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Sheen -- 'Very Professional' During Comedy Sketch

3/9/2011 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been called a lot of things lately, but here's a new one -- "very professional."

Sheen shot a video for the website today at his house. Mike Farah, President of Production for FOD, tells TMZ they approached Charlie with a script on Sunday and he was totally into the idea. 

Farah tells us Charlie stuck to the script and even came up with several cool ideas -- including the tiger-striped chef's hat. Farah says Charlie was "very professional" throughout the shoot and seemed to really be into working with the crew.

The sketch -- a cooking video tentatively titled "Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes" -- is scheduled to go up sometime tomorrow.


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Stick a fork in Chuckles, he's done!

ding ding ding!

Posted at 7:17 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by Chaps

LOL Ain't that the truth!!

1260 days ago


Sad to watch someone lose total control. Not funny, and I am not a fan.

1260 days ago


The problem with Funny or Die skits is that they are NEVER funny.

1260 days ago


There are some evil comments being posted towards Charlie. Hoping death on a person is evil. What if someone was posting these evil things on you or your mother, father, children, or anyone else that you know or love. It's easy for you to send these negative comments at Charlie because you are unknown. you must be perfect in every way. no one really knows of Charlie's drug use. It is all here say from the media blitz that is going on. If all of you are tired of Charlie stop reading and watching the news, TMZ, Joy Behar, GMA, or TV all together. It is not his fault that the media chooses to use him as a topic. It is what the people want to hear. I do agree that our soldiers fighting in foreign wars do not get the support the need. Contact the major networks and suggest that our soldiers need support also. It is not Charlie's fault. The media chooses to run "their stories" not Charlie.

1260 days ago


What?... No cooks to cook up some Meth?

1260 days ago



Save your FORK! There's PIE!

1260 days ago


no, he'll be doing erectile dysfunction commercials.

Posted at 7:35 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara

Oh BETTER, much Better Harlot...I like that one.

1260 days ago


I KNOW I'm not supposed to get sooo much pleasure out of this...but EFF IT...heheheheeh...CHUCKLES is a such a TOOL that I cannot help myself!

1260 days ago



um, pretty sure if we made the public insanity exploits as CS has made these last 2 weeks, we wouldn't be everywhere, just on Nancy Grace.

And those who are like CS that are simple people, couldn't even afford the legit drugs to maintain even jist a miniscule of what CS is able to afford to somehow maintain what he has.

It must be the tiger blood....which I read somewhere is a pear, a red apple, a carrot, a beet and celery.

You can pick all that all way cheaper than prescribed drugs.

1260 days ago


Question: How much cocaine has Charlie Sheen done?
Answer: Enough to kill two and a half men

1260 days ago


You know WHAT? These poeple, internet, radio, mornig talk shows are ALL PLAYING ~*~YOU~*~! For the shear madness and craziness that people want to see for their own enjoyment. IT'S SICK!! It's just VERY SAD! You need to ~*~ MAN UP ~*~! The gig is DONE and you NEED to get BETTER for YOU and your KIDS. REALLY, we pray for you but YOU have to HELP YOURSELF. PLEASE HELP YOUR SELF!!! We'll keep the prayers going, PLEASE HELP YOURSELF!!!

1260 days ago


Dear God,

Drop an 8 ball of Crack unto Charlie's lap. He's not normal.

1260 days ago


Yea...he's professional when he has a script to work from...when he has to face the camera without a script he talks like a lunatic.

This is only the calm before the storm. He'll either crash, go back to his manic ranting or start doing drugs again. One thing he can't do is chill out at home and take it easy.

1260 days ago


twitty bird says " there's a petuliar look on dat puddy tats face, an i dont wike it".

1260 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Like a trained seal, he can follow a script.


Without someone else's words, Charlie has nothing but his outsize ego and a huge chip on his shoulder.

Get help, Chuck.

J. Cryer

1260 days ago
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