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Sheen -- 'Very Professional' During Comedy Sketch

3/9/2011 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been called a lot of things lately, but here's a new one -- "very professional."

Sheen shot a video for the website today at his house. Mike Farah, President of Production for FOD, tells TMZ they approached Charlie with a script on Sunday and he was totally into the idea. 

Farah tells us Charlie stuck to the script and even came up with several cool ideas -- including the tiger-striped chef's hat. Farah says Charlie was "very professional" throughout the shoot and seemed to really be into working with the crew.

The sketch -- a cooking video tentatively titled "Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes" -- is scheduled to go up sometime tomorrow.


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How long do you think it will be before we see him on SNL?

1234 days ago


HEH HEH HEH He's moving up in the world, isn't he!?

1234 days ago


Chuck Lorre must be laughing his arse off!! ahahahahahahahaha

Posted at 8:13 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by phoenix

Along with the rest of the world! Way to go, Charlie! LMAO

1234 days ago

And thats the truth    

I almost think that Charlie wanted to get out of his contract so he did all of this on purpose or he thinks that if there is controversy all around him, he will become a superstar. Michael Jackson had controversy around him and look what happened to him Charlie. Not all attention is a good thing.

1234 days ago


Lessons Learned From Charlie Sheen For Your Custody Trial

Posted at 6:30 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by Wellington

#4 made me LOL, altho it shouldn't be funny as it is so true.

1234 days ago


in Sheen's bio, it states he has been high on drugs since 1995 and almost was a fatality to them in the 90's. just like Anna Nicole Smith, his MIND is GONE!! now we are all waiting for him to die, just like Smith, Ledger, chris Penn etc. none of this is a laughing matter!!! his LOOKS are gone also.. why doesn't Martin Sheen set up a conservatorship and hospitalize Charlie??

1234 days ago


You have to give him credit for doing this.
Perhaps its about love for the "craft", and not entirely just about the money.

1234 days ago



1234 days ago


You have to give him troll credit for doing this.
Perhaps its about love for Kraft Cheeze and money, and not entirely just about the attention whoring.

1234 days ago


Money talks in Hollywood as well as Washington D.C.
Charlie Sheen is a business machine. He will be back on Two and a Half Men. That team in Hollywood will work something out. Have you been to Los Angeles recently? While doing business down Sunset, LaBrea, and Santa Monica Blvd, drivers see nothing but "For Sale" signs, "For Lease", "For Rent", because there is no business in Hollywood. The Internet is eating up films. Facebook will start sending viewers films. Piracy is eating up profits. Charlie Sheen is a talented earner.

Kiss, make up, start production again, and get the advertisers to pay for the new, improved publicity to "Two and a Half Men". I personally know producers willing to pay $10 million dollars per day for Charlie Sheen's talent on their video projects. Sheen is an international gold mine for global investors worldwide.

Thomas Chi
Selling Sex in Hollywood

1234 days ago

Hey Now    

In the end money never brings the happiness people are looking for. Especially as a person who comes from a family with money. If the end-all goal is money, he's going to be back on the drugs very soon.

When I think about the thing w/Cryer - it makes me kind of sad. Because maybe that's Charlie's way of trying to reach out. Saying 'call me - don't you care' Or maybe I'm just in a sad mood. But I think this situation is very sad and I don't want to see Charlie die.

When you think of what's really going on here, him calling John or whomever else a fool or a troll is almost irrelevant. He just needs help & support & medical care and I hope he gets it. He's making me so sad. I really just would give him a hug. I would. I'm not even offended by the middle class jabs. I know he is lost & down & sick & searching and I just want him to get help & not be ashamed & not act like Mr. Macho man.

1234 days ago



Get bent and OD on crack. I heard it's fun.

1234 days ago


Yep, Charlie sure loves his money!

Too bad he won't be able to afford live in whores for long.

1234 days ago


Charlie does have all his wits about him - he's just pissed about a significant amount of stuff in his life as WE ALL HAVE BEEN AT TIMES. The difference is nobody knew we were all pissed and fed up because there were no cameras.

He's a consumate actor and very good at what he does. He's hilarious and fun when he's not angry at Warner Bros. or all these crappy ex wives.I wouldn't want his life in that regard.

I worry about his addiction but I'm well aware this is not your average man. He is in control. That's obvious.

1234 days ago

Hey Now    

You know what else makes me sad? (yes you want to know)

I know TMZ is 1 of the craziest meanest most vile (but very entertaining) websites. I know one can't really base opinions on people in general by posts here on TMZ. However, what makes me sad is to see many of his supporters losing support (or faith or whatever it is) in him. I think they misunderstand what was going on since the beginning. He was always sick no matter what he denies.

You cannot consume all of those drugs and then just stop and then be ok the next week. That is highly highly unlikely. So yeah - although Charlie is brash and sometimes mean and rambling and confusing and so many other things, I have no doubt he has a true medical problem (some would even say medical emergency). To see it all out in the open like this is very heartbreaking to me. Furthermore, to see a super millionaire refuse help and turn away from those who truly love him - soooo heartbreaking to me.

All he has to do is say yes and he doesn't have to make that public. PRIVATELY see doctors and if he wants tell the public that he is exhausted and needs to take a little break. I wish he would accept help - from a private party - Don't make it all public. Just maybe send out a tweet every few days but focus on yourself. Get better and stop pretending like medicine/doctors don't mean anything. I would give Charlie & his whole family a big hug because they need it right now.

1234 days ago
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