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D.A. Will Charge Mel With Simple Misdemeanor Battery

3/11/2011 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson will be charged this morning with simple misdemeanor battery .... not felony domestic violence ... sources connected with the D.A. tell TMZ.

Mel Gibson Misdemeanor
TMZ broke the story ... Mel has cut a deal, in which he will plead no contest to the misdemeanor battery charge.

The D.A. had the option of filing a more serious charge -- felony domestic violence, but the D.A. is filing the lesser charge which is the basis of the plea bargain.

The actual charge will be California Penal Code, Section 243(e)(1), which is battery "against a person with whom the defendant is cohabiting, a person who is the parent of the defendant's child, or a person with whom the defendant currently has, or has previously had, a dating or engagement relationship."

And, as we reported, Mel will NOT be sentenced to any jail time.  He will be ordered to continue his counseling and that's about it.

People familiar with the case -- and the L.A. County District Attorney's filing decisions -- tell TMZ the charge and the plea are appropriate and fit within D.A. guidelines.  Remember, Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna, and he was not sentenced to a day in jail.



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2 bad you got cheap chicklets stuck in your face loser

1292 days ago


gossip, I have thought about that and the only thing I can think of is that she left the malibu house right after all this and probably wouldn't let mel have the baby to even do it. Since she took the baby to a dr for the belly button then there would have been an appointment setup, he possibly was thinking that a check up would be done then, specially if ms liar was gunning for him.

you think?

Posted at 10:56 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by azlee

not a chance.
he punched her a couple of times while she was shaking this baby and then lets her leave?
he doesn't care enough to make sure he can keep an eye on both of them?
he doesnt call a doctor to come out and have a look?

it's all ludicrous and Team LUNATIC are idiotic to not even think it thru. they all post "if it was my child I would of done more then slap her"... and yet none would have the child checked? All would of let her leave?

1292 days ago


Well yes, that's about it until he does it AGAIN. And he WILL.

His rants and violent behavior have continued on in his life. I am old enough to have watched him for decades.

1292 days ago


TMZ is a real sh_t publication, all this gossip and not one thing on the poor people of Japan.

Posted at 10:53 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by Saul rosenberg

Genius, TMZ IS a gossip want news..go to CNN

1292 days ago


Yeah, whatever. I'm just wondering though,
So....if Mrs Gargoyle had been shaking one of your wee gargoyles, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? (not yelling, can't figure out how to "bold" on my BB. )
Would you just let her continue, walk calmly to the phone, call 911 (or whatever your EMS is in Canada), and wait 5-10 minutes for the Mounties (= to arrive? Meanwhile, wee gargoyle's tiny brain is now a smoothie.
All joking aside! What would you have done? I don't think I've ever seen anyone ask you this before.
Btw...I'm on no team. Just following along, and truthfully from a medical standpoint I see *nothing* that backs up ANY of her claims.

1292 days ago


There is never a reason to slap anyone. NEVER. You can't explain away a slap with a silly reason. This was applied justice in our state. Good for the DA. He did what he was charged to do nevermind the celeb.

1292 days ago


@TMZG - we've been through this a million times regarding why he may have let her leave. You know we have. You don't have to accept the conclusions but the short story is two emotional temperamental people overreacted in a stressful situation. When things calmed down and they realized the baby was fine they went their separate ways. I think there was a lot of drama in that relationship. They were poison for one another. I do believe Ox dragged the child into the middle of the fight because she knows it's Gibson's weak spot. She has proven the welfare of her children means nothing because she sold out their privacy for this media circus. Gibson has 7 other children that love him and stand by him. Robyn said he is a caring an loving father. You know the truth.

1292 days ago


it's all ludicrous and Team LUNATIC are idiotic to not even think it thru. they all post "if it was my child I would of done more then slap her"... and yet none would have the child checked? All would of let her leave?

Posted at 11:00 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by TMZgossip

On the contrary, TMZgossip, you're "" since you seem to have nothing better to do than to argue with people who are much SMARTER THAN YOU. Somehow, I suspect you're quite lonely. NO ONE'S shown "YOU" any "LOVE", lately. IT SHOWS!!!

1292 days ago


New thread.....

1292 days ago


New thread

1292 days ago

louis r    


Although I don't "hit women" myself. I am not "judging" him for "slapping" the woman. Heck she is from "Russia" she has been "slapped" many times.

No, I am saying he "messed up" by choosing this chick (for whatever reason) and THEN realizing "oops I messed up." I am saying he has too much "rage" in his gut.
You knw the "rants about the blacks, or the jews or the whoever." That is "Mel's problem."
Plus, I am saying as a result of this most recent "publicity" and the "issues" with this "younger, attaractive woman," Mel has had "the wind knocked out of him." You see that in people who have "been taken," who have had their "loved ones" leave them or mess around, or who have felt "betrayed." So, now having proven he is a "conservative, racist, "control-freak," in Hollywood, (of all places), his "earning power" and credibility is reduced quite a lot.
And he is older.

But, you are right, I am sure he has lots of moolah so of course he can continue to produe or direct or whatver, but his "days" in front" of the camera, as a "leading man" are most likely gone.

He is spent.

1292 days ago





I can certainly understand why Mel Gibson wants to put this matter to rest. It's difficult to plan ahead when this sort of baggage is constantly being held over your head. He still has "options" and many "supporters" even with all of this raggedy press. Ole Greedy's threats have been neutralized and his custody rights will remain in tact. Remember, "he" chose "her" and should have used much better judgment. She's a total "WHACK JOB" and has proven that she lacks "COMMON SENSE" as well as "INTEGRITY". It will be much harder for her to "rattle his cage" and he's not obligated to speak to her and can't afford to without an intermediary who can confirm what has been said. She tried to play the helpless "DV" victim card and became a horrendous "laughingstock", instead because her "true" motives were just too apparent. She has no talent, education, marketable skills or promotional prospects to speak of and isn't likely to make a living based upon any "real" accomplishments of her own. All her ex-lovers have moved on and would rather not be so bothered with her. The possibly of her continuing to "SLEEP HER WAY UP THE FOOD CHAIN" are very minimal, at best. Put a fork in her "TRIFLING AZZ", SHE'S DONE!!!

Posted at 10:49 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by Sincerity

1292 days ago


Abusers don't just start abuser overnight, in their 50's no less.
If this had been ongoing in his 28 year marriage, c'mon. This IS Hollywood we're talking about. There would have been rumors ages ago. Stuff like that, particularly in that industry, don't get missed. It would have been out.

1292 days ago


Team LUNATIC is rabid today.

"Oxy was shaking the baby"
... so says Gibson. any collaboration?

how crazy is it to believe that you'd be soooooo compelled to smack a woman for "violently shaking the baby" and yet you wouldn't take the baby to get checked out **AND** you'd let the woman leave with the baby minutes later?

like every Team LUNATIC story -- this one doesn't hold water either

Posted at 10:29 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by TMZgossip

so the same would go for Ox's story of a horrific event she describes as Mel threatens her, her children with a gun and also beat the crap out of her and yet she does not report this...
she also tapes Mel b/c she was afraid for her life, yet all she does is take batteries out of the phones she goes to sleep?

there are many more questions like if Mel who likes to keep all things family private out of the public eye is questioned by the likes of you...what say you about the media hound Ox who would have had no problem contacting the media if any or all of the events described was true?

what's good for the goose and what Ox has said and has done rings far from the truth!

1292 days ago


There is never a reason to slap anyone. NEVER. You can't explain away a slap with a silly reason. This was applied justice in our state. Good for the DA. He did what he was charged to do nevermind the celeb.

Posted at 11:04 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by JLS


JLS will just let someone take its baby and shake it hard until the neck snaps and it will shout, it is NEVER right to slap this murderer!

1292 days ago
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