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Lindsay's Jewelry Store -- AUCTIONING the Necklace

3/9/2011 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The $2,500 necklace that Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole from a jewelry store is officially hitting the auction block ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace Auction
A rep for the Kamofie and Co. jewelry store announced, "We have decided to sell the diamond necklace through auction, and give the proceeds to charity."

As for the specific charity -- the rep states, “We invite the public to make suggestions as to the most appropriate charity to receive the benefit of the sale’s proceeds."

According to the rep, the auction will not take place until AFTER the criminal case is resolved "by plea bargain, or trial or some other means."

The necklace is currently being held as evidence by the L.A. County District Attorney.



No Avatar


Lindsay is on a drug ... it's called Lilo!

She is a silent Vatican Witch Assassin! Boom! DUH!

Lindsay is WINNING!

If you tried to steal what she steals your troll face would fall off!

1231 days ago


Why the heck not? The Lohan family has disparaged that poor shop through the press for weeks. Good for them. Nice to see the victim comes out on the winning end.

I'm sure Dina will find a way to turn this into another frivolous lawsuit on Lindsay's behalf.

1231 days ago


Lindsay steals because that is her secret Mission from Mars! DUH!

Lindsay is a totally bitchin rock star from Mars and she has a PLAN! The best plan!

1231 days ago


Wow can this store do anything else to discredit themselves. I personally dont see a problem with them cashing in on Lindsays expense but they must know SCH will use this to try and prove the store is set Lindsay up for publicity because as we all know its never Lindsays fault.

1231 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

All you Lohans and supporters on here, answer this---

If she didn't steal it and innocently walked out with it, why didn't she return it when she realized she had it?

If she's claiming it was "loaned," why wasn't there a discussion with Kamofie about that?

If it wasn't stolen, why did she have someone else take it to the Police whe she caught wind of the Police Search Warrant?

1231 days ago


I will not be bidding for it, charity or not......

1231 days ago


Scrape your nickels and dimes together could possibly be the next owner of that cursed necklace YOUR IDOL HOHAN wore around her crack head neck!

I bet you're soooo happy right now!!

1231 days ago

cool breeze    

they are waiting till after the trial so they can still claim it is valued at $2500. i bet the necklace sells for $50. p.s. why are so many people hating on this woman? it is obvious that people see her as an opportunity to cash in. they know her precarious situation and want to make the news cyle for profit. why is charlie sheen supported and lindsey villainized? I think the blond chick from TMZ is the snottiest most self-centered phony ever and is self righteous. she is a hack and a judgmental idiot. she sounds childish and like a high school mean girl. I hope someone digs into her past and reveals her bull sh** to the world. and when they do, i hope they are just as crass, judgemental, and even falsly accuse her of things because it is funny to do it. FIRE HER PLEASE!! she is the only one that turns my stomach. she has never had a complimentary thing to say about any one and attacks and makes false snide comments about things she knows nothing about. she reports speculation as fact. that is the pot calling the kettle black because she obviously has no moral code at all. if she did, she would not put her opinion out for the world to see when it is clearly slanted and call reporting. Her mother must be embarassed by her and if she is not, then she is probably just as immoral to have raised this woman to be so hateful. or was she brought up by baboons? can you tell i think she is part of the "bandwagon" problem? she is a bully.

1231 days ago


This store has played everyone , the cops , the DA and most of all Lindsay .She is such an easy mark . The tape shows hat she had no idea she was being played . It was not the first time she had walked out wear something . The other time it was a ear rings, leaving her much more expensive ones on the counter, the store reminded her of that as she was leaving . so why did'nt they tell her this time...the necklace is in clear view . They didnt because they either loaned it to her or it was a set up . Who would trust them any more ..

1231 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

I wonder who will be the idiot that will buy this necklace..

1231 days ago


Cravin (LOL),

You're trying to reason with a Trolla-han. Reality has absolutely nothing to do with their PR spinning. Regardless to the obvious facts, it's "linnocence" or bust.

You'd have better luck getting a frog to start singing, "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal."

1231 days ago


This is sad for a reason most people probably aren't thinking about. Lindsay really needs the help/cold dose of reality a stint in jail and more probation could bring. But the jewelry store is doing things that are likely to get this case thrown out. So not only will she not do jail, she will feel vindicated that everyone really is out to get her or take advantage of her.

1231 days ago


"the publicity of being associated with someone who’s so polarizing in the media".

Kamofie and Co is sh***************************t

1231 days ago


So many Troll-ahans posting here you can almost feel the collective IQs of the posters drop by a factor of 10.

1231 days ago


It' ironic that TMZ lists this under the heading "Celebrity Justice".
If there were any "Justice", Lindsay's butt would STILL be in jail!

1231 days ago
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