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Lindsay Lohan: I Ain't Pleading to Nothin'

3/9/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is steadfast .... she's not plea bargaining her felony grand theft case.

Lindsay Lohan Case
We got Lindsay Tuesday night going to her agent's office and asked if she'd accept a plea deal -- which the judge has already said would involve jail time.  Lindsay appears to nod in the negative.

It's an interesting situation ... we've learned Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers are meeting with Judge Keith Schwartz Wednesday to discuss a plea bargain.  Judge Schwartz has made it clear -- any plea deal will put Lindsay behind bars ... the only question is for how long.

Lindsay must appear in court on Thursday.  If she doesn't accept a plea deal, the case will be assigned to Judge Stephanie Sautner for trial, and the stakes for Lindsay then go up dramatically.


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please vote lindsay for president in the 2013 elections

1321 days ago


No, Nicole, the necklace is NOT in view the whole time. She is a seasoned thief

She comes into the store and after she has the necklace, the starts pointing to all kinds of jewelry to "see" in order to take the clerk's attention off the necklace. She is almost "Hyper" in her actions.

First time she has the necklace on, she walks to a mirror to see it on her neck

When the clerk walks away to get something for her YET AGAIN, SWOOSH! Lindsay VERY quickly spins the necklace around on her neck so that it hangs down her back. She then pats her chest to make sure it is hidden

Lindsay walks to the mirror again to make sure the necklace is hidden from view


1321 days ago


why would the pity in denial of the confinements of lies allow that ---- there would be too much attention to lose for nothing ----

1321 days ago


If Linds go to trial, what you and others seem to be overlooking is that it doesn't matter whether or not Linds gets aquitted. She violated her probation, even if she is found not guilty. Read the conditions for probation. She only has to be SUSPECTED of committing a crime to violate. Even if she gets off, the fact remains that she was suspected of grand theft. I think a grand theft Indictment pretty much proves the suspected part and she will go to jail for the violation.

1321 days ago


She should make a 3 month plea bargin deal and will serve not more than 24 days of it. By not pleading she will go to prison and stay there at least 2-3 months.

1321 days ago


Now THAT'S a good little courtroom jester. If you keep up entertaining us in this fashion, you can squeeze a bit more laughter out of everyone.

1321 days ago


Agent? Lindsay hasn't been relevant in 68 months, right Miley?

No, LL will most-definitely plead on Thursday. She just feigned a "NO" just so she could appear relevant, but everyone knows she's not.

1321 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is refusing to take a plea deal that would require jail time, offered to her by Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, is exclusively reporting.

Meyers is seeking six months in jail for Lohan’s probation violation, and Lindsay’s attorney, Shawn Holley thinks she has a "very strong chance to get that sentence dwindled down to about 30-45 days” in light of the fact the jewelry store owners, from whom Lindsay purportedly stole a $2,500 necklace, have sold surveillance video of the alleged theft

“Judge Keith Schwartz has already told Lindsay that if she pleas in front of him, he will be sending her to jail - but she absolutely refuses to accept jail time as part of any plea," the source told

“Lindsay needs to recognize the fact that even if she chooses to go to trial on the grand theft charge, and is acquitted by a jury, she will still go to jail for the probation violation.

“If Lindsay tells Judge Schwartz on Thursday that she ISN'T taking the plea deal, the case gets transfered to Judge Stephanie Sautner, who is a no-nonsense, tough as nails, by the book judge.

“Judge Sautner would conduct the preliminary hearing on the case, and if Judge Sautner rules that there is sufficient evidence to order Lindsay to stand trial, Lindsay will then be found in direct violation of her probation. No questions asked.

“Judge Sautner would very, very likely sentence Lindsay to jail, ON THE SPOT, for the probation violation, and she would be remanded in custody immediately. The DA would ask for six months on the probation violation, and given Lindsay's checkered past, Judge Sautner would probably concur with that recommendation."

Judge Sautner is both revered and feared in the legal community - she is known to be fair, but takes a very firm approach with repeat offenders, which Lindsay is, and this has Lohan's camp very concerned as Lindsay doesn't seem to grasp that this is potentially the toughest judge she has ever faced.

"Judge Sautner doesn't care if you are a celebrity or not, she is fair, but make no mistake, with repeat offenders, she shows no mercy,” the source told “Lindsay isn't going to know what hit her if she doesn't take the deal and instead allows Judge Schwartz to sentence her.”

Worst case scenario for Lindsay - she doesn't take the plea deal, is ordered to jail for the probation violation by Judge Sautner, and then if Lindsay goes to trial for the grand theft charge and is convicted, she could be looking at ANOTHER stint behind bars... except this time it would be state prison.

"Lindsay has her best shot in front of Judge Schwartz,” the source told “But it's a stink sandwich no matter how you look at it for Lindsay. She IS going back to jail, she needs to recognize that, and accept it, and deal with it, and move on

1321 days ago


I'm hoping she go for the trial.........more time in prison when she's found guilty and then 3 year probation which this girl will never be able to handle.....

Question : Why is it when women start loosing their hair on top of thier head like this gal is (hell her hair line has receaded to about in line with her ears) do they think adding hair extentions makes it look better ? only makes it look like your hair is slipping back and down your neck.....:)

1321 days ago


Look at the grin on LL's face. She loves the spotlight. No, she'll definitely plead tomorrow, but just feigned "linnocence" because she wanted the headlines to read: Lindsay Steadfast in her Linnocence".

Naw, it's all just an act to appear relevant. Sadly, for the wrong reasons. Lindsay and her Mom are blissfully unaware that Lindsay's career (if you want to call a couple movies a career, please) is over.

Oh, she may get a few bit parts her and there from directors who feel sorry for her, but the good parts, the great scripts are going to more-dependable and trust-worthy actresses.

Like the Madonna party, LL's future will be the outside looking in.

1321 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I heart db!

There is no way Princess Poop will not plead this out. I truly hope that Danette does not reduce to a misdemeanor, but sticks to her felony guns. Jail time? Who cares? Huge reductions makes it an non matter. Felony probation? That's where it's at!

Hey Lindsay, hint hint....felony probation is totally do able. All you have to do is not drink, do drugs or commit crimes. It's a cakewalk...

1321 days ago


Nothing will happen to this immature little girl!
That's why she isn't worried.
I hope the judge acts like a real judge and makes her pay for being a thief. I swear, normal people would be behind bars in a heatbeat! I HATE CELEBRITIES!!! For thinking they are above the law... (O.J.) and so many more.
She needs to grow up and people need to STOP CARING!!! What the hell has she done lately anyways besides break the law and publicity stunts...

1321 days ago


Dont know if anyone saw,the lady from Lindsay Rights On Program, face Danette Meyers.
The owner thought that she can lie and protect Lindsay on the stand. Boy was she wrong!

Danette Meyers called her out big time and made her look like a fool. That landed Lindsay in jail

If Lindsay thinks Patrick is going to be her witness and lie and protect her, well shes got another thing coming to her.
Patrick will NOT be able to stand the heat that Danette Meyers will throw his way
He will crack like a egg!

Hope for Patricks sake he doesnt have any skeletons in his closet,Danette will pull them out, and hang him with them

1321 days ago


It's AMAZING what pointless and stupid shiz she'll do for $100,000 ... but won't do ANYTHING for a $50,000,000 career. Really?

Posted at 2:19 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by TheEyes


SO true. So very, very true. The only career she has invested her time and energy in has been her crime career, and she certainly has gone far in her endeavors.

1321 days ago


This is a very stupid move on LL's part. She doesn't want to spend a short time in jail but the result of the trial will be years in a state prison instead.

Epic fail. Dumb dumb dumb.

Posted at 1:17 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by JLS


Well, she did the same thing with probation, didn't she? She couldn't be bothered to attend a few classes and ended up in VoP. But then, as now, she thinks she can do ANYTHING she wants with NO repercussions. Very scary thinking.

1321 days ago
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