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Lohan to Sue Jewelry Store Over Surveillance Tape

3/8/2011 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is preparing to sue Kamofie & Company jewelry store -- claiming they had no right  to cash in  from the sale of the infamous surveillance tape ... because Lindsay never gave them the right to use her image for profit ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Tape

Sources connected to the surveillance video tell TMZ ... Kamofie sold the rights to distribute the tape to the Associated Press for at least $40k. The AP has since struck a deal with "Entertainment Tonight" in which the show got exclusive rights to air the tape for one week.

We're told Lohan met with her lawyers today ... no word on when she plans to file the lawsuit.

UPDATE: A rep for Kamofie tells us, "We regret to hear there is trepidation by Miss Lohan in connection with the video. "

The statement continues, "We hope that everyone understands that this is beyond our control, the flood of the requests to see this video were simply too overwhelming.  It was truly necessary to put it out."



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@ Jeanine (#41)

"LOL...Anyone else getting the feeling that Lindsay is starting to become institutionalized??"


Yes! I am getting that feeling too. LieHo seems to spend more time in courtrooms these days than anyplace else!

I think the only time we'll see her on TV again (other than for media purposes) is when she'll star in National Geographic's "LOCKDOWN"...LMAO!!

1326 days ago


Remember OJ walking theourgh the hotel with a that stolen merch? Remember that lady that fell in the fountain while texting? See all those cops shows of people being arrested?

She's just trying to intimidate the store as she has been trying to do all along.

BTW, that tape would be worthless, if it didn't show her STEALING and she would have released it herself ALREADY.

1326 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Lindsay, you whore.

1326 days ago


Does Lindsay want to the store to share the profit with her? Now Lindsay has been reduced to profiting off of her own crimes, what a joke.

1326 days ago


Rehanded Lilo video - worth 40 large! And more. At least she is making SOMEONE money!

1326 days ago


I'm no Lohan fan, but she appears to have the winning hand on this one. The whoring-down, selling-out Kamofie needs to use grammar- and spell-check. Run-on sentence and "truely" in your press release? M, kay. Time to retain a lawyer (who can write a comprehensible statement) with that $40k.

1326 days ago


I'm no Lohan fan, but she appears to have the winning hand on this one. The whoring-down, selling-out Kamolfie needs to use spellcheck. "Truely"? M, kay. Time to retain a lawyer with that $40k.

1326 days ago

Red Cloud    

I do not understand how any human being with any brains is willing to believe that Lindsay would steal a necklace with K&C's knowledge that she, Lindsay, is the last customer in the store handing and wearing the necklace. Do you REALLY believe that she is soooooooo stoooopid as to think they would not know she is the "thief"? Do you REALLY believe she was thinking, they WILL NOT SUSPECT ME, LINDSAY!!! They know I was the last customer. They know I was wearing the necklace. They will not know it was me. How could they pssibly know it was me? I can steal this necklace and not get caught. This is a piece of cake, slam dunk heist. They know I had the necklace on and no other customers are in the store, but they will not know it was me, Lindsay Lohan. My inention is to steal this necklace. They won't catch me. I can get away with this. They will not suspect me, Lindsay Lohan. Oh, I'm on probation. Ah, so what. I just gotta have that necklace. I'm not paying for it. Scrw them. I'm Lindsay fkng Lohan!!!!

Does any thinking person REALLY believe such nonsense? Wake the fk up!!!

1326 days ago


Oh that LieHo...She always has a million tricks up her sleeve, doesn't she? She's a HUSTLER just like her sleazy parents.

Posted at 10:04 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by Cherie


Indeed she is! Wasn't there a movie made a million years ago about a hustler father and daughter team, starring Ryan and Tatum O'Neil? Seems like they could hire Mikey and Lieho for an updated version. Talk about believable actors for the roles!

1326 days ago


Why wasn't the tape in police custody? Wasn't it evidence?

1326 days ago


Boy, this REEKS of Dina. Keep digging the hole deeper, Blohans

1326 days ago


Of course she is, did anyone think she wouldn't? How do you think she survives nowadays? Not on her virtually nonexistent acting career!

1326 days ago


LoL lou...Yes, there was. The name of that movie was "Paper Moon". And you're right!! Forget Lindsay's remake of Parent Trap--she and Mikey Trollhan would be perfect for the remake of Paper Moon!!

1326 days ago


Oh, Lindsay, we know you are all bent out of shape over going to jail, so this is just for you:

It even has ducks on it.

I wish I could give it to you in person.

1326 days ago


#87 red Cloud (Sitting Bull)

Hi there! What about the fur? Answer all of your own questions using the fur coat she stole as your answer. She was sooooooo stoooooopid to wear the stolen fur coat out to get photographed in! End of discussion.

1326 days ago
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