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Mike Starr's Last Voicemail -- I 'Need' Drugs

3/10/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr was on a desperate hunt for drugs the night before he passed away ... and TMZ has obtained the last voicemail Mike left for a person he was trying to score from hours before he died.

Mike Starr Voicemail

On the tape, Mike says he's willing to pay whatever it costs to get his hands on some "bud" ... and insists, "I need it so bad."

As we previously reported, Mike had been struggling with addiction for a while ... but just hours before he died, his roommate tells us the rocker was mixing methadone with anxiety medication.

So far, no cause of death has been determined.


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Classless TMZ....

1288 days ago

bobby d    

yeah, it's Mike's voice on the voicemail, i recognize it.

pretty low-class to post it on TMZ.

all he wanted was a sack of weed. he might have smoked that and chilled out instead of taking the xanax.....

1288 days ago


**** you tmz. i knew mike, he was a tormented soul fighting for his life to stay sober. how ****ing dare you disrespect him and his family/friends by putting up this vm. tmz has no hearts, and one day out of nowhere someone will punch you so hard thru your chest and rip your bloody, beating heart out, because you do NOT deserve one.

this is war.

1288 days ago


So is there proof this was his last call? probably not and it was weed, big deal.
The person who sold/supplied this to TMZ needs to be smacked, what a low-life. And shame on TMZ for picking it up and posting under that headline.
R.I.P Mike, you will be missed. Thanks for the good memories.

1288 days ago


Bud, Get real tmz! Like that pretty suffer dude don't chong it up. He always looks a little glassy to me. Their is no story here other then if weed was legal he might be alive. It's a lot easier to get a script then it is a god made plant. Weed is like coffee in the danger depo. It was that goverment Issued smack that comes in a pretty white pill that 86ed him. A pill that kills. Star die from little mothers helpers not the chronic. If he smoked weed he would of felt less anxiety and maybe resisted the urge to swollen a bunch of pills. Tmz are you trying to link marijuana use with overdoses because you have no chance? WE don't buy your bull****. Pharms pharms pharms

1288 days ago

jim tiger    

"i could climb until i reach where angels reside...... ask around to find out where the junkies art flying...." RIP MIke- you will be missed

1287 days ago


Addiction is a disease. Mike Starr was trying his best to maintain his sobriety. Mixing methadone and anxiety meds in the slightest can cause a deadly reaction. He proably needed the weed to help him relax since he was having a craving. Let's remember he was a heroin and crack addict, so smoking weed is not a big deal, it was probably him coping. Rest In Peace Mike, you are a inspiration for people who have been addicted for decades. Thanks to you they know they can have a day sober.

1287 days ago


Didn't listen to it. Just weanted to say TMZ is heartless in paying for this recording. There's a line you don't cross.

1287 days ago


Headline: "I need drugs"....he doesnt say that, yeah he's looking for bud, that isnt what killed him....he had other problems, and maryjane wasnt it.

1287 days ago


TRAGIC!!!!! While not a fan of the band, I find it so tragic that he passed. I do not believe that a bad of pot had anything to do with his death, and anyone with half a brain sees that. The man had a family and friends that loved him...WTH! show some respect! I hope he finds the peace he was missing in his life.

1286 days ago

Bill Leslie    

I thought all the pot head swear that weed isn't addictive?

1286 days ago


is this weed dealer gonna be charged with a crime he kinda rats on himself

1286 days ago


i saw the rehab seanson 3 on vh1 from the start, when he talked to dr. drew during sessions. you can tell that he had alot of guilt about layne's death feeling responisible for it. too bad he never let it go.
now, he's in a much better place, without any guilt, no more pain and finding much needed peace lay down the cross that you have carried for a very long time.

1285 days ago

Joey BAGGS    

I read a comment that said Went out like a starr,,,, **** YOU!!!! if you didnt know hime then **** YOU for saying that Mike was a GREAT person helped me through some ****!!!! and I find it to be offensive that some of you peole would post some BULL FKN **** about his passing ,,, Done care he should of never been taken from us that way HE IS MISSED beyond a bass player from a band

MISS YOU Mikey!!!!!

1243 days ago


Clearly he is not talking about weed at first. He says and also I wanted to see if you could get me some bud at a killer price...he also talks about how the dealer was going to make a lot off whatever he's talking about at first. Its pretty obvious he not just talking about marijuana. No one says they need it so bad especially when they're addicted to pain pills..he sounds like he's fearing withdrawals.

1217 days ago
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