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Halle's Baby Daddy In NYC -- On HER Dime

3/9/2011 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry isn't just a baby mama ... she's a sugar mama ... because she's PAYING for Gabriel Aubry to live the HIGH LIFE in NYC this week ... just so he can spend some time with their daughter.

Gabriel Aubry NYC

Sources connected to the couple tell us ... Halle paid for Gabriel's flight and is also footing the bill to put him up at the super-fancy London Hotel in Midtown while she films her movie, "New Year's Eve," in the city.

As TMZ first reported, Aubry tried to stop Halle from bringing Nahla to NYC -- but a judge told Gabriel that he knew what he was getting into when he started dating one of the biggest movie stars on Earth ... and ruled against him.

Even though she won in court, Halle agreed to pay for Gabriel's trip anyway ... and who's really gonna turn down the London?!?



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The judge agreed with Halle, so she should pay. She was the one who didn't want the father of her child to be able to be with this daughter while she was in New York. If the judge had split the time between the two of them, then I think dad should have paid if he wanted to go to New York while Halle had Nahla for half of the time.
In any event, if dad wasn't there then Nahla would be looked after by a nanny, not her mom. She can afford it, so spend it on the the best interest of her child. It is money well spent.

TMZ, you guys need to crawl out of Halle's back pocket.

1292 days ago


@sunseeker you must be right 'cause I can't understand why TMZ is so shady against this guy and his "God forbid" attempt to be present in his little girl's life. Her nasty smear campaign backfired and people didn't buy it. Blatant lies. I think people in the industry believe that spreading rumors through "close sources" and the public will immediately fall for it. Do managers/publicist are so out of touch with the public to think that we are that naive? The most telling fact about this whole drama is the fact that the African American community,very supportive of their own, don't buy it either because her past transgressions have been very well do***ented. Why not report on that TMZ?!

1292 days ago



google DEESHA PHILYAW and just add Halle Berry she is an african american freelance writer, has an very good unbiased report on this about co.parenting.

1292 days ago


Guess TMZ is still in Halle's pocket huh. How do you know specifically who is paying for the lodging??? YOu don't unless someone wants you to report this crap. Halle likes to play dirty and this just shows her character. Notice how Gabriel hasn't released any statements, made any news clip and even the one TMZ posted he kept his mouth shut. The problem here is not Gabriel....its quite obvious its the problem of Halle.

1292 days ago


Gabrial is a loser he should have never stop working, to take care of your daughter you need a job. He want Halle to pay him to be a man. Halle winning, love her.

1292 days ago


And if the tables were turned, TMZ would be arguing that the father should pay if the mother wasn't allowed to have the child and had to follow the father around. Duh! Judge says follow Halle...halle foots bill as she SHOULD. I really hate her now and will never watch another movie she's in. Not worth my time.

1292 days ago


Wow Halle you really know how to pick um!

1292 days ago


Us mear mortals wouldn't be able to just take the kids and run all over the world and ignore the dad's visitation, why shoud Halle? These two really need to take a lesson from Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan (sp) on how to share custody of a child.

1292 days ago

tracy davis    

TMZ it's time to fess up. how many people have to call you out on your shoddy, I mean shady reporting. What happened to the facts? Put down the bag o money that Halle's peeps gave you in order to spread lies. The public isn't buying it anymore. We know Halle has some powerful peeps behind her, but I was hoping you had some integrity. Apparently not. Try reporting both sides of the story or change your name to

1292 days ago


if you have a baby with a baby this is what you get. she just used him to get that baby and now she wants to tell a lie that she thinks will make the judge give her full custody. she's not fooling african americans, we've known for a while that anybody who goes through men the way halle does (black and white) has the to be the smoke.

1292 days ago


Wow, TMZ, how far is your tongue up Halle's a$$? This is getting really old...

1292 days ago


It's nice to have money. You can control your ex douchebag spouse.

1292 days ago

charlyn dory    

I think its unforunate that she has such bad luck with men.
Especially now that a child is involved. Hopefully every thing will work out for the best. She's a fantasic actress but her love life just has too many problems.

1292 days ago


Good for him. It's no more nor less than women do all the time when they find a sugar daddy. I think Nahla needs her dad in her life - he does appear to be the sane one.

1292 days ago


STOP with this racist crap. Halle's a gold-digging home wrecking C U N T who used men to further her career and pay for her lifestyle. She's had many sugar daddies herself. I think its WONDERFUL that she is now on the receiving end of that relationship and needing to support her own gold-digger of a baby daddy.

It's freakn' KARMA that she is now the sugar mama to a good-looking user. LOL. Did she really THINK that Gabriel Aubrey was interested in her in a love match sort of way? I'm from Montreal and it's obvious to everyone here he wasn't.

Gabriel is a gold-digger absolutely and I just LOVE IT that he chose Halle Berry to be his sugar mama. She deserves it.


#35 You're obviously a f*cking golddigging bastard like Aubry who doesn't believe in paying his own way to see his own ****in' child. And, how is Halle a "goldigger" if she's THE ONE W/ THE MONEY, dumbass??? You just wanted to call the woman in this situation a "golddigger" just to feel better, didn't you?

1292 days ago
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