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Halle's Baby Daddy In NYC -- On HER Dime

3/9/2011 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry isn't just a baby mama ... she's a sugar mama ... because she's PAYING for Gabriel Aubry to live the HIGH LIFE in NYC this week ... just so he can spend some time with their daughter.

Gabriel Aubry NYC

Sources connected to the couple tell us ... Halle paid for Gabriel's flight and is also footing the bill to put him up at the super-fancy London Hotel in Midtown while she films her movie, "New Year's Eve," in the city.

As TMZ first reported, Aubry tried to stop Halle from bringing Nahla to NYC -- but a judge told Gabriel that he knew what he was getting into when he started dating one of the biggest movie stars on Earth ... and ruled against him.

Even though she won in court, Halle agreed to pay for Gabriel's trip anyway ... and who's really gonna turn down the London?!?



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I remember a couple weeks ago when they were in court arguing about this and Gabriel didn't think it was right that he have to "follow her" to NY to exercise his visitation, but SHE INSISTED that it go down this way. He wanted his daughter to stay in CA with him while her egg donor worked. This arrangement is more of the Narcissus Berry's [stolen term] grandstanding and attention-seeking.

1271 days ago


I used to like Ms. Berry, until now. This whole public discourse of the custody of Nahla is quite unsettling. What is best for the child isn't what's in the best interest for Halle's career. Ms Berry insults her white heritage and exemplifies her black heritage. She is of mixed ethnicity and should embrace that. She is a truly a big disappointment as a role model for those in the industry who are of mixed race and is quite selfish in her behavior. Her ex had to cancel bookings to care for their daughter. She took their daughter so she can spend a few hours between her filming. Most of the time a nanny would have to look after the child. It will be the child who ends up messed up because of their discourse.

1271 days ago


Look, the truth is Halle Berry just wanted to use this guy as a handsome sperm donor and as soon as she found out he wasn't having it and ACTUALLY WANTED TO BE A DAD she came out with all kinds of nasty lies about the man.

She figured because she was rich, famous and pretty she could just use him as he was not as famous or rich (though definitely as pretty), get the kid she wanted and then write him off as a failed romance. She doesn't even want to acknowledge the fact that her child is half white because that would be acknowledging the child is half his and not 100% HERS HERS HERS.

Then when she realized the backlash her image would take she decided to play ball after all. So if she has to pay for his trip then good for him. If she insists on trotting HIS child around the world then she should pay for him to be able to have his CUSTODY RIGHTS HONORED! That is karma for trying to use a man and throw him out of his child's life when you got what you wanted. Now you have to pay up to save face and it's exactly what you deserve.


And I say this as a woman.

1271 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

Poison Berry is a viscous, repugnant human being who showed her true "colors" by throwing down the race card, first chance she got.

1271 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

So what. She got what she wanted. The tone of this article is so sexist; no one would be blinking an eye if the roles were reversed. Good on Gabriel. He obviously didn't see the Halle train coming, or he would have run before she defrauded him out of his DNA.

Posted at 11:33 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by MsSuburbia


Awesome. And Poison Berry defrauds her daughter's DNA every time she calls Nahla "black".

1271 days ago


WHY IS SHE WEARING SCRUBS OR does the movie she is playing in have to do with the medical field?

1271 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

All you, "He's a gold-digger" tards sound exactly like the Trollhans. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that the man has a job, is currently working, and will work in the foreseeable future.

Seems to me that you're obese, angry, bitter women with no sex appeal and have an axe to grind because Gabriel wouldn't even give you a glance while walking down the street.

1271 days ago


Why is Halle Berry being so nice to this guy if she is suppose to have broken up with him? she wasn't this nice to her two previous black husbands. And by the way, why did she break up with this guy anyway? she has never explained that.

1271 days ago


He is disgusting. If this guy was black then you people would be all over him for this. Since he's white then he gets a pass. Those defending him are just as disgusting. Kudos to Halle for going to work and taking care of your lovely black daughter.

1271 days ago


Some of you people are acting like you know them personally. Get a life and stop haten!!!!!

1271 days ago


If Gabriel has visitation on certain days and he has allowed Halle to take his child out of the country,she should pay for his transportation. Otherwise she could leave Nala in the states.
Personally I would never allow someone to take my child out of the never know what their custody rules are.
BTW: Nala looks very happy with her dad!

1270 days ago



As far as I am concerned this is about a fathers rights, what has it got to do with race, my opinion would not change whatever colour and race.
Halle brought race into it and we know why don't we.

1270 days ago


So Gabriel needs to be paid to be with his daughter??? I am embarrassed for him, and any grown man with a career and dignity would be proud perhaps too proud to be paid to be with their child. I am sure Nahla would be thrilled to know her father likes to be paid to be with her...jees I hope she never finds out about this loser.

1270 days ago


First off, I'm getting tired of TMZ trying to portray Gabriel as the goldigger here... Guy has is own money and TRUST AND BELIEVE if he was riding on Berry she would have been the first one to shout it out to the world for all to know !!!! So stop saying he's riding on her wallet because he ain't. TMZ is just trying to piss him off so they get anything out of him... Cause right now they got NOTHING !!! You should all change your name to The Moron Zone !!! It's a better fit. Now leave them be.

1270 days ago



Well said, somebody with a bit of sense. A man who wants to be a good father regardless of the hassle he is getting gets my vote every time. And if she is so bothered about her money, don't give him any, problem solved.
Tmz is just making thinks worse for her because of the dirt they are throwing about. At the moment the child is young and the judge might only allow day visistion but as she gets older she will have to stop being such a control freak and share.

1270 days ago
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