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Evelyn Lozada

I'm QUITTING 'Basketball Wives'

3/8/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada claims she was stabbed in the back by producers and wants to leave the show for good ... TMZ has learned.   

Evelyn Lozada Quits Basketball Wives
Sources close to the reality star tell us ... Evelyn feels producers violated her trust by allegedly divulging sensitive information about an illicit relationship she had in the past.

We're told Evelyn believes producers leaked the information to a female cast member in an effort to incite a violent confrontation between the two women on the show. 

We're told Evelyn feels completely betrayed and even fired off an email to producers last night ... saying she wants to leave the show for good.

So far, no official comment from Evelyn.


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1327 days ago


I really feel bad for Tami, here she had 2 childrend by this poor excuse for a man and father, he cheated on her and then when the divorse was final she had to go on welfare to support her kids. She could have done like that gold digging slut Evelyn, looking for men of means to pay for sleeping with her, but she choose not to. I noticed the look of hurt and betrayel on Shaunie's face. Evelyn could have told her before Tami came on the show about her sleazy behind sleeping with Tami's husband and this confrontation could have been avoided. Also Jen is some helava friend, she said that she knew about it, but it was not her place to say anything. I have one thing to say about Jennifer, she's a follower and needs to be told what to do, she needs to start being for real, and stop trying to immitate this trash Evelyn. If we saw how many times she backed down each time Eric begged her to file the papers, imagine how much begging and crying she did when the camera's were off. Royce has turned out to be more of a lady with integrity than the both of them and if Shaunie doesn't distance herself from Evelyn, she's going to be labeled. You know the saying "show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are". Evelyn put Shaunie in a position that forces her to pick a side, and if she goes along with what Evelyn did and turn her back on Tami, than that speaks volumes about her. She needs to watch that tramp because the next secret will be that she slept with Shaq. One other thing what about Evelyn's concern regarding her daughter hearing of all of the men especially married men she's slept with? Now that, I believe is a "non factor", because it's pretty obvious that she raising and teaching her the tricks of the trade. Like mother like daughter. Yeah I said it, now she can come and throw water in my face if she wants. I will beat that low rent behind like Ike used to give it to Tina.

1327 days ago


She's a SKANK who slept with a married man! She's a golddigger who opens her legs to any athlete and at this moment is PLAYING i mean engaged to Chad Ochocinco!!! Who would ask a prostitute to marry them?!

1327 days ago


PLEASE, PLEASE leave the show you ugly-azz, gold-digging, ghetto, trash, std-ridden, nasty, hoe trick! Evelyn slept her way through the NBA and is now trying to do it through the NFL. She is a dirty trick who cried about how she was cheated on but yet thinks it's ok when she does it to someone else. She's just mad because she seems to think she is something special and the producers showed her in her true, nasty skank self and she got her azz beat for it. She sleeps w/ married men, she leaks her own naked pics, and she goes on a show and like the trick she is does Ocho Cinco their 1st date after whining about groupies! Fake-azz dirty slut!

1327 days ago

keeping it real    

Get rid of the Jump off! She can quit she's got that stupid fool Ocho Cinco wrapped around her finger.
If he really has got what the women want, Nice and Thick like he says. He wouldn't have to buy buying females things.

I'm glad there getting rid of this Gold digger! She talks smack about all these other groupies. Seem it turns out she was one all along! LOL

Trashy HOE

1327 days ago


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1327 days ago


Thank goodness. This woman is ghetto. She needs a reality check. Next get rid of the giraffe neck woman (Jennifer) and then that disgusting Tammi.

1327 days ago


Evelyn needs to take her manly looking self somewhere and sit down. How is she going to be mad at the show? She made herself look bad with her ignorant behavior from day one. She is obviously hood and proof positive that money does not even RENT class, let alone buy it. Ms. Lozada should be quiet or better yet, go dig for some gold. That's all she's good at anyway and the Ochocinco gravy train will come to a halt soon. She isn't even fine and Ocho likes GORGEOUS women. Evelyn looks like a man and withour her lacefront, she's awful. If Toine didn't wife her after 10 years, no one will. But she shouldn't be mad. If worse comes to worse, she can move to Vegas and headline a GOOD ass Tranny show. Plus, she's a basketball groupie, not wife - so she should leave the show. Good-bye.

1327 days ago


Who said she is talking about Tami? They filmed that stuff last year. Since Evelyn didn't name names, how do we know that she is not referring to something current? Like maybe Eric Williams or Shaq? Remember, Shaunie is only ONE of the producers of the show. Then again, this could be all for show, as Evelyn and Tami are currently friends (I sometimes follow them on Twitter).

1327 days ago


I remember Tami from Real World and when she married Kenny it was all over the news...."Great come up". So Tami was right in saying EVERYBODY knew Kenny was married.

1327 days ago


Is this some sort of rule in Hoedum that if you don't know the wife its okay to do her man? If she leave the show it will be because Jenifer and Shaunice are going to start thinking,if this hoe was tricking with players whose wives she didn't know, then hey, I didn't know her then either. Is my man on her had him list? Jen's husband made a reference in one episode "so you think evelyn is your friend. She is not your friend." What did he mean by that? He knew she was a hoe. The question is did he hit it? Did Shaq hit it? Come on Kobe, when you were snitching on Shaq, is evelyn the one you were talking about?

1327 days ago


If Evelyn is leaving because of the leaked info., I would be surprized! I think she's leaving to marry Ochocinco, or so she thinks! Also, to Jen, the word is 'atheletes", not 'afletes'! Tami should be upset,Evelyn should have taken her aside and told her about her dating Kenny. Evelyn knew knew the truth was going to come out! Susie is right to avoid them like the plague!

1327 days ago


#77, good point!

1327 days ago


You guys are going to hate this but the hoe Evelyn is the star of the show. If she does a show with Ocho, you'll watch. If she decides to stay on BBW, you'll watch. She is the draw.

1327 days ago


Good riddances Bitch, Tami whipped your sorry azz. You are the worst kind of slut out there, laugh in your face while knowing you boned her man. You and Jen deserve each other. *uck both you whores.

1327 days ago
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