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Lohan to Sue Jewelry Store Over Surveillance Tape

3/8/2011 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is preparing to sue Kamofie & Company jewelry store -- claiming they had no right  to cash in  from the sale of the infamous surveillance tape ... because Lindsay never gave them the right to use her image for profit ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Tape

Sources connected to the surveillance video tell TMZ ... Kamofie sold the rights to distribute the tape to the Associated Press for at least $40k. The AP has since struck a deal with "Entertainment Tonight" in which the show got exclusive rights to air the tape for one week.

We're told Lohan met with her lawyers today ... no word on when she plans to file the lawsuit.

UPDATE: A rep for Kamofie tells us, "We regret to hear there is trepidation by Miss Lohan in connection with the video. "

The statement continues, "We hope that everyone understands that this is beyond our control, the flood of the requests to see this video were simply too overwhelming.  It was truly necessary to put it out."



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She's a Lohan/Sullivan
All three of her Uncles are addicts, her Uncle Chris who just passed away died cuz he was a heavy Herion user all his life

Her Mother the enabler is a addict as well Coke n Adderal), and so is her father

Every time Lindsay is in court they have her all doped up!

She used while at Betty Ford as well

Plus theres no more Gym, Meetings, Drug testing and we all know Lindsay L<3ves her drugs and she hangs out with people who drink and party
Right Victoria

1234 days ago


Does anyone know if the full video will be released on that necklace website (where I got the statement)? I would like to watch the full thing. Plus, ET got pre-empted tonight for a sports conference where I live. So, I couldn't see the 2nd half--which is the half I really wanted to see. And, does anyone know if they showed the very last part where she was leaving on ET?

Posted at 5:29 PM on Mar 8, 2011 by suza271

You can catch it in a few hours on youtube, no leaving the store will be tomorrow

1234 days ago


@Nikki, you didn't miss anything. The next bit gets shown tomorrow. they're really stringing hte audience along.

1234 days ago


OK...I did a little test to see about this whole IMDb posting thing.

I've been a registered user on there for awhile...before all this technology. It's like fort knox to post! It's not like they have any security to worry about. Then again...seeing what's gone on here, maybe we should be thankful! Anyway, hopefully you guys won't mind going thru it all (especially FUTMZ...we desperately need your funny posts...and everyone elses logic). I would even suspect all the same fanatics are over there posting when they aren't doing so here. Anyway...

--Fill out the "basic" registration, just click on the link on the top right hand corner.

--Confirm your email (they'll send you one)

--Then, when you go to the message board and try to post, they will direct you to a page where you can get your posting priviledges thru text.

Hope to see y'all over there (please)!

1234 days ago


Damn...they are stretching this whole thing out over 3 days!! I should have known ET would do that.

Oh, and here's the link again. I forgot to post it when I posted the directions.

1234 days ago


LOL, if you guys go over there you might see I've been actually posting about the whole FOL incident. I like to keep the masses informed.

And, a couple of months ago I was regularly posting "The best of TMZ comments on Lindsay". I would pick out the best one-liners you all had on any given Lindsay post and post them in bulk on the IMDb Lindsay board. Hopefully, nobody minds if I spread your excellently hilarious posts.

I know, I'm sad.

1234 days ago


Nikki, thanks for all of your interesting posts! I notice that the Trollhans NEVER deny what you say about them. Hahah, must be nice to be a fly on the wall in their lives so you can spill the beans.

I noticed no more photos of Lieho going to the gym...never any of her going to any step meetings...and plenty of references of her partying,or being denied entrance to parties.

Let's hope she gets what's coming to her and soon.

1234 days ago


Kamofie stated their case very eloquently. Well done. I'm glad they refuse to allow themselves to continue to be portrayed as the villains in this case. Kudos to them for standing up to the Trollhans. And I'm glad they made a few bucks on the tape too.

1234 days ago



Sorry dude we have the rights to FUTMZ,we might sue you if he goes over there


1234 days ago


Jail and prison right now should be the least of Lindsay's worries.

Now, probation. That's another story.

Probation will keep Lindsay Lohan in the criminal justice system for along time to come.

Doing jail and prison time is a piece of cake. Probation is the hardest to serve.

Why? Cause you can be violated for the least little thing, as Lohan has found out ever since she was placed on it.

If I was her ... I would take whatever jail sentence is offered as long as she was assured of no additional probation.

However, probation may have been saving her life. Without it, who knows what might have happened?

Until Lohan seriously changes her lifestyle she can look forward to many more years of probation, violations, more jail then finally a full fledged prison sentence in one of California's fine women's prison. It is bound to happen. It is just a matter of time.

However, it took have a very different outcome if she takes responsibility for her actions by womaning up, facing her consquences like a grown woman, and getting the right help she has always needed dating back to 2007.

Time will tell. But, right now ... time is not on her side.

1234 days ago


Well, good night all. Hope tomorrow's tape shows the goods - Lieho making off with the goodies.

Lieho, go to bed. As I said, prison beds are pretty lumpy and you never know who might be eyeballing you there.

Michael Lohan, get some real rehab instead of the fake deal and forget about the Rehab Celeb cameras. How tacky is that, you disgusting pimp of a man?

1234 days ago


That I heart lou ( the original Lou)

Did I read and say that wrong?

John smith was calling you a nutcase and I was showing John no matter what he calls you


1234 days ago


She going to go to jail and get release on Dec. 12 2012 and spread her fire-crotch STDs unto the Earth for which the Mayans had predicted. The prophecy is cometh!

1234 days ago


Isn't there an open case regarding Lindsay and the necklace. Perhaps the surveillance tape should not have been bought until after Lindsay does some time!

1234 days ago


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