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Mike Starr's Last Voicemail -- I 'Need' Drugs

3/10/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr was on a desperate hunt for drugs the night before he passed away ... and TMZ has obtained the last voicemail Mike left for a person he was trying to score from hours before he died.

Mike Starr Voicemail

On the tape, Mike says he's willing to pay whatever it costs to get his hands on some "bud" ... and insists, "I need it so bad."

As we previously reported, Mike had been struggling with addiction for a while ... but just hours before he died, his roommate tells us the rocker was mixing methadone with anxiety medication.

So far, no cause of death has been determined.


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BUD is just slang for marijuana -- nothing he could have overdosed from. if anything, he was desperate to get some weed to fight off his real addictions

1294 days ago


Perhaps this recording will make some people think before they start taking drugs. This is what the dark down side of a drug addict sounds like. They may realize drugs are not all party & feel good. So sad.

1294 days ago

Fred Charlton    

Theres no such thing as an addiction to weed and a craving for weed is as much as a craving for a burger or sushi or whatever else floats your boat.....

1294 days ago


This shouldn't be here on TMZ. We have no right to hear it. Mike expected it to be private and it should remain that way now that he's dead. I think his expectation is reasonable.

Apparently, nothing is sacred to TMZ. All these 911 call tapes and now this.

1294 days ago


Really you TMZ people ae SICK! How disgusting! This man has a family! How do you stoop so low? TMZ along with the person that sold you this tape...should be completely ashamed. I there no feelings left anymore?

And for the record...I'm not listening to this! Only his family should be allowed to hear it.

1294 days ago


Why is it a concern if he smokes marijuana? Looking for drugs, ha! Didn't Mike live in California where marijuana is legal?

1294 days ago


Harvey, you have reached a new low. Getting this voice mail and putting it on your site with the false, but ever so dramatic title, is just vile.You are a douche bag. Mike was only looking to buy some pot, and if he found it, maybe he would still be alive.

Rest in peace, Mike.

1294 days ago


I'm an addict and have been for 7 years and know what he was going through. I my self am on methadone its been 3 years now and its saved my life. If you use it properly it can really help people with opiate addictions but if you mix things like anxiety medication with it while it gets you high it can also kill you if you take to much (like with any drug). My heart goes out to his family and friends.

A side note I like to say that what the so called "Dr. Drew" is doing with reality show is total crap and he is nothing more than a media whore him self. Hey why don't you give me a shout and see if you can help me with my addiction, oh wait I'm not famous.

1294 days ago


shame on tmz for posting this. let the guy go out with some kind of dignity. rest in peace Mike.

1294 days ago


What are you guys saying? That Mike Starr's the first person to die from Marijuana?!?!? The guy was trying to buy weed, not black tar heroin.

1294 days ago

Jefferson Airplane Jr.    

You guys have it all wrong. He wasn't saying he needs bud "so bad", he said "also" get me some bud. He was jonesing for something else, perhaps heroin, not bud.

1294 days ago


So what? He was addicted to Heroine and Meth, way more addicting and harmful than weed. Anything for a story! R.I.P Mike...

1294 days ago


This is probably inappropriate, but that pic reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel. Can't help but laugh. Bad, I know. Sorry.

1294 days ago

Lee Wilson    

I really thought during the Rehab show we got to see Mike Starr heart. He really was a good hearted persons apart from those dang drugs. I became a fan of his and was really pulling for him and it hurt to find out he died. Yes he has to take the blame for his own action but those who enabled him and provided the free drugs just to hang around him during his hay day bare some of the blame as well. So thanks and hope you can sleep at night

1294 days ago


Once again the people that read TMZ are complete morons with no reading comprehension skills.(excluding josh)

TMZ did not say he died from weed. He was last seen mixing methadone and anxiety medication.

Years ago Harvey made a comment, something like his readers IQ levels borderline retard. He couldn't have been more right.

1294 days ago
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