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Mike Starr -- Mixing Drugs Hours Before Death

3/9/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alice in Chains bass player Mike Starr was "mixing" methadone and anxiety medication hours before he died ... this according to Mike's roommate. 

Mike Starr Drugs

The roommate tells TMZ ... Mike had been using methadone recently in an effort to get sober -- but he had also been taking medication to battle anxiety issues he had been suffering from since his arrest last month.

We're told Mike was doing a pretty good job managing his medication -- but according to Mike's roommate, Starr was "mixing" the meds Monday night .. just hours before he died. 

Law enforcement sources tell us Mike's official cause of death has yet to be determined.

Starr's roommate added, "Mike was a beautiful person who was fighting to stay sober ... I am going to miss him greatly."


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Tom Sizemore didn't do anything to him really Lisa don't start blaming anyone else he made the choice Tom Sizemore wasn't there.

1302 days ago


Just like guns drugs don't kill people, the way they use them does. It sounds like Mike Starr had a lot of emotional/psychological pain and that really sucked. I know some who have actual physical pain who take them legitimately and I'm tired of people laying the blame on the drugs themselves. I think Dr. Drew is a fake a-- hollywood doctor who is operating way out of his knowledge and competency area. He is pushing a very ingnorant and dangerous agenda. I wish fame whores could get AIDS cause he'd have died a long time ago. I'll end by saying that one of my biggest regrets from the '90s was not seeing Alice in concert.

1302 days ago

Theresa Healton    

It's a sad day indeed for all of Mike Starr's family, friends and fans. Mike was trying to stay sober, this was a daily struggle for Mike. Addicts who have been on hard core drugs such as heroin, most always have to use Methadone. Most addicts have to go on some sort of anxiety medication as well, this is to help with the shakes and over all discomfort of coming off heavy drugs. As an addict proves to his doctor that he's using the Methadone for all the right reasons, the doctor will give the patient up to a one weeks supply of Methadone. This is only done after the doctor has watched and assessed the patient thoroughly. Mike Starr had deep pain Issue's over a disagreement he had with his best friend Layne, which later that day Layne died. Mike felt a lot of guilt and carried a heavy heart never being able to say he was sorry to Layne. Mike also never had a chance to say his good bye to his dear friend. Mike Starr came off tough, but was one of the sweetest guys. He carried all his pain inside and suffered silently, due to guilt over his friend and all of the pain mike felt he caused his friends mom, ( Layne's mother). Addicts do drugs to kill the pain they are feeling in their hearts and soul's, most will tell you it's a living hell. I believe Mike Starr has lived in that living hell for quite a while, hopefully Mike has found some peace. Mike said him self, that people would be better off without him in this world, he went on to say he would no longer have to live in this nightmare called his life. In my opinion Mike was trying to stay sober and was using the Methadone and anxiety medication correctly. I believe Mike may have taken an anxiety pill too close to his last dose of Methadone or took another anxiety pill due to still feeling overwhelmed. Mike's tolerance was not as high as it used to be due to getting off the Heroin.By taking an anxiety pill to close to his last dose or taking it with the Methadone could have been too much for his body to handle, due to being cleaner than he has been in many years. Someone said could this be DR Drew's fault, the answer is NO. DR Drew only gave Mike Starr Suboxone, never Methadone. Mike Starr touched many people's lives and will be terribly missed. Mike was a very nice guy, especially when sober. Mike had many Issue's to over come and I was really pulling for him, I was so hoping he would make it through his struggle. I hope Mike has finally found the peace he was searching for, he deserves it. I noticed some hateful comments about Mike and addicts, so sad to see people will still kick you even in death.( SHAME ON YOU ) Everyone has a heart and soul, yet an addict or someone of a different life style gets hateful things said about them. Mean spirited or hateful remarks don't help anyone, they are only meant to hurt.( what's that say about you?) Try and remember that someday you may be the odd man out, would you enjoy people kicking you when your down? A little compassion and love go along way, our world would be a far better place if more people kept this in mind the next time they decide to make a statement or leave a comment. My very best to Mike Starr's mom and and Layne's mom as she loved Mike too. I also want to give my best to all of Mike's family and friends. Rest in peace Mike, you'll be remembered and missed terribly. In Loving Memory Of Mike Starr, You will be Missed. Theresa

1302 days ago

go home!    

Not to speak ill of the dead, but well, okay...he was incredibly creepy on Celeb Rehab, horrible to the crew, especially Jennifer Gimenez.

1302 days ago

ur boss    

mike u will b missed, i know u and layne are together again having a great jam session. love always rest in peace................

1302 days ago


I am deeply saddened by Mike's death. May God be with you and flights of angels sing thee to thy eternal rest. Gone too soon~

1302 days ago


Mike was great in AIC plus he returned to this latest celebrity rehab show 4 a visit and he looked great and seemed in a good place. I'm saddened by this news. He will be missed. RIP

1302 days ago


He was a hard core drug addict that finally overdosed. Quit trying to make him out to be some kind of hero.

1302 days ago


RIP Mike Starr

I am shocked that yesterday no one mentioned his death. Yes it was on TMZ but no where else. No one mentioned it on twitter or Facebook or anywhere else. Everybody is too busy giving Charlie Sheen attention. I think there needs to be more focus on the stars that pass because of drugs, so that other celebrities will wake up and get clean.

1302 days ago


omg I cannot believe this happened!!! He seemed to be doing so well. I became a fan after watching him on CR season 3... he made such a big change.


r.i.p. mike starr

1302 days ago


some of these post are really sick! addiction is a disease. what mattered was, he was fighting and lost the fight. he was a person with a family, friends and fans that will miss him deeply! so stop w.the BS comments about addicts and have some respect for a man who just lost his life.

rip mike starr and layne staley *rock out the heavens*

1302 days ago


Strange......because when he was on Celebrity Rehab - he was there for an ADDICTION TO METHADONE! So, for this article to say that "he had been using METHADONE in an effort to get sober" confuses me.
I don't see Dr. Drew giving narcotics to ANY patient, and certainly not giving a former patient the very drug that they had been in treatment for an addiction. (JUST SAYIN')

1302 days ago


The gig is up Dr. Drew we will be looking to flog you in the public square. How do you get methodone at your house unless it is illegal.

1302 days ago


There are some DUMB mofos on this board. Nothing against Mike Starr personally, but drug addicts are weak & pathetic. Addiction is a CHOICE not a disease or an illness. There are people out there with real illnesses & it's an insult to put people who CHOOSE to ABUSE drugs & alcohol into the same category. I'm not a heroin addict. Do you know why? It's not because I don't have the addiction "disease". It's because I don't use heroin! If I did, I'd surely become addicted. It's not that a don't feel sorry for addicts at all, but they have made the choice to live their lives the way they do. They break the law, abuse illegal substances, get addicted and then what? The rest of us are supposed to suc***b to this notion that they couldn't help it?! Please!

To all of us out there who work hard, obey the law, choose not to do stupid things & face the hardships of life without abusing substances, we are doing the RIGHT thing. If you choose to do drugs, it's not really sad or surprising that you eventually end up hurting yourself. I'm sorry. It's the truth.

1302 days ago

Hometown Burien    

Mike was more then just the ex bass player for Alice in Chains or the addict on Celeb Rehab. He was a very talented musician who reached his dreams of making it big. Those of us that knew him in highschool and heard him play back in the days of SATO will miss him and the music that he brought to our lives. To his family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mike has gone on to a better place where he has found peace and will be free from temptations.

1302 days ago
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