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Charlie Sheen's Internship

74,040 Applications

3/9/2011 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will have a hell of a time selecting his intern -- TMZ has learned Charlie has received more than 70,000 applications from people in 181 countries.

Charlie Sheen Internship
Earlier this week, Sheen announced he was looking for a "winning" social media intern to join his team for an 8-week paid internship. 

According to a rep from -- the site Charlie is using to recruit his intern -- 74,040 people applied from all over the world.

As for any potential risks associated with the gig -- the rep tells us, "We always encourage candidates to research the company and position they're applying for."


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Summer Intern? I hope he makes it 'til summer. Good to see he won't (hopefully) be doing more 'Sheen's Corner.' If this IS all an act whoever told him to do this was so wrong. Should've layed low and taken the high road regarding his cir***stances. Change who's around you and your situation will change!

To those that have been encouraging Sheen to put his "crazy" on display should be ashamed. Take a look in the mirror people, who were you really doing this for????

1268 days ago


Preference given to drug addicts and porn stars?

1268 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

I am getting so sick of coming to this site only to find stories about Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. TMZ, you need to get out more.... more news like.. what about Mike Starr.. you get out there and get cracking or we bail this site.

1268 days ago


Are these people CRAZY!!!!! Charlie is certifiable insane. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. I love myself waaay too much to even think about working for this clown.

I hope whoever he picks don't get outta line or fail to follow his telling what he might do to them. lol.

If he was sane this would be a great opportunity for someone but in his state of mind now....HELL NO

1268 days ago



1268 days ago


There will be a bunch of trolls putting random names and reasons to be Charlie Sheen's intern. How about Heidi Fleiss, Brooke Mueller. etc. ;-]

1268 days ago


I suppose he'll need someone to help serve the kool-aid.

1268 days ago


As Sheen continues his Media Madness tour, firing salvos at practically everyone and everything, he called Cryer "a troll" and ripped into him, saying: "Jon has not called me. He's a turncoat, a traitor, a troll. Clearly he's a troll. Is it gonna take me calling him a 'traitor, juvenile and scared' for him to get it?" (RadarOnline)

Lost your job/kids/fans/......

1268 days ago

Robin Pena    

Who in the whole F****G world would want to work for that loser? Charlie, like alot of other rich spoiled brats in Hollyweird, should have a low paying job with a family..trying to figure out how to support them!You,re a PIG Charlie!

1268 days ago


Must be a hot, young blond girl who is sexually adventurous & willing to take the odd punch now & then. . .

1268 days ago


What does he need an intern for? He doesn't have a job---this has just gotten so pathetic.

1268 days ago


Vatican Assassins with highly evolved warlock minds only! No point in wasting good time, there is to much WINNING out there that needs to be taken care of Pronto! This no laughing matter puppy kissers, the trolls day will come!

1268 days ago

get real    

CS Made 1.8 Million dollars per Episode. Thats 1.8 Million for every (WEEK) he worked. He Made Multi Millions.. With his Lifestyle,,, Mega Mansions.. Staff.. Nannys.. Maids.. managers.. Agents.. Publisist.. Ex wife #1.. Soon to be Ex Wife#2.. 5 children and the Taxes on His Income. With All of that a Ton of his 1.8 Million was spent. Bring on the Drugs, and the Hookers. Now the Live in Porno Stars.. They all Cost alot of Money.. CS is close to Broke... He will Not be Able to Keep up 1/4 of his current Lifestyle.. Big Bucks going out. Little coming in? He wont be able to afford Himself let alone an Intern. If You Make a Million dollars. But you Spend a Million and One dollars. You are Broke. Period.! Im sure he is CASH POOR. Maybe he can take a LOAN from the last Porn star he wrote out 30K cash for the night out too. Believe me. He Couldnt Afford to screw up his Job. Bills keep Mounting. Taxes keep Mounting.. Mortgage Payments are Due..How much Cash could be coming in to cover his debts now? Just Saying...

1268 days ago

get real    

If You Make 10 Million Dollars a Year. If You Spend 10 Million and One dollars per Year, You are in Debt. If You Stopped making 10 Million dallars and You are still spending 10 million dollars.. You are called Broke. Up **** Creek. Winning?

1268 days ago


Listen to these A-hole DJ's egg CS on..You can tell CS is sober and trying to show a "better" and "cleaner" image. Yet, still slams show....even Cryer? He knows he'll never work on/for any MAJOR netwk again.

1268 days ago
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