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Lindsay Lohan -- Last Minute Plea Deal Talks

3/9/2011 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Holley is trying to hammer out a plea deal -- one that reduces Lindsay's jail time --  by holding an 11th hour meeting with Judge Schwartz and Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers ... in advance of tomorrow's hearing.


Sources connected with the case tell us Holley, Meyers, and the judge met this afternoon to discuss LiLo's options -- but truth is ... she doesn't have many.

Lindsay can either a) cop a plea on the felony grand theft charge and get as little as a 3-month sentence ... or b) go to trial, face at LEAST 6 months in jail for violating probation ... and up to another 3 YEARS in prison for the grand theft.

Bottom line ... it behooves Lindsay to accept a deal that would most likely score her a reduced sentence for the probation violation AND allow her to avoid prison time for theft.

But as TMZ previously reported, Lindsay is adamantly refusing any agreement involving jail time -- and it's becoming increasingly apparent that she's in denial about the reality ... she's going to jail, like it or not.


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It will depend on how a jury rules if she goes to trial.
If only one juror finds her innocent, she will walk free.

You just can't predict how a case will go and what a jury will find. If they find her innocent it will clear her name once and for all.

1323 days ago


Why do celebrities think that they can do whatever they want. Lindsay will get off...AGAIN. When will she learn. If found guilty she'll only do what 18 days. What a joke. What if it were joe average.

1323 days ago


I think it's funny that a you guys use a word like "behooved" in your Lindsay Lohan article and have a running segment called "Memba' him/her"... Who the hell knows what behooved means???

1323 days ago


hmm... what happened to not guilty until proven otherwise?

1323 days ago


ok besides the grandtheft charge lets all admit she violated several times failed drug test, refusal to take drugtest and breathalizer, speeding twice the speed limit out after curfue in rehab, attacking BF worker come on she deserves time and i know she is still useing. what else has she done in the last few months she has not been caught on. who are you going to blame or sue now. give her a year and a day then give her 6 months probation thats fair

1323 days ago


This get more distgusting every day . Gibson walks for beating women and Lindsay goes to jail for not stealing . There was no VOP the DA made it up . Lindsay did not violate her probation .Ther is no justice in the USA and especialy if you are female.

1323 days ago


no justice for women did you bump your head if i failed a drug test while on probation i would be in jail. and that women probably need to be shaken this aint about mel. liftsy blowhan will probably blame the black kid driving the car for the theft and then sue holly for mis represintation

1323 days ago


What is this, the sixth LL post today. Yawn... Team Dannette.

1323 days ago


I think what is stopping a plea is the amount of probation that goes with the jail time.LIndsay can not accept another 3 years . She may as well roll the dice now and get it over .If she takes the plea it it will be 8 years since the start of this mess to the end of it ...if that is the end of it ..I do not think it will be .she has to stay in LA with probation and that will get her into more trouble for sure. Crap like this necklace thing is just to easy to pin on her. She did not do it but no one is listening. The stress alone could case issues .She must get clear of the whole thing , so that means going to trial and hope for the best. If she pleas she is finished any way . She may just get bail till the trial or the trial judge may throw the thing out . If she is jailed then that is bad but she still may win in court at the end of it and be clear altogether .

1323 days ago


Wow I Got a free Gucci Bag and heels here! Ballin! -

1323 days ago


41 your nuts to think they are going to forget the vop. she has made herself a target. the grandtheft is one thing. that violation is going to help hang her. dont forget failed drug test out past curfue refusal to beathalizer. driving twice the speed. and fight with BF worker. she is going down for a while get out and screw up again family tradition just keep her out of florida i like my belongings

1323 days ago


So Mel can shake a woman and not get jail time but Lindsay, who hasn't even been to trial, gets jail time no matter what because the burden of proof is lower? Stupid.

Posted at 4:20 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by AM


Lindsay gets jail time because she violated probation and is a repeat offender.

1322 days ago
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