%@ factor...I'll tell you how.... WHORE! She broke OchoCinco off and all he did was talk to her on the phone....WOW!
Chad don't marry her save your money and just take care of her til your done and then marry a real and decent woman who will teach your future daughters how to be a REAL WOMAN.A divorce from her could be pretty costly!!!!

1221 days ago


why would you want to marry someone everyone has had and can't be trusted

1221 days ago


Oh, incited violence! Funny, you didn't say that when you were throwing water and backing people with cups. What goes around comes around, snake!

1221 days ago

So What    

Reality shows are the biggest waste of peoples time. really how fu--ing dumb do you have to be. I bet you can not even read.

1221 days ago


who cares????????

1221 days ago


Good Riddens! Shows need controversy not straight out skanks for ratings. See ya Evelyn! And step away from Jennifer. You are a bad influence on her. You want her to leave her husband so she can start trickin like you. Don't do it Jen!!!!

1221 days ago


First of all, it was Jennifer Birthday dinner and Evelyn confided in Shaunie and Jennifer about Kenny. It was Shaunie (a producer) who told Evelyn that she should go outside and talk to Tami. I feel there is a time and place for everything and that those ladies were drinking shots and celebrating Jennifer's birthday (wrong time & place). Although Evelyn was wrong she was thrown under the bus by Shaunie.

1221 days ago


This is the sorriest show on air. They all look like men,Only one is really married aren't they? And OCHO won't be with this one long enough because i think if anyone has a V JAY JAY it's him. Take it off the air already!!!!!!!

1221 days ago
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