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Sheen -- 'Very Professional' During Comedy Sketch

3/9/2011 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been called a lot of things lately, but here's a new one -- "very professional."

Sheen shot a video for the website today at his house. Mike Farah, President of Production for FOD, tells TMZ they approached Charlie with a script on Sunday and he was totally into the idea. 

Farah tells us Charlie stuck to the script and even came up with several cool ideas -- including the tiger-striped chef's hat. Farah says Charlie was "very professional" throughout the shoot and seemed to really be into working with the crew.

The sketch -- a cooking video tentatively titled "Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes" -- is scheduled to go up sometime tomorrow.


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Everyone call this number if you think being 2nd is a jack off... 416-533-7401

1287 days ago

Nancy "O"    

This is really pathetic! Winning? I told you that he was back on it! Watch him go broke. Pride goes before a fall Big Mouth.

1287 days ago


I think he's wearing the hat to cover up the fact that he's losing his hair. the comb-over is right up there with Donalds

1287 days ago


That is Crack Whack Gay! Look at his gut, maybe he will gain a pound now that he isnt pounding down 7 gram crack rocks!

1287 days ago


Charlie has a lot of experience in the kitchen, crack doesnt grow on trees ya know!

1287 days ago



1287 days ago


The condom on your head goes on the other way dufus.

1287 days ago

Chuck Lorre

1287 days ago


Stop being a laughing stock to your fans charlie, you are a movie star not a you tube sensation, people are playing him as a bull in a bullring, sad what the entertainment industry can do to one of it's own.

1287 days ago


Charlie Sheen is funny and an amazing unique talent. Firing someone for moral turpitude is misplaced. What people do on their own time is no one's business. You can't tell people how to live. I hope Charlie comes out bigger after this!

1287 days ago


I just lost some respect for the "Funny or Die" site owners.

1287 days ago


Charlie may be the first one there to be "Funny AND Die" if he doesn't get help soon.

1287 days ago


Charlie needs to go talk to some psychologists and work on a RECIPE for fixing all those brain cells that he wiped out due to his years of smoking crack and who knows what else.

Charlie should go to a LOCK-IN rehab for about 9 months to a year ... minimum. His brain needs to a LONG BREAK from the chemical bombardment he's been giving it for decades.

There are alternative programs beside AA if he doesn't like that approach to his problems. The thing that's good about AA is that you change your daily habits by going to meetings. REPETITION is key to changing any kind of habit. By going to AA he also is staying the hell away from people who could tempt him to use drugs again.

Sorry Charlie ... you're not superhuman. You're not from Mars. You have a standard issue homo-sapiens brain and body that CAN be destroyed by drugs just like it with us "regular people". HEAVY drugs usage over time can make almost anyone half crazy ... so crazy that you don't even realize that YOU are the crazy one. That would be YOU Charlie. For the past few weeks you showed about half the world the damage that drugs can do.

1287 days ago


Uh, not sure if you can "win" after the fact of falling so hard on your face the last two weeks in the media.

Maybe his tiger blood drink was spiked with a tranquilizer.

1287 days ago


All of you folks that have been bashing Charlie for being a WINNER need to take a great look at your own selves first before you point fingers at Charlie. Yes we all know that he got fired from his main job. You losers wouldn't bounce back like he does. For you folks your only option would unemployment insurance, food stamps, charity assistance or what ever you need to to support yourselves and or your families. Charlie never gave up because he is a winner who keeps going forward. For most of you who don't know "Tiger Blood" simply means that Charlie is strong willed and goal oriented. I have Tiger Blood. Tiger Blood is strength and courage to keep going forward. not living in the past. People change. Changes are for winners only. "Winners Never Lose and Losers Never Win." Charlie You The Man. Just keep your focus forward. You will have the last laugh. Keep speaking your mind.

1287 days ago
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