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'Celeb Rehab' Rocker Mike Starr Dead

3/8/2011 7:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr died in Utah ... TMZ has learned.

Mike Starr Dead

Starr appeared on the third season of "Celebrity Rehab" back in 2009 -- and was arrested last month for felony possession of a controlled substance. Salt Lake City cops say he had 6 Xanax pills and 6 Opana (painkiller) pills when he was busted.

Starr was 44 years old.

Mike's dad tells TMZ, "It's a terrible shock and tragedy."

UPDATE: Police tell us Starr's body was found in a Salt Lake City home today. Cops say they were called to the house at 1:42PM.

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Parents are "shocked" I'm not.

1286 days ago


First of all anyone saying he wont be missed, regardless of who he was or how famous, is still more relevant than those that claim good riddance upon his death.
Secondly, the only problem I have with Drew's approach is that he claims addiction is a disease and hereditary, when addiction is acquired. But I understand why he uses the technique, so that it releases the stigma of shame attached to it. But only the person themselves can pull themself up, and if Drew's help were of no inspiration to Mike, it's because he refused to listen.

1286 days ago


The more I see how Dr. Drew's patients turn out, the more I am becoming convinced that Lindsay Lohan was right when she called him a "quack." Reality TV is the worst context in which to conduct actual recovery, which is a painful and deeply personal process. the very presence of the cameras feeds into the narcissism that is part of every addict's makeup. I just don't know how you can really explore your deepest self in the context of public voyeurism. Recovery means looking at yourself in the mirror and at long last being honest about what you see - alone with yourself, with no sycophants or enablers. Recovery means rigorous honesty and working the Twelve Steps. Recovery means facing your demons and doing battle with them. Alas, sometimes the demons win. RIP.

1286 days ago


"By looking at these posting too many of you watch that stupid show celebrity rehab. Get a f-en life people!"

Posted at 3:45 PM on Mar 8, 2011 by scott

That "stupid" show has more going for it than you do. Perhaps when you dry out you figure it out.

1286 days ago


"The more I see how Dr. Drew's patients turn out, the more I am becoming convinced that Lindsay Lohan was right when she called him a "quack".

Lilo wouldn't know a quack if it bit her in the ass.

1286 days ago


I don't understand why his father is shocked. I mean he was doing drugs with his own son and he will probably be next. What a shame for Mike. I had hopes he would be the one that would get clean and restart his career. At one time he was an amazingly talented Starr...God Bless you Mike.

1285 days ago


all I can say is to quote Stephen King's short story.... You know they got a HELL of a band..... RIP Mike, may the peace that alluded you in life finally be yours.

1285 days ago


So sorry to hear this. God Bless Mike!

1285 days ago


so saddened at this news. I too thought that he would pull through. Maybe now he will find his peace. no more suffering. Peace be with his family and friends. God Bless.

1285 days ago


For all you people who have never had an addiction.The pain no matter what it is from gets worse and worse , you take more and more pills , just to get rid of the pain , then you take too much to kill the pain and end up killing yourself in the process.People dont O.D. on purpose,we just cant stand the pain and try to make it stop , even if its for a little while.We'll miss you Mike, I thought you'd be the one to quit.RIP

1285 days ago


i just heard about mike. instantly i was bummed out. i hoped against hope he would pull thru his addiction. r.i.p. bro. my prayers r with u and your family.

1285 days ago


Not sure about effectiveness of Dr. Drew's program but it helped me get and stay sober for the past five years. I realized that if people with everything (Elvis, Marilyn, numerous modern day celebrities) could find reasons to pollute their lives with alcohol and drugs then drinking my troubles away was not going to solve anything. TO see people burn through money that should last several lifetimes and throw their gifts away is very sobering. Problems and grief are you handle them is up to you
Posted at 1 :35 AM on Mar 9 , 2011 by Vivian

And #522 MeaghanRoahme

YES!! THIS is why Celebrity Rehab was started by Dr. Drew! To show what addiction and its process is all about!!
Ernie, to you the ONLY way to be "cured" (and an addict/alcoholic is NEVER cured, they will always be recovering) is by G*D! Well, sorry but people beat it all the time without G*d. My Uncle being one, yrs of AA and lifestyle changes, he's been sober for probably 30 yrs.

So, would any of the other rehab programs Mike attended in the past be able to say he was clean 6+ mths after leaving their facility?
Dr. Drew is a highly respected Addiction specialist. You think you would be able to do better just by using the Bible? He speaks of higher powers, going to meetings, using sober living,etc. All the tools an addict would need to be able to fall back on if the need to use was present.
Success from his show?
Brigitte Nielson, Tom Sizemore, Rodney King, Jessica (from American Idol, sry can't remember her last name). Those are just off the top of my head.
Get off Dr. Drews back dude! No facility is 100% effective. And we would have go look at the rates from PRC as a whole.

1284 days ago


Everyone is blaming Dr. Drew Why? He did not hold him down and make him relapse to a death. I think that is what he wanted. I think he was Manic Depressive and never got over his friends death. RIP>

1283 days ago

Shisha hookah    

Another fallen soldier of rock & roll.

But the band played on, and the song remains the same ...

1282 days ago


Why do people post such hateful comments? I know that the world is full of a**holes and being one on the internet seems to be sport for some. But honestly, can someone please explain to me how so many people have posted hate about someone they didn't know that has just died? Celebrting his death? Can someone please respond to this w/out being nasty? May you rest in peace Mike.You will be missed.

1281 days ago
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