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Evelyn Lozada

I'm QUITTING 'Basketball Wives'

3/8/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada claims she was stabbed in the back by producers and wants to leave the show for good ... TMZ has learned.   

Evelyn Lozada Quits Basketball Wives
Sources close to the reality star tell us ... Evelyn feels producers violated her trust by allegedly divulging sensitive information about an illicit relationship she had in the past.

We're told Evelyn believes producers leaked the information to a female cast member in an effort to incite a violent confrontation between the two women on the show. 

We're told Evelyn feels completely betrayed and even fired off an email to producers last night ... saying she wants to leave the show for good.

So far, no official comment from Evelyn.


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Evelyn is absolutely vile. She has no class whatsoever. Tami has every right to be upset with her... what a piece of trash she is!!! Why didn't Ev tell Tami about it when she found out who Tami's husband had been? What's the delay about? B/c she's a sneaky, conniving trick, that's why!! It's so unfortunate that there are ppl who pretend to be a "friend" and meanwhile they are fooling around with your significant other... while your still with him as well. Tricks!!! Good riddance!! AND Note to Shaunie... how would you feel if you had just found out that Evelyn had slept with your ex, Shaq, while you were married to him and she had kept it a secret all this time during your "friendship?" Not cute, right?? Trying wearing Tami's shoes for a hot minute. What some producers (Shaunie) will do for ratings... even when it crushes ppl... Ughh!!

1290 days ago


They aren't even wives. They are basketball ho's and baby mama's. She shouldn't screw married men. I haven't seen the episode in full yet but hopefully she got what she had coming to her. She is a triflin' skank! HA HA!

1290 days ago


They should've let tammy whipped evelyn A**. Don't think tammy was mad cuz she F**K hr ex husband but for not sayin anything frm the jump and making her look bad after pouring her heart out to them about how she admired evelyn n all.....

1290 days ago


Has she even been off her back long enough to catch a knife??????

1290 days ago


Evelyn is a nasty gold digging cold blooded b i t c h...I for one will really watch it now that her back stabbing, self entitled stuck up w h o r e ass is off the show. Royce is dull as dirt, and Jennifer needs to be a real woman not a pupper for Evilyn...only Jennifer was married to a baller, and he was retired at that. They need to bring this show more current and have real players with real wives on this not ex-dancers, ex-fiancees, and ex-wives of ballers...this shows title is deceptive and the women are just straight up b y a t c h e s...but I remember Tami from Real World and she is ghetto as they come, but cracks me up with her drunk a s s .

1290 days ago


There should be a reality or reporting show about the stench in the producers' lives, the executives of the media, movie and television..the real ones in power. The agents, publicists with their dirty dealings, gossip sites owners paid off to write positive stories or worse, to destroy others. Journalism these days is gone, "news" is reported to distract from the truth or to cover someone's dirt.

What from Boys' Town?

1290 days ago

Derin Fenner    

Who the hell cares??

1290 days ago



LOL...Who gives a crap??

1290 days ago


DANG TMZ...WHY censor the word I typed in my comment #55: S H A T T E R I N G?? Strange.

1290 days ago


Ahhh.... Who? .... I mean how devastating!

da Truth is out there & so am I.

1290 days ago


Evelyn presents herself as a whore why is anyone surprised !!!! Evelyn is a nba trick who would want that a** that every tom, **** and chinco has had .

1290 days ago


I'm not a fan of BB Wives or Tami Roman (I remember her from The Real World), but I totally get where she's coming from. Evelyn knew he was married. She didn't want to hear it because she was busy trying to get whatever she could, but she knew.
Evelyn is a groupie. Sure she's wrapped in a pretty package-great makeup and pretty clothes- but at the end of the day, she's just another groupie/jumpoff. She'll never leave the show- it's providing her with men and attention, she won't give that up.

1290 days ago


This is such a coincidence because I was just watching a video of her getting her ass almost beat by Tami on "Basketball Wives". Plus, this low-class, worthless piece of **** isn't even a "wife", she's a jump-off, whore, and groupie. I think that sums it up....

1290 days ago


Bye Bye Bitch....u won't be missed! Your evil and ya need to go!

1290 days ago

Maya Lozada    

Just a ploy to get more money how much you wanna bet. These jump offs have learned the trick of the trade

1290 days ago
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