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Lohan to Sue Jewelry Store Over Surveillance Tape

3/8/2011 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is preparing to sue Kamofie & Company jewelry store -- claiming they had no right  to cash in  from the sale of the infamous surveillance tape ... because Lindsay never gave them the right to use her image for profit ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Tape

Sources connected to the surveillance video tell TMZ ... Kamofie sold the rights to distribute the tape to the Associated Press for at least $40k. The AP has since struck a deal with "Entertainment Tonight" in which the show got exclusive rights to air the tape for one week.

We're told Lohan met with her lawyers today ... no word on when she plans to file the lawsuit.

UPDATE: A rep for Kamofie tells us, "We regret to hear there is trepidation by Miss Lohan in connection with the video. "

The statement continues, "We hope that everyone understands that this is beyond our control, the flood of the requests to see this video were simply too overwhelming.  It was truly necessary to put it out."



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Do you REALLY believe that she is soooooooo stoooopid as to think they would not know she is the "thief"? Do you REALLY believe she was thinking, they WILL NOT SUSPECT ME, LINDSAY!!!

No, red cloud, none of us believe Lilty was thinking any of that. She was, however, probably thinking "I will ignore this and they will drop it, like everyone else has done in the past when my claw like fingers reached out and took something that wasn't mine. I get off on drugging, thieving, and suing."

1294 days ago


I stand corrected. It's TMZ's--not Kamofie's--reprehensible wrtiting. They just corrected one of their errors. LOL! Still think Kamokie is a sellout, media whore though. (Sorry about double-post; I only activated the first one).

1294 days ago

Cheryl A.    


Need I say more?

1294 days ago


do not understand how any human being with any brains is willing to believe that Lindsay would steal a necklace with K&C's knowledge that she, Lindsay, is the last customer in the store handing and wearing the necklace. Do you REALLY believe that she is soooooooo stoooopid as to think they would not know she is the "thief"? Do you REALLY believe she was thinking, they WILL NOT SUSPECT ME, LINDSAY!!! They know I was the last customer. They know I was wearing the necklace. They will not know it was me. How could they pssibly know it was me? I can steal this necklace and not get caught. This is a piece of cake, slam dunk heist. They know I had the necklace on and no other customers are in the store, but they will not know it was me, Lindsay Lohan. My inention is to steal this necklace. They won't catch me. I can get away with this. They will not suspect me, Lindsay Lohan. Oh, I'm on probation. Ah, so what. I just gotta have that necklace. I'm not paying for it. Scrw them. I'm Lindsay fkng Lohan!!!!

Does any thinking person REALLY believe such nonsense? Wake the fk up

Posted at 10:30 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by Red Cloud


LOL Your the one that needs to wake the f*k up. Really your using the fact that she in on probation as to why she wouldnt steal, what a joke. Being on probation didnt stop Lindsay from not attending her alcohol ed classes, it didnt stop her from partying in France and waiting the last minute to come back for her mandated hearing, it didnt stop her from putting FU on her finger while in court directed at the judge, it didnt stop her from failing 2 drug test, it didnt stop her from breaking curfew, refusing a breathalyzer and attacking a BF worker, so why would it stop her from stealing a necklace?

She clearly is a very disrespectful person, especially when it comes to the law.

1294 days ago


The owners of Kamofie & Company are sounding more and more like abject idiots. Lindsay Lohan obviously has a great case since the jewelry store, AP and Entertainment Tonight did not get her permission to use her image for profit. And then that excuse the Kamofie & Company people gave about how they just had to release it because of the pressure is simply ridiculous, especially since the DA's office asked them not to distribute the video because it could have a negative affect on their case. As I said on this message board when this case first hit the news, this jewelry store is obviously just using Lohan to cash in and it should be apparent to all that Lohan is innocent of their charge against her. They lent her the necklace and then lied about her stealing it.

1294 days ago


I think she has an excellent case against the store. They do not have a right to profit from her image without her permission. It is their tape and they have the right to give it to the police or the prosecutor as evidence you do not have the right to sell it as a show to the highest bidder.

Harvey was wrong when he said what he said.

Imagine any other famous person shopping in any store being sold as a part of a show without their permission and try to find an example of the security tape being incorporated into a show without their permission.

The jewelers mouthpiece has already public ally said they sold the tape to recover some of the money they have lost because of the negative publicity surrounding the theft incident. That means they are acting in a commercial means and they must follow the rules about putting peoples image on public display for commercial purposes and for profit.

Lindsay is going to jail, and for however long, that has been a given since this whole thing began. She stole the necklace and whether it was a technical definition of theft or an out and out act is not relevant.

I hope she bankrupts the jewelery store, they have acted in a despicable way and deserve it. Specifically they have made the conviction of Lindsay at trial more difficult and given her lawyer a big opportunity to argue for a reduced sentence in order to make some money.

1294 days ago


Trust me people I know Dina and this "Im sueing the store" came from Dina herself

Dina thinks she can sue everyone,also FYI Dina got 10G from Etrade to go away.Etarde told her and her lawyer that they would drag Lindsay name through the mudd in court (her last four years of her behavior)So Dina kept saying but they used Lindsays name, so ETrade basicaly to her to STFU and heres 10G now go away, Dina is piss asz poor. Keep in mind her lawyer got a 1/3 of that. Dina filled that suit on Long Island when Lindsay lives in LA and Lindsay was out of the country at the time. Dian had no right to fill a suit in Lindsays name
Dina is a sue-a-holic!

Once again Lohans LOSE! Epic Failures they are

1294 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

This could be the stupidest person who ever lived.

I am now working on my Masters degree for IDT to get a better (or just "a") job.

1294 days ago


LMAO. Will she be suing them before or after she follows through on her intent to sue Dawn Holland and Betty Ford? Hmm?

If she pleads or is found guilty will she be suing the store for her pain and suffering, loss in income and defense laeyer fees as well? She gets funnier by the day.

1294 days ago


"I knew that Lindsay would wind up owning this store.

Posted at 10:18 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by john smith

Kinda like Charlie Sheen is gonna "own" Warner Bros. and rename it Charlie Bros? So let's see, instead of it being called "Kamofie," it can be renamed, "CrackThief."

1294 days ago


Great let the dog fight begin, both need to be punished for their greed.

1294 days ago


lindsay, your awsome! u go get em girl! selling the story tells you exactly what they were after to start with! kodos to you lindsay and i hope you sue the sh** out of them!

1294 days ago


This b!tch's only source of income is filing lawsuits. She milked a settlement out of e-trade, so she figures why not try again?

1294 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Seriously!!!!! If she hadn't stolen the damn necklace in the FIRST place this wouldn't be an issue.

1294 days ago


Please, please, please let this b*tch get hit by a bus. I am so sick of her and her family's antics. Seriously the entire family is just pathetic and gross.

1294 days ago
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